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Jim Tananbaum Provides Health Companies with Financial Help

The idea that healthcare companies might not have the resources that they need is something that is a relatively foreign concept to most people. Many think that the healthcare industry is all about making money and that they are able to do it all the time but that isn’t always the case especially for those companies that are just getting started with the options that they have. Jim Tananbaum knows that this is true since he originally worked in the healthcare field and that was something that he saw a lot. It was also something that he wanted to change so that startup healthcare companies would be able to get more out of the ideas that they had. He also wanted to see them be successful so that they could help more patients with the options that they had for different purposes and with the opportunities that were available to them. You can visit Ideamensch for more info.

Since Jim Tananbaum was so keen on making things change for the company, he did what he could to start Foresite Capital. This is a firm that is dedicated to providing private equity options to healthcare companies only. They have the healthcare niche so that they are able to provide people with the options who actually have a need. It is something that has changed the industry and has given more people the chance to get the healthcare options that they want. Tananbaum knows that this is something that the company will be able to do with the options that he has.

Since Foresite Capital has been so successful, Jim Tananbaum knows that it is something that is going to make more opportunities for the healthcare industry. He wants to see a lot of success in the industry and that is something that he is continuously working on. He also knows that it is necessary to make major changes so that people will be able to get exactly what they need from their options. He hopes that these changes will make Foresite Capital a great option for any person who is a part of the healthcare industry and field.

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Securus Technologies – Leading Inmate Communications Systems

Securus Technologies is a prison based technology company located in Dallas, Texas. The company is an American for-profit telecommunications business that was founded in 1986. They have regional offices located in Carrollton, Allen, Texas and Atlanta. Currently, the company is responsible for the employment of 1,000 people and holds around 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities located throughout the United States. Securus is also responsible for serving approximately 2,200 Correctional Facilities throughout the United States and Cananda. Securus recently reported that they have invested more than $600 million related to technologies, patents and different acquisitions.


Securus Technologies have taken great consideration and excelled immensely in the phone communications world. They offer many different types of services that cater to the inmates and allow them to have the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones. The plans that they offer are some of the most advanced and affordable. Securus Technologies takes great pride in their honest, ethical services.


In the past, Securus has worked towards the introduction of a system that is set to control contraband cell phones. In 2016, their Managed Access Solutions system had received the stamp of approval in more than five of their facilities. In July 2016, Securus was proud to announce the partnership with Harris Corporation. Together, they formed “Cell Defender” technology to assist with their services offered. Securus Technologies is always working towards the next best technology so they can stay on top of the demands of the services. Wireless Containment Solution is one of the services they’ve come out with in 2017. It was developed to prevent contraband cell phones from having the ability to connect to different mobile networks. The executive staff at Securus Technologies is always evaluating their services and looking for the best ways to advance their technology and increase their services offered.



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Honey Birdette Opening An Online Store For International Users

Honey Birdette was featured on The Industry London to release the information about the newest dedicated US based eCommerce site. This Australian lingerie Brand is planning on taking over the retail world from three stores to 40 by 2018. They want to expand and bring the brand to more cities and get more of their lingerie seen around the world. The company was founded back in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan, and she noticed that in the last 12 months there was a huge influx of sales and orders from the US. With this new platform, they are hoping to provide faster delivery, extended product range for American customers, and even easier returns.

They are striving to reach out to as many people across the globe because they know their products are some of the best and can capture what they represent. They are targeting the US for specifically new retail options and they have all the ambitions to increase their UK store count. They opened their first store right out of Australia in 2016 right in London’s Covent Garden. They expect to have about 10 more openings in the United Kingdom to be spread throughout Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, and several other places.

The brand has their prices for the premium label, and they are starting around £60 for bras £35 for briefs. Honey Birdette has a long list of great products, and it is showing with their new stores opening up across the different areas of the UK that they definitely are standing tall throughout the country and even across the globe. The online store will make it so much easier for anybody to get the chance to get their lingerie from no mater where they are at. When they launch, you can easily join in and buy their acclaimed products.

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A Wine Empire

Julia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson, who founded Jackson Family Wines. Her mother, Barbara Banks, worked in the company as well until Jess died in 2011. Barbara is now the chairman of the company. Julia remembers picking and sorting grapes when she was a little girl in 100 degree weather. She said that was her father’s way of showing her what hard work was. That was simply her life at that time. She has a non-profit organization called “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.” It is a program designed to celebrate strong women who have overcame life struggles and obstacles, at the same time inspiring others to do the same. She said her mother was the inspiration behind the program because she is such a strong role model for her.

