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OSI Group And McDonald’s Symbiotic Relationship

OSI group began as a family business in the early 20th century by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. The first business joint was based at Chicago, Illinois. It started as a small retail butchery meant to serve the locals. Kolschowsky managed to make his business successful and just after the end of the First World War the business grew into a wholesale business where he started to supply meat to other retailers and other parts of Chicago.

In 1928, Kolschowsky solidified his business’ stand as a family business, and Otto & Sons was born. For decades the family continued to run the business successfully as a local business. It managed to survive through the Second World War and served as a critical supply center for the community during the post-war recovery period. At around the same time, Ray Kroc was busy with making Mc Donald’s a franchise that focused on selling quality burgers as per the initial owners Richard and Maurice McDonald’s standards. OSI Group McDonalds have so much in common tracing their history from the family business, both operating in the food industry and both were small businesses at the time.

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Ray Kroc entered into a handshake agreement with the Otto & Sons managers who at the time were Kolschowsky’s sons who agreed to be McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef. With the growth of the McDonald’s franchise, Otto & Sons was related to the business as supplying the ever-growing franchise became their sole priority. Both OSI Group McDonalds gained popularity in the food industry due to their relationship.

In 1975, Otto & Sons made a few changes in its management positions and consequently transitioned into OSI Group. Kroc, on the other hand, continued to pursue consistent products especially the burger components across every operating restaurant. For this reason, he trusted the OSI Group with supplying quality products to his restaurants. Towards the late 1960’s Otto & Sons discovered an advanced processing cycle that would make the task of providing McDonald’s with supplies much easier. This aspect brought OSI Group McDonalds closer as per the essence of business relations.

In 1973, Otto & Sons dedicated an independent plant to McDonald’s course and incorporated the technology of flash freezing of burger patties in large scale to answer the demand of McDonald’s call. The two companies OSI Group McDonalds mutually benefited from the business for years as they both grew to serve other clients.

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The Personal Work And Passion Of Anthony Constantinou


Lecturer and Assistant Professor, Anthony Constantinou, in Machine Learning at the University of Queen Mary in London has big plans for the future. You could say his plans are futuristic, and that’s because all of his work is currently in artificial intelligence. Anthony’s research interests are in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. This field is unlike any other, using algorithms and sequences of variables.

The easy way to say this is that it’s all about machine learning, and what machines are capable of. Specific algorithms can control speech, their ability to learn math, and other subjects. What if machines are capable of drawing a blood test, or taking your temperature? The research interests of Anthony Constantinou today are all about machine learning and how machines deliver intelligent decision making. His collaborative work is profound, having worked with numerous academics and other professionals that have built and tested thousands of machines in Bayesian networks. Get Related Information Here.

The name of Anthony Constantinou is becoming more pronounced in arenas like marketing, sports, finance, and even medicine. It seems that artificial intelligence has a place in the heart of nearly any industry. As his credentials continue to add up, he continues his research and applies it every chance he gets. In August of this year, he became a Turing Fellow With The Alan Turing Institute in London.

As head of this Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, Anthony Constantinou is helping other students prepare for the future. He shares his knowledge, insights, and his creativity with those who choose to study with him. With a rather long list of accomplishments, he also became a published author earlier this summer, when he wrote an article with Norman Fenton, the Director of the Risk Management research group. The article entitled, Things to Know About Bayesian Networks,was published by the Significance Magazine.


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Robert Ivy’s Dozens of Awards and His Influence in Architecture

For most career paths, there is the option of joining a professional organization, also called professional association or professional society. There are many benefits in being a part of a professional society, as it seeks to help specialists and students in that particular area find connections, further their knowledge, make new business relationships, engage in discussions and learn more about the industry.

These organizations can be non-profit, or they can be privately held.

One such professional society is the American Institute of Architects (AIA), one of the best and most comprehensive professional groups for architects. This group is led by the CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Ivy and President Carl Elefante, both of which have extensive experience in the industry.

