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Martin Lustgarten is Making An Impact In The Investment Banking World

Investment banking is one of the most popular and well-known areas in the banking industry. The typical local bank does not provide the type of banking services that are offered by investment banks. While local banks focus on serving the needs of people and primarily small businesses in the local area, investment banks focus more on corporate clients that need banking services beyond what the typical local bank offers.


Investment banking also commonly called corporate banking is structured in a manner that fits well with the needs of corporations both large and small. In many corporations there is daily activity related to such matters as mergers and acquisitions, investment banking has core areas of its banking structure that provides a wide variety of services that focus on areas concerning mergers, acquisitions, and related areas.


In addition, investment banks have other core structural aspects that work well with corporations. One of these aspects is flexibility. Many corporations do not have rigid operational structures; these corporations have to adjust to changes quickly. This ability to adjust to change is needed with the banks that corporations work with on a regular basis. Concerning corporations, what is needed one day maybe totally different the next day. Investment banks are able to handle the constant change that occurs within corporations, which makes investment banks very appealing to many corporations.


Within investment banks, there are a variety of key positions. One of the most important positions is the investment banker. The responsibilities of investment bankers are varied and numerous, but the success of any investment bank is largely dependent on the performance of the investment bankers within the banks. These investment bankers are largely responsible for the quality and number of clients that investment banks can acquire.


In the investment banking world, an investment banker that has proven his ability to acquire clients is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking firm. Martin Lustgarten has an impressive list of corporate clients.
He provides a variety of investment banking services for his clients. The services include assistance with securing funds, advice on mergers, and corporate financial advice. In addition, Martin Lustgarten offers a unique approach to investment banking. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s been listening to lately.

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Transitioning From Traditional Shampoo to Cleansing Conditioner.

Beauty routines and products are always evolving. Wen by Chaz was probably considered a passing fad when the company first started out nearly twenty years ago. Now that it has been around too long to be considered a passing fad, what happens when a regular girl quits the shampoo routine and chooses the cleansing conditioner route? Bustle’s author Emily McClure shares her experience.

An honest amazon review will always show the before and the after photos. Ms. McClure does a great job of this, showing a before, and different varieties of afters. She doesn’t use the same daily routine. Sometimes she gets up and is on the go, most of us can relate to that. She also shows how it looks if you sleep on it, the 24 hour later look, also very relatable. And she styles it with styling products and tools, which again, is something women actually do to their hair.

The in-depth daily diary is a great tool to read through when considering switching to the WEN by Chaz routine. It is hard to consider one product being able to leave hair and scalp clean, conditioned and ready to style. The cleansing conditioner, Wen by Chaz, comes in a pump bottle and different lengths of hair require different amounts of pumps. It is not mentioned in the article, but other research points out that leaving thick enough to saturate hair for at least 3-5 minutes for maximum results.

There is an adjustment period, as the chemicals in shampoo alter a body’s natural PH and one week probably isn’t enough time to see true results. Users seem to find that even as early as the first shampoo, they notice thicker, shinier hair. Longer use brings reports on of health, length, chemically colored hair maintaining color better, and bounce.


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Sanjay Shah Rocks Autism With His New Charity

Autism Rocks is a charity organization that helps to raise money for research of autism and developing cures. They also help to disperse information about the condition, its secondary symptoms and how to cope with it. Sanjay Shah is the founder of the charity.

In recent developments Mr. Shah has chosen two new appointees to the board of trustees of the charity. These two individuals have extensive experience in both finance, advertising and the entertainment businesses. They were chosen because it is believed that they will offer new insight and innovative ways to help enhance the public presence of the charity.

The two new trustees are Pete and Will Best. They have known Mr Shah of Solo Capital for some years. Having attended college together they have formed a relationship of both respect and trust. Mr Shah has intimate knowledge of not only their educational backgrounds, but also with their work experience.

Will Best has much experience with the entertainment and advertising sectors. This will offer the chance to forge new relationships and expand the reach of the charity. He will be able to offer new insights as to how to get Autism Rocks to become a household name that everyone knows.