Julia Jackson attended college in France. It was a great experience for her and opened up her eyes to the wine industry even more. Being in France, inspired her to become a bigger part of her family’s business. Julia Jackson stands by her belief that Cabernet is the best place for wine in Sonoma. Champ de Reves is one of the brands of wine that the Jackson Family Wines produces.

The Jackson family stands on providing quality wine to those willing to appreciate it.

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Richard Blair Provides Clients in Austin Texas with Sound Investment Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory service, believes that everyone needs a well-thought-out plan that will let them achieve their financial goals. He aims to arm the Austin, Texas community with sound financial advice to help them better manage their financial affairs.


Wealth Solutions follows a three pillar approach to help their clients reach financial prosperity.


Pillar 1 is where Wealth Solutions helps their clients build a roadmap to fit their financial needs, accounting for their strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities. By understanding more about the client, Wealth Solutions will be able to provide a better plan to help them obtain their financial goals.


Pillar 2 is the long term investment strategy that is tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Richard Blair manages the investments to maximize performance when the market is good and to reduce impact when the market is bad.


Pillar 3 is where Richard Blair meets with their insurance needs, including long-term care and life insurance and also annuities.


Richard Blair gets his passion for helping others from his family’s teaching background. His mother, grandmother, and wife were teachers so he got the chance to witness how education can help someone grow. Richard combined his love of education with his love of finances to help teach people how to better manage their financials, and invest wisely for the future.


After graduating from the University of Houston, Blair started Wealth Solutions in 1994 to help serve clients in Austin, Texas.His sole goal was to bring a positive change to the lives of families, individuals, and small businesses. His firm provides unbiased information with no conflicts of interest to better serve their clients. He has honed his knowledge to help his clients avoid common mistakes and get strategies for creating sound financial strategies to help them fulfill their dreams of a comfortable and healthy retirement. He reduces the gap between planning for retirement and living it. As a company containing only seven employees, Wealth Solutions is able to maintain a personal feel between itself and the clients it serves so everyone can get the personal attention they need.



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George Street Photo and Video Is The Best Offered In NYC

Regardless of what you plan to do for your wedding, you will need professionals to come in a take your photos. Weddings should be an expression of the couple’s taste and personality. George Street Photo and Video Address offer a lifestyle quiz to determine the photographic theme to give to your wedding photos. The photo shoot process will have you believing that you are a pair of professional models.

Video editing is not something to be meddled with by amateurs. The professional team will take recordings, edit them and package together a work of art. Your wedding deserves much better than raw footage from a shaky camcorder. You want a video that you can later present to your future kids.

The ratings received on The Knot are overwhelmingly impressive. The vast majority of clients (1,600 in number) give the company five stars. You may take their personality quiz in order for their team to determine the right package for you.

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Tony Petrello: Stumbled Upon The Right Career Path

In an article for The Daily Beast, Lloyd Grove talked about his former roommate, Anthony Petrello. Grove surmised that he never would earn a ton of money; because he was content as a “broke” writer. A moniker that suited him perfectly, due to his lack of ambitions; until he saw the Associated Press’s rankings and recognized the name at the top.

Seeing Anthony “Tony” Petrello at the No.1 spot filled him with envy and an unexplained depression settled upon him. So, he read it again, for the previous year, his former roommate made an astonishing $68.2 million. He started thinking about his own life as a series of wrong turns, and labeled the person he lived with freshman year an “Oligarch.” Oligarch is a Russian term for a very wealthy businessman.

Lloyd Grove recalled Tony as the typical “loud mouth” Italian kid, on a scholarship. After college, he lost contact and on a whim after reading the article, contacted Tony Petrello’s secretary. Grove wanted to discuss their individual career paths, but couldn’t reach him. Tony Petrello replied with a short email saying that in his life he had been incredibly “lucky.”

Tony Petrello attended Yale University where he earned an undergraduate and graduate degree; later receiving his Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School. In his personal life, philanthropy has always played a central role. However, after having a daughter diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he got even more involved, providing $7 million in gift funding to create a research division at Texas Children’s Hospital.

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The Lung Institute – Providing A Ray Of Hope To Patients Having COPD

The Lung Institute offers a new lease of life to the patients suffering from any lung diseases or disorder. It is not easy to get through the life with lung diseases as it makes it difficult to breathe and just about to anything without getting tired. The stamina takes a dip and renders the patients unable to do even the most basic life tasks. The Lung Institute is one of the most reputed medical research organizations in the country that focuses on providing patients with lung diseases an alternative treatment option through the stem cell therapy. The stem cells are known to have the ability to regenerate and multiply, and it is this quality of stem cells that is used to treat the lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, emphysema, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic bronchitis.

