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Thor Halvorssen Promotes Freedom with Human Rights Foundation

When Thor Halvorssen’s family came under attack by his own government in the 1990s, his education on the lack of basic human rights in many places in the world began. First his father was kidnapped in public by the violent forces of the Venezuelan dictatorial regime of the early 1990s. His father had been a an official ambassador and professional diplomat. He was illegally and without any due process detained in a secret prison. There he was tortured, beaten, and abused without any formal charges or access to any type of defense attorney.

While his family demanded information and his father’s release, powerful individuals came forward to help and human rights foundations threw in their support to try to get the man freed. Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights both fought hard for his release. All their efforts, together with the critical media attention outside the nation, eventually won his father’s freedom. Several years later, after these same forces had tortured and murdered an untold number of citizens who mostly seemingly arbitrary targets, Thor’s mother was shot. She was attending a peaceful public gathering when machine gun fire from government forces tore through the group. One person died and Thor’s mother was severely injured. She barely survived, as did 10 others who were also wounded. At other times a number of his other family members were similarly targeted.

Since then, Thor Halvorssen has worked tirelessly to promote representative democracy throughout the world. He founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005 to bring about change in oppressed countries to bring the freedom of human rights to everyone. These rights include the following:

Freedom of speech
Freedom of self-determination
Right to worship
Freedom to associate
Right to buy and sell property
Freedom of travel
Right to equal treatment by law enforcement
Right to participate in government
Freedom from exile or arbitrary detainment
Freedom from torture and slavery
Freedom in matters of conscience

Thor Halvorssen went on to use the HRF as a platform for the Oslo Freedom Forum. This was a meeting of the minds that held the first forum meeting in 2009. Advocates of human rights around the world, including a Nobel Peace Prize winner and various heads of state were in attendance. Wired magazine commented on the forum: “The seamless mix of grassroots activists, many of whom have risked their lives to speak out, and the top-level policymakers and influencers who can act on what they learn.”

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OrganoGold: The New, Healthy Way to Coffee

Commonly, caffeine and coffee have been given a bad reputation for health for far too long. Luckily, OrganoGold has combined the ridiculous love for coffee with a Chinese herb known as Ganoderma Lucidum. Although this herb is popularly used in China to promote longevity, other Asian countries such as Japan also have an invested belief in this mushroom’s ability to heal and protect the body from a few different types of health problems. Ganoderma Lucidum works with the human body’s natural functions to boost people’s health in ways that were not previously realized. Multiple different health issues such as Asthma, Kidney dysfunction and even High Cholesterol can be improved by using OrganoGold as a replacement for standard coffee.

Bernardo Chua is the C.E.O. of OrganoGold, and he recently established a new branch of his company, leaving his total count at 39 different countries all selling this amazing gourmet coffee. Bernardo Chua declared that Turkey, the newest country to be added to Chua’s list, is popularly known for establishing some of the first coffee shops in the 15th century, so the culture there has a lot of experience pursuing quality coffee flavors. Chua recently expressed his excitement in Twitter post, for having the company newly planted in a country that has such a rich culture in coffee. Not only is the coffee culture strong in Turkey, but it is also an ideal location for uniting the Asian, European and African operations together. For customer’s, this means that distribution times are only going to get faster.

OrganoGold is one of the top healthy companies for selling supplemental products thanks to Bernardo Chua, earning them their customer’s trust. Their product comes in many different flavors, proving that a healthy boost of energy can come without worrying about a disgusting or intolerable taste. For those who do not like standard coffee flavors, such as mocha or Italian, can get the same health benefits from Organo Gold’s line of teas and even a hot chocolate option.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook for new announcements and updates on what he’s doing next.

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Sam Tabar Causing Ripples in the World of Investment Financing

Sam Tabar is a lawyer and capital strategist based in New York City. He has had the chance to work with many big companies and law firms in his career. He speaks functional Japanese as well as fluent French and English as identified by Sam’s personal page. He is smart, aggressive and good at what he does. These qualities have seen him enjoy an illustrious and rewarding career.


Bloomberg points out that Tabar attended Oxford University for his undergraduate degree and graduated with honors. He later joined Columbia Law School to study law. At the campus, he served as an associate editor of the school’s paper the Columbia Business Law Review.

Career life

After graduating from law school, his LinkedIn shows Tabar got his first break at a highly prestigious law firm. Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP offered the fresh graduate an associate position. His duties included counselling clients about proper management and structure of hedge funds. Other roles included issues on business regulatory and compliance, investment management agreements, issues concerning employment and private placement memoranda.