Pete Best has the bulk of his experience in the finance sector. He has worked as CEO of major corporations and will have the knowledge as to how to best manage and motivate the people in the charity. He will also be able to forecast ways to enhance earnings and bring more dollars to the research end of the charity.

Sanjay Shah is not a stranger to Autism. It was after his own son was diagnosed that he realized he did not know much about the condition. At a lunch with a major music star shortly thereafter he collaborated for a concert to raise money to help children with Autism. The concert was a success and the charity was soon born. Find Sanjay on Facebook to keep up with his news and events.

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Introducing Alexei Beltyukov

The Intriguing Russian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Mr. Alexei Beltyukov is an amazing and highly intriguing individual who is from Russia. He is an entrepreneur and he is also a philanthropist. He has the ability to assist those who may be interested in starting a business or perhaps just looking for the right business school to attend. He is a man who is who will offer his complete commitment. He is a person who upholds integrity and high standards in everything that he does. CrunchBase indicates he had even formed Endemic Capital in the year 2013. This is for Russian start-up companies. He is a highly intelligent person who has amazing entrepreneur skills and he is more than happy to participate in philanthropy.

Involved in the Russian Government
LinkedIn shows that Mr. Beltyukov has an involvement within the Russian government. He works with this government and is able to provide support and economic guidance. He does this via the Skolkovo Foundation. He is the Vice President of that foundation. This is a foundation that is proud to provide grants and solid opportunities for Russian start-ups. This involves the Russian technology start-ups. They are also concerned with those entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding the many opportunities that are available in Russia.

A Man Who Embraces a Good Challenge
Alexei Beltyukov is a man who truly enjoys facing each and every challenge head on. He is willing to embrace the obstacles that come his way. He thrives on those challenges that may be within the education field as well as those in hedge fund management. He is a true leader who will find a solution for every challenge.

A Solid Education
Alexei Beltyukov is informed of education and business matters. He graduated in the year 1995 with his MBA. He attended INSEAD business school. He believes in affordable education for the entire general public. He has played a large role in ensuring that executive leadership courses are affordable for those who wish to pursue these course options. Mr. Beltyukov has carved a path through the entire financial world. He was able to do this with his investment company. This company is Endemic Capital. He is a credible individual who amazes others with his skills as a philanthropist and with is impressive entrepreneur abilities.  But in addition to all of that, Beltyukov is also an Author, and Lulu has all of his collected works.

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The Rise Of Bernie Sanders Explained By Thor Halvorssen

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has recently been making waves as the self described Democratic Socialist has seen his campaign find large levels of grass roots support as he fights to reach the White House. Despite the rise in interest in politics among young people and those who are unhappy with the way the political establishment has run the U.S. in recent years many are unsure about the use of the term socialism in U.s politics; Fox Business interviewed respected human rights activist Thor Halvorssen about both the benefits and problems socialism poses to a nation in the 21st century.

Halvorssen began his interview with a discussion on the definition of socialism, which the Oslo Freedom Forum founder revealed is difficult to pin down; one of the problems facing those seeking a basic understanding of socialism is the many different forms of the political ideology that can be found around the world. Thor Halvorssen explained that some nations have a long history of incorporating socialist ideals into their own democratic principles with great success at home and in foreign policy.

However, when questioned by “The Intelligence Report” host Trish Regan, Halvorssen revealed he had first hand experience of the dangers socialism can pose to the people of any area of the world. Halvorssen explained his home nation of Venezuela had been incorporating socialist principles into its government for a number of decades with high levels of success, but had recently seen the rise of extreme groups hiding behind the socialist principles many in Venezuela admire. The problems facing the people of Venezuela were revealed by Thor Halvorssen to include the issues of tyrannical leaders fighting to bar any opposition to their leadership. Thor Halvorssen’s own father faced imprisonment and torture in Venezuela after opposing the ruling government despite the fact he held diplomatic status within the country; Halvorssen backed Bernie Sanders campaign, but was also critical of the use of socialism by many within ruling governments around the world. Visit Thor’s Twitter page to keep up with news and other events.