Robert Ivy has tons of experience with the occupation and has watched the industry very closely as the Editor in Chief of the journal Architectural Record.

Robert Ivy became the Editor in Chief of the journal in 1996, and he was also the Vice President and Editorial Director of the journal McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which also included the magazines GreenSource (talked about solutions for sustainable practices in architecture) as well as Architectural Record: China, HQ Magazine, Constructor and Sweets. Read more on 

Ivy was, without a doubt, one of the most influential personalities in the media surrounding the architecture industry. He was the head of all of the famous magazines about architecture, construction, and interior design. All of this influence led Ivy to become a juror of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial panel, that ended up electing the expert Frank Gehry to design the memorial.

Apart from his role in the journals and the American Institute or Architects, Robert Ivy is also known for the many awards and honors given to him as recognition for his expertise and influence. One such nomination was of General Excellence in the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award. Apart from that, Ivy’s portfolio of awards includes many Ozzies and dozens of Jesse H. Neal Awards as well as the Crain Award. Visit

Ivy remains as one of the most influential leaders of AIA and joining such an organization is important for young professionals in the area, because they have the opportunity of discussing with one of the most talented professionals in the media industry surrounding architecture.

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Kimberly Bakker – One Of San Francisco’s Most Successful Women


While most people come across from the bed, and in a dizzying morning full of chaos, Momtrepreneur, Kimberly Bakker appears to be waltzing in a pink-scented bath, rushing through a song full of singing, deliberate, motivated and streamlined mornings. Not only does Bakker successfully organize the party, but she also takes great care to take the extra effort for her customers, to share in their celebrations, to create a sentimental element to add to each celebration to the person, to their lives or to achieve.

At Kimberly Bakker Events, also the most luxurious party of the evening, filled with Hermes porcelain, and the soft velvet seats, are designed to make you more familiar with the use of her beautiful grandmother’s silver and tea set, and several personalized items that the bakery has dedicated to strategically placed throughout the venue.

In 2005, Kimberly Bakker was appointed by the Mayor of the San Francisco. After working for several companies, having a restaurant, and having worked in the protocols for San Francisco’s Mayor, she successfully talked about the experiences that have been successful in the execution of Kimberly Bakker Events.

From experience aiding in the development of the World Environment in 2005, together with highly respected event planners, to experience the marketing genius during her time at the top-class company LVMH, Bakker still talks about the experience of the present in successful events. For Kimberly Bakker Events, the company’s focused brand effort has kept the company up to date with the creation of family-oriented, memorable and personal information on the entire party. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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Jason Hope Gives SENS Foundation $500,000, Predicts How The IoT Will Change The World in 2018 and Beyond

For a long time, Jason Hope, the Arizona philanthropist and futurist has been concerned about the kind of life human beings live. He argues that man has the ability to live a much longer life if some of the prevailing factors are removed. According to Jason Hope, it is possible for man to live longer than 100 or so years if current and ongoing research on anti-ageing agents and age-related complications are looked at. For this reason, Jason has been in the forefront of ensuring that different individuals and research startups get the necessary funding to boost their quest for better lives. For more information read about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope is aware that now than any other time in history; man is plagued by several health problems that make life unbearable thus making living longer life completely undesirable. He seeks to help as many people as possible to live a longer life thanks to his donations. His notable donation is the $500,000 that he gave to SENS Foundation in 2010. Hope gave the donation during a Breakthrough Philanthropy that took place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

SENS Foundation was started in 2009 to help startups and individuals run successful programs and launch biotechnology products that focus on combating ageing as well as age-related diseases. In the biotechnology segment, researchers take several months and years to study how living cells inside the human body. The aim is to try to see how to stop or delay the living cells from wearing out. Jason Hope has not only given his donation to SENS Foundation. He has in the past given his support to various individuals and startups that embrace the use of biotechnology to lengthen life as much as possible. Other areas where the study of biotechnology is involved are healthier food production, improvement of agricultural methods, and an enhanced understanding of various elements of how proper medication can combat age-related diseases and at the same time improve individuals’ quality of life.