The treatment offered at the Lung Institute is minimally invasive and are performed by world famous physicians and stem cell experts from the Baylor College of Medicine, who ensure that you get results. The treatment plan is personalized for the patients to make sure that the results are achieved quickly. It is because each and every patient is different and so is the problems they are facing. The damaged tissue of the patients in the lungs is healed through the stem cells and the platelet-rich plasma, which boosts the healing and tissue forming process. The Lung Institute aims to help the patients breathe easier and improve their quality of life. The Lung Institute was primarily based in Tampa, Florida, but is now spread through the country at different locations, including in Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dallas, and Scottsdale.

The patient suffering from any lung disorder can visit their facility to consult in detail regarding the stem cell therapy and how it can help. The personalized treatment plans offered by the experts at The Lung Institute guarantees results for the patients almost always. The stem cell therapy is getting momentum across the world because of the many benefits it offers, and the Lung Institute has revolutionized the stem cell treatment for lung disorders in the United States.

The Lung Institute has a YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe.

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Clay Siegall out to Ensure Reduced Rate of Cancer Cases

Cancer treatment has become more unbearable due to inadequate facilities and equipment for therapies. The problem has led to more suffering to patients who are undergoing treatment bearing in mind that the cost is also high. Many research centers have made progress in the field trying to make advancements in the cancer therapy. Dr. Clay Siegall is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company. He is a professor having attained a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington. Clay Siegall has worked in various research centers, Bristol – Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical institute where he began to work as a senior research investigator before being promoted to a principal scientist. He later moved to National Cancer Institute as a biotechnology expert, and the knowledge he acquired from the previous institution founded his research center.

In the Seattle Genetics Center, Clay has concentrated more on research and implementation of its developments. He is being motivated to alleviate patients suffering by developing Antibody – drug conjugates including ADCETRIS, which is helping cancer patients in 60 countries around the world. He has led in the discovery of new cancer therapies which will continue to be prioritized by medical personnel in the cancer treatment. Clay has financed the center through fundraising more than $ 1.2 billion to help in the innovations and advancements in cancer treatment. His leadership skill has made the center get into new heights through scientific advancements. Due to his efforts in scientific and medical fields, he has received awards, University of Maryland Alumnus of the year and Pacific Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Clay shares his knowledge to scientific and medical communities by publishing articles on new research methods and discoveries. Of late, he has published more than 70 articles, and he still holds positions on editorial boards of other scientific journals to provide publishing opportunities to other scientists. His vision is to make sure that cancer patients will no longer have to suffer.


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How Jason Halpern’s Company Has Been growing in the Real Estate Development Sector

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is one of the major real estate gurus in Brooklyn. He has gained recognition in the sector since he has constructed several landmark buildings that are located in different cities. Halpern has a 20 years’ experience in the industry and is the founder of JMH Development. He is presently 45 years old, but he has managed to make significant accomplishments as a real estate developer. His company is currently running projects in areas such as Brooklyn, New York City, Manhattan, Miami, and Westchester County. Jason believes that his enterprise is a boutique development business. In the past ten years, it has completed construction projects that are valued at about $500 million. The most notable construction projects that the firm has completed include Aloft South Beach, which is a magnificent hotel that it constructed in Miami. The hotel is made up of over 200 rooms, and Madden Real Estate Ventures assisted in its construction. The enterprise is owned by Mitchell Hochberg.

Mr. Halpern’s real estate construction company also established top notch condos by reconstructing a Wild Turkey Bourbon warehouse. His firm joined efforts with Rockpoint Group and Kushner Companies to complete the development of the project. JMH Development transformed the store into a top notch rental apartment that comprises of more than 338 units, and it was finalized in 2010.

Jason in Industry

The firm purchased Brooklyn Heights Cinema and also transformed it into luxurious condos. Madison Estate also participated in the project. Jason led his company to develop a top notch hotel that is based in Long Island City. The real estate development expert kicked off his profession by serving Halpern Enterprises, which was owned by his father. He worked for the firm until the 1990s when he founded JMH Development. Jason has gained a lot of experience for the past 20 years that he has been in the industry, and he fully understands different markets.

Jason Halpern with Milana and Richard

The accomplishments of Jason Halpern have been motivated by the passion that he has developed for his profession. He has been making sure that he associates well with all the people that need the services of his company, and therefore, his work is highly appreciated. Mr. Halpern has been participating in philanthropic undertakings that benefit communities. He is one of the major sponsors of Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The medical center is a Level 1 Trauma Institution, and it is located in Westchester Medical Center. The facility is well equipped with machines and doctors who can attend to various emergency cases. The hospital has majored in treating broken limbs, internal injuries, and expectant women. It also conducts surgeries such as open heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery. JMH Development has also been funding water supply activities in parts Nepal and Egypt.