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How To Progress From YouTube To Traditional Fame

Becoming a famous YouTuber is very prestigious, and having a following can give you the chance to gain that amazing opportunity of gaining more opportunities. YouTube is a great first step to finding your platform and building your fanbase, but it can be your foot in the door to gaining success in traditional media. Hollywood is the place to be, and even if your goal is to progress towards having a business, doing so is just as possible by being on YouTube.

How To Progress From YouTube To Traditional Fame

First of all, your goal should always strive to be more than just a YouTuber. Strive to be an entertainer, a businessman, or whatever it is you want to do. For makeup artists like Michelle Phan and Wengie, it’s about becoming makeup gurus and creating top of the line makeup products that their users are going to love. Wengie wants to progress from just making videos and eventually move towards building a business. It isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, but trying to progress forward is the only the way to go in order to make more money and gain a career outside of this video site. It’s true that you always want to remain within the roots of the site and to always make YouTube a part of your career, but you want to go outside of this realm.

YouTube is a growing social network despite the many people that are already on the site. It’s still very crowded but there are many opportunities available if you are able to push past the other people you may be up against on the site. The truth of the matter is that YouTube continues to change constantly, and there are always new trends that you can jump to in order to gain views and subscribers. This is the place to be if you want to achieve success as a social media star. Wengie is the definition of a makeup artist who understands the potential she can attain outside of YouTube. She continues to locate her options and find new opportunities offline.

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Slyce’s Fourth-Quarter 2015 is Stunning

Shortly after its founding in 2012, Slyce launched one of the most innovative and influential apps in the tech industry. In February of 2013, The Toronto-based firm released a visual search app that is greatly helping retailers and customers alike. Yahoo! Finance has published a report revealing information related to Slyce’s fourth-quarter of 2015. The report truly reveals a company on the move.

Slyce has signed a host of deals with online retailers. Clearly, this is fantastic news for the company. The more retailers Slyce signs contracts with, the more revenue the company will generate. Top retailers such as Neiman Marcus and are all enterprises that would greatly benefit from Slyce’s technology.

The technology includes more than visual recognition programs. The reports also highlights the other new technological developments and apps the company has come up with.

Slyce Link is one of the most valuable of new platforms, and is the product of one year of development. The platform is designed to help retailers provide targeted recommendations to customers perusing websites. Doing so greatly boosts the potential to make sales.

Other interesting innovations made by Slyce include a Universal Scanner, a Coupon Author, and a 2D Content Management System. These are just a small amount of the programs the company has devised.

Slyce has also accepted a solid amount of new financing – $7 million. The funds should go a long way towards helping the company expand. Of course, the funds will also be used to develop new products.

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QNet Expands Opportunities for Women

QNet is a company with many missions and goals. QNet does want to become the top direct selling enterprise in the world. Based on previous years of success, QNet may be well on its way to achieving incredible status in the industry. QNet does have other goals in mind. Among them is the commitment to empowering women. On International Women’s Day, QNet made it abundantly clear the company wants to increase the number of women entrepreneurs affiliated as direct sellers. Since studies show women are highly motivated to launch their own business, QNet should not have much difficulty attracting interest. 

QNet wants to do more than just sign up women members. The company is interested in training and developing all new affiliate sellers. This, in turn, allows the newly hired direct sellers to be in a better position to succeed.

QNet is slated to increase the numbers of products and services offered in India. The company has noted it would like to add many women direct sellers to its team in order to help sell these offerings in the country. India is quickly becoming the top location for the company’s activities. Although based in Hong Kong, QNet has moved its manufacturing to India. QNet has also been ramping up its humanitarian efforts in the country.

Women who work with QNet in India or in any number of other countries may be able to greatly increase their income potential. With the right motivation and effort, direct selling opportunities could become lucrative.