Before giving SENS Foundation, Jason Hope looked at its mission statement. It is likely that the message in the mission statement impressed him to give a donation. The MBA W.P. Carey School of Business in Arizona alumni loved this message, “Transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.”

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Peter Briger, a financial Expert, working at Fortress Investment Group

Briger is a business leader who is based in San Francisco, California. Presently, Briger possesses more than two decades of experience in the field of asset management. Currently, he serves as the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress is a leading global investment management organisation. Its headquarters is based in New York, United States of America. The investment firm is dedicated to serving both institutional and private investors. The organisation oversees the management of assets that total excess of $65 billion.

Peter Briger was elected as the co-chairman of the firm back in 2009. So far, Briger has guided the company in multiple operations that entail management. Briger took up this role since March 2002. Currently, Peter Briger is governing the organisation’s Real Estate and Credit fund business. Since he took over the unit as the head, the department has registered plenty of success. All the employees that work under his guidance are always excited to take instructions from him.

Briger is a graduate of the University of Princeton. He completed his degree in Business Administration from the same university. Afterwards, he decided to further his studies where he pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration from Wharton’s school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior joining Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Goldman Sachs and company. Briger oversaw several operations at the firm. He ensured that a number of processes in various business areas went smoothly without any hitches.

Additionally, Peter Briger served as a member of the Compliance Committee, Global control and Asian Management committee. Subsequently, he maintained the responsibilities of a co-head of the organisation’s Whole loan Sales, fixed income principal investment groups and Trading business. Briger also offered assistance in managing other units that included the Goldman Sachs Opportunities and Asian Distressed debt business.

Away from his professional life, Peter Briger regularly contributes to several philanthropic and community-driven agendas. Briger is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council of the global fund for children.

Additionally, he is a board member of the council of foreign relations. This is a non-partisan institution that is responsible for promoting a broader understanding of foreign policies.


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Dr. Sam Jejurikar, A Plastic Surgeon With A Compassionate Demeanor

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a board certified plastic surgeon and a member of the Dallas plastic surgery institute in Dallas, Texas. The institute focuses on face, butt, eyes, body, and breast for both men and women. The institute has been built to be tip top shape with nurses and a place to stay after surgery.His mission is to help his patients to achieve their goals, whether it’s to look younger, or change what they would like in their bodies. His passion for plastic surgery has helped him achieve his craft in the surgery room, but also for an individual need. Dr. Sam Jejurikar does not only help the fortunate, he also volunteered with some medical missions to help the less fortunate such as bangledesh. He is not only certified in a lot of boards, but he also has a lot of publications such as “The Journal of Surgical Research”.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has also been ranked one of the top physicians in Dallas, Texas. His patients have voted for him because of how caring and compassionate he his towards them. Only the physicians with an almost perfect score could be chosen to win and Dr. Sam Jejurikar was awarded for being outstanding to his patients by going over the acceded expectations. Dr. Sam Jejurikar has made a difference in his patients life while make them feel younger or better about their appearance.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar travels to his patients as well. He makes sure that his patient’s are his number one priority while making sure mission is always his priority as well.

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Ara Chackeria Interest in Health Tech.

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, investor, and a philanthropist. As an investor, he is a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings. The company is focused on investing in startup health companies. He is not only the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions but also a board member. TMS is a service provider where they provide transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression patients. Before the commencing of TMS Health Solutions, Ara’s career was pegged around investing and entrepreneurship. He was also and still being interested in health technology which has contributed to the building of several healthcare companies like BMC Diagnostics, Pipeline Rx and of course TMS Health Solutions. The development of these companies has been done within the two-decade career time frame. For more details visit


Ara Chackerian Studied at Florida State and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. The knowledge of this course has greatly contributed to the growth and marketing of the businesses earlier mentioned. His latest venture has led him to the establishment of TMS Health Solutions. Ara and his partner before the opening of the center thought of using their experience in investing and building of outpatient radiology centers to another level. They decided to focus and work on their research into the tech and treatment for psychiatric conditions.