Later in 2004, Tabar joined PMA Investment Advisors a unit affiliate of Hong Kong based Sparx Group Company. Soon after, he was promoted to the position of Co-head and MD in charge of Business Development. In this capacity, he was in charge of the firm’s global marketing strategy as well as enhancing and maintaining investor relations for a hedge fund worth $2 billion. He was able to successfully develop strategic marketing plans designed to attract institutional investors, high net worth individuals and large family offices. In his 6 years at the firm, Tabar successfully provided the firm with an incredible pool of about 2000 potential investors. He further developed 400 new investor introductions and helped the firm raise total assets under management to $1.2 billion.

Tabar, left the investment firm for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011. He joined on as Director and head capital strategist for the larger Asia-Pacific Region. He continued serving the hedge fund market while attracting new businesses to the bank. He managed to build a rolodex of about 1,250 institutional investors. He left in 2012 to join Adanac LLC, BVI as its Director. While at the firm, he identified and invested in Verboten and Thinx, two promising startups.

Re-entry into the Legal World

In late 2013, Tabar accepted a senior associate position at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He however left the firm the next year. He started his own practice specializing in hedge funds and investment financing. Sam Tabar is also involved in humanitarian efforts in Africa with a special focus on women empowerment.

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Eucatex Is Still Growing And Expanding

The Fearless Flavio
Flávio Maluf is the fearless leader who runs Eucatex. He is not afraid to stand up for integrity and high standards. He is the president who does not seem to settle for less. Less than high quality products is not an option for Mr. Maluf. He has played a large role in the success of this growing company for approximately 30 years. He is also a mechanical engineer who seems to constantly offer new ideas that lead to further success. He is not afraid to use and apply unconventional options.

Continued Growth Since 1951
Eucatex has been growing and gaining speed since it had started in the year 1951. This is a company that has already established a fine reputation. It is a trusted company because the professionals have clearly shown that they care. Count on courtesy every step of the way. Eucatex stands by standards. These standards are intertwined within the company mission. These include some of the following:
* ethics
* courteous professionals who follow through
* a care and concern for our environment
* social responsibility
* experience
Eucatex is a company that will not cut corners. Integrity is incorporated in this company model. Eucatex will not disappoint any customer because 100 percent satisfaction is the key to success and continued growth.

A Great Company That Keeps Growing
Eucatex has already proven that quality products will always be in demand. This company keeps growing because they are ready, willing, and able to keep up with the demand for high quality products. Creating new and useful products has only led Eucatex to higher levels of growth. The now have Satellite offices located in the following areas:
* the UK
* Germany
* Holland
* Mexico
Eucatex has more than proven that this is a great company that will continue to grow and offer superior products to the world. This company may be viewed as a gold mind that travels through the planet. This is a company that has set a fine example for social responsibility.

Flavio Maluf and Entrepreneurship
Flavio Maluf may be viewed as a teacher because his views and opinions hold a lot of weight in the eyes of many people. Entrepreneurship is a subject that Mr. Maluf has the ability to expand on. Experience and entrepreneurship are subjects that Mr. Maluf is well-versed in. A clear business overview and success are topics that are well-known to Mr. Maluf.  But beyond this, Mr Maluf has been called upon to analyze several business issues.  Including major mergers like Rubbermaid and even Pfizer more recently.

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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Describes Her View On Fashion Rules

Mrs. Deere is a fashionista. She had created her own line of cosmetics and eventually stared her own cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Her inspiration for the name Lime Crime came from the fact that her makeup was so bright that it might as well be a crime to wear them. Doe Deere can be thought of as both a rebel and innovator in the fashion, makeup and cosmetics industry.

Doe Deere had done some modeling, and even worked in an office selling insurance. Her passion was makeup and fashion however. She started experimenting with makeups and to her surprise noticed that brightly colored makeup and cosmetics were almost non-existent and hard to obtain. This is what led her to start Lime Crime, and her love of bright colors with glitter and shine has quickly caught on with millions of women around the world. Mrs. Deere also got around the barrier of not being able to operate her own brick and mortar store, by offering actual photos of makeup and lipstick on models, which was a new idea at the time she launched her cosmetic products. Doe Deere in a way changed the makeup and fashion industry. What was once taboo or unpopular has become a hit and even big companies have caught on and are now on the bandwagon.

As a rebel and innovator in the fashion and cosmetics world Doe Deere believes that fashion rules should not be set in stone. Instead you should be comfortable with expressing yourself, no matter how you dress. Below are some of Doe Deere’s takes on so-called fashion rules in the magazines and how they can be broken without consequence.

There is an unspoken rule that says not to wear bold lipstick when you have a bold or bright eye shadow. Deere’s take on this is to not be afraid and have some fun experimenting. In her own experience, a bold eye shadow and bold lipstick can sometimes have wonderful results and even land you compliments.