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Dick Devos Stands By Marco Rubio In Presidential Race

Dick DeVos has come out and said that the prominent and influential DeVos family is now backing Marco Rubio in his bid to be the Republican presidential nominee. The news will be welcome to presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who has recently seen a string of poor performances in primary elections. Rubio did poorly in Michigan, the home state of the DeVos family. This is not the first time the DeVos family has given to political campaigns or candidates and their donations have even been noted by the series House of Cards which you can read more about in this exclusive Michigan Live interview.

Still despite the slip up at Michigan the DeVos family still believes that Marco Rubio can go on and fight his way back up in the Republican presidential race. Dick DeVos has also revealed that the DeVoses will be giving major contributions to the Rubio campaign including his Super PAC. The move to support Marco Rubio represents a change for the DeVoses. They at first supported Florida governor Jeb Bush. When Bush dropped out of the race after the South Carolina primary, the DeVoses became neutral. 

After being neutral for a while, the DeVoses are now finally back in the political scene and are proud to get behind Florida senator Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio represents a candidate who shares the same conservative values that the DeVos family consistently espouses and supports. The DeVos family says Dick DeVos will provide Marco Rubio with a strong financial backing to expand his campaign and to keep him going. The family will also do its best to convince others to get behind Marco’s campaign. Dick DeVos did stress that it will ultimately be up to Marco Rubio and his campaign to create a buzz and attract new voters to grow his campaign. 

Dick DeVos is one of the sons that is heir to the DeVos family fortune stemming from the Amway corporation (see MLive article here). He even briefly served as the CEO of Amway and led it to consecutive years of growth under his helm. Another notable highlight of Dick DeVoses career is that he was the CEO and president of the basketball franchise Orlando Magic of the NBA. Dick was involved with the Orlando Magic for only two years because he left to become the CEO of Amway. His stint as CEO of Amway lasted from 1993 to 2002 before he left to pursue a business endeavor of his own. 

Mr. Dick DeVos invests heavily in his local hometown and the surrounding areas. He is a major stakeholder in numerous Grand Rapids, Michigan-based businesses as well as businesses in surrounding communities. Dick DeVos also supports local schools and universities in Grand Rapids through endowments, volunteering his time to help school management and finance staff and fund raising through his personal foundation.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Learn more about Dick’s career and biography here:

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Introducing Coriant’s Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is an optical transport vendor company specializing in selling hardware and software for optical transmission in voice, data and mobile networks. Coriant became an independent company in 2013 under the ownership of Merlin Equity Partners. The company was created out of the combination of Nokia Siemens Network, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. It has introduced new products and services to its portfolio such as optical mesh technology and multi service switching solutions.

Coriant develops networking products for the business world keeping up with the fast changing technological pace. It supplies optical transport, optical transport network switching and software defined service control and management solutions. This enables operational simplicity, improves the utilization of multi-layer network resources, and creates new income earning services tailor made for the changing demands of corporate and consumer applications.

In 2015 Coriant named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO and Board Chairman, taking over from Pat DiPietro. Shaygan comes from a recent and eventful tenure as CEO of Juniper Networks Inc. Before his appointment he had been working closely as an operating executive with the senior management at Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant has praised Shaygan for his strategic insight and expertise on focused operational execution seen from his work in the company. They are confident that his experience will be invaluable in driving Coriant to its next level of advancement in the industry and to gain an edge over its major competitors.

The new appointment stems from Shaygan’s vast educational and work experience. He holds a Ph.D., masters, and bachelors in engineering from Cornell University and is a well known business and technological expert with over 28 years of experience in senior leadership across the telecommunications, technological, and financial services sectors. Shaygan has worked at GET, Verison Communications and in Barclays Bank as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer.

Shaygan’s recent appointment is expected to drive Coriant’s growth strategy and strengthen focus on solutions that are most important to its customers in the fast changing and competitive technological world. With the company recently winning deals with a number of major customers especially international carriers, this new change is expected to create a new level of growth for the company.