Chackerian and his acquaintance saw the possibility of providing a psychiatric space to specifically deal with depression through a treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation. Their research on this specific treatment made then realize the potential TMS Healthcare Solutions will have if they offered psychiatric care, talk therapy and most importantly, medication. That’s when they decided to experiment on their theory. They focused their vision on providing a design care and delivery model that would enable both the patient and physician to achieve the required outcome. Thus, a patient first method was incorporated in order to achieve the desired goal. For more details visit


It has been two years now since Ara and his business partner joined forces and the results have been pleasing. They have managed to build seven facilities with each facility roughly three thousand square feet consisting of both treatment and consult rooms. TMS has become a sensation in the health sector. You can visit their website


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Paul Mampilly Presents At Total Wealth Symposium

As an American businessman and the founder of Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly recently had the honor of delivering a presentation at the recent Total Wealth Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. This particular conference is dedicated to helping investors do well on wall street and in the stock market. His presentation was alongside a robotic companion named K5 and the name of the presentation was “How To Make Your Millions From The Robo Revolution.” K5 was designed by Knightscope as a security robot to ensure the safety of their office building and it weighs upwards of 400 pounds. During the presentation, Paul Mampilly made sure to emphasize the fact that he believes robotics to be the key to having a successful and affluent future for tech companies.

He believes the current trend will lead to a massive surge in robotic innovations over the next one hundred years and beyond. He began his presentation by pointing out that the compound annual growth rate for the current robotic market is up to almost 9% and that is projected to steadily increase over time. Paul Mampilly then continued by explaining that the current robotics market is estimated to accrue more than $22 million by the time we’ve reached the next decade. He believes that the rate will accelerate at a total of 20%. As for the agricultural robot market, he estimates it will have reached $16.8 billion by the end of the decade and $75 billion by the middle of the next decade.

He continued by discussing the medical robot market. Experts believe it will have soared to upwards of 23% by the time we’ve reached the year 2025. The industrial and commercial robotics market is estimated to reach almost $35 billion within the next decade. Currently, Paul Mampilly estimates the robotics market to currently be worth over $12 billion. Many experts believe that number will grow by almost three times that before the decade is over. Finally, he recommended that people invest heavily in the robotic industry. So we wish him luck on the future of his company and hope he’s successful.

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Flavio Maluf on Brazil’s New Fiscal Incentive Policy

It’s obvious that if businesses can’t turn a profit, the economy won’t grow. After all, investors have no reason to part with their money without a reasonable chance of seeing a return. However, historically many governments have failed to see it that way, and have refused to create and foster incentives to support business growth.

According to Flavio Maluf, Brazil is one of those countries which historically just hasn’t seen the light. The Brazilian executive believes that oppressive tax structure and the cocky, anti-growth attitude of the country’s politicians and bureaucrats has held the giant back, despite its growth during the 2000s. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Still, Maluf is optimistic about a new policy proposal, the Fiscal Incentive Bill. This law would allow companies to redirect a portion of their tax liability directly to social causes and programs.

You might be asking what the benefit of this measure would be, especially if there is no tax break. Even though the company wouldn’t pay less under this measure, Flavio Maluf argues that Brazilian firms would derive a lot of value from building up their brands.

In other words, when corporations pay their taxes, there is no way to trace the good that money does back to their tax contribution. On the contrary, Brazilians feel like tax revenues just go down the drain due to rampant corruption. But under the new law, people will be able to see how a company’s social contributions make a difference in their everyday lives.

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex, a leader in the Brazilian construction sector. He is also at the helm of Grandfood, one of the country’s major manufacturers of pet-related products. Prior to joining the family business, he studied mechanical engineering at FAAP University in Sao Paulo.

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