Another “fashion rule” that Doe Deere thinks can be safely broken is not to mix too much colors. Deere says if you enjoy a colorful attire or makeup and hair, then go for it and to trust your instinct. The trick to looking wonderful and colorful is to pay attention to color coordination. Big companies like Prada are now mixing up colors and showcasing that colorful can by stylish and beautiful right now.

Another of Doe Deere’s tips is to not be afraid of trying something that can be considered out of your age. Only dressing your age can inhibit the expression of many women. If you want to dress in something a little more stylish or revealing but feel you are too old, be brave and try it on. Fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling good about. You should not feel too old to dress the way you like and feel comfortable with.

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Shaygan Kheradpir and Coriant Transport Solutions Globally

Shaygan Kheradpir the Esteemed Executive
Shaygan Kheradpir is indeed an esteemed technology and business executive who is the CEO of Coriant. He is a well-educated individual who obtained his education from Cornell University. He has his degree in electrical engineering. He holds the following:
* bachelor’s degree
* master’s degree
* doctoral degree
He is a man who has brought much knowledge and many skills to his role of CEO at Coriant.

Coriant and Superior Networking Solutions
Coriant is a supplier of superior innovative networking solutions. They supply these solutions to some leading network operators located all around the globe. This is in at least 100 different countries. The customers that they serve include:
* government agencies
* enterprises
* cloud providers
Coriant is a company that had been formed by Marlin Equity Partners. This was with a strong and powerful combination. This includes:
* Nokia Siemens Network Optical Networks
* Mobile backhaul solutions
* packet optical transport solutions

Coriant Was Built on Innovation
Coriant offers 35 years of exceptional technology innovation to their clients. This is a rich heritage that holds over 1,800 patents. This is an experienced company that plays a large role in changing the way that our world communicates.

Coriant and Smart Router Series
Coriant had made the announcement that they have been continuing to build on the exceptional abilities of the next-generation 8600 Smart Router Series. This building on it has assisted in obtaining mobile operators cost-efficiency. This may be a savings from 40 percent and up to 60 percent. The goal is to offer IP-optical solutions for mobile backhaul evolution. This is purpose-built.

The Business Value of Intelligent Networks
Coriant will showcase their current and latest innovations at Mobile World Congress 2016. They will demonstrate a large and broad range of purpose-built solutions. The goal is to ensure that network operators are able to understand the overall business value that is available for this upcoming generation. This is for the generation of applications and dynamic services.

Shaygan Kheradpir Born in London
Shaygan Kheradpir had actually grown up in Iran. He was born in London. He came to the United States to obtain his education. His main focus is on control systems. He has a long and impressive employment background which includes the building of mission-driven teams. Change is incorporated within the teams that he has built. This is changes that affects the following:
* employees
* customers
* investors
* the overall community

Check out Kheradpir on Twitter

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Brad Reifler Gives Investors 5 Tips for Investing

In order to build long-term wealth, all people will ultimately need to invest their money. While this can seem like a daunting or intimidating task, there are several tips that can be followed to ensure that you earn a good return on investment and keep your money safe. The five tips are provided by Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital, a company that works with individuals to invest their money for long-term growth. Historically, Reifler focused on providing investment advice to high net-worth investors, but he has recently began to focus more on helping less wealthy people meet their investment goals.

The first tip is to be careful of how you invest in the stock market. Many people who invest in the market will not carefully consider where they invest their money. Many people who invest do not spend the time thinking about all of the expenses associated with investing, which can include account maintenance fees, brokerage fees, mutual fund fees, and advisory fees. Prior to making any investment, be sure that you fully understand all of the costs associated with it.

Another tip to follow is to be concerned about the safety of your investments. Prior to making any deposit with an advisor or brokerage firm, be sure that they are reputable and properly audited. It would also be wise to diversify your investments into several different funds and brokerage accounts.

The third tip Brad has also given on Twitter, is to never put all of your money into the stock market. Since the market is prone to wild swings, it would be wise to keep a good amount of your money in cash and fixed income securities. This will ensure that you do not lose too much of your nest egg if the market declines considerably.

You should also develop a relationship with your financial advisor. That’s part of the driving force of Forefront Capital under Brad Reifler. In order to properly manage your money, the manager will need to have a better understanding of your personal situation. The only way for this to happen is to develop a relationship with the money manager and discuss your finances with them on a regular basis.

The fifth tip is to understand and recognize why you are investing to begin with. This can include investing to build a retirement account, save for college, or simply to earn another income stream. Having a clear objective will help you to make better investment choices and stay the course during periods of volatility in the stock market.  Find Brad Reifler’s entire history on