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Louis Chenevert Continues His Winning Ways

Hailing from Canada, Louis Chenevert is one of the most highly regarded businessmen in the world today. After graduating from HEC Montreal where he received a degree in production management, Louis Chenevert went on to create one of the most successful careers of any modern day businessman, even flourishing under the extreme conditions of a U.S. market on the downturn. Because of his nearly innumerable accomplishments, Louis Chenevert has received a multitude of awards and recognitions, including being named the Man of the Year by Aviation Week and Space Technology, as well as garnering an honorary doctorate degree from his alma mater, HEC Montreal, in recent years.

It was in 1999 that Louis Chenevert became the President of Pratt and Whitney; a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, for which he would become the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer after seven years with the company. After resigning from United Technologies Corporation in December of 2014, Louis Chenevert decided to take a position with Goldman Sachs in their Merchant Banking Division, where he would be in charge of seeking new investment opportunities regarding aerospace, as well as the industrial sector. Although Louis Chenevert has left a large footprint in every corporation that he has been involved with, it was during his time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer that he showed his grit, heading a company that would flourish under some of the most trying economic times in recent United States history. In times of war, the United States, as well as many other economically prosperous countries around the world, have shown a tradition of failing or substantially downsizing. Despite these uncontrollable factors, Louis Chenevert kept United Technologies Corporation afloat, while also creating conditions for which the company could be significantly prosperous. During this time, Louis Chenevert completed a series of transactions that would allow United Technologies Corporation to transition from a terrible stock price of $37 to a far more profitable number of $117. Louis Chenevert’s tenure with United Technologies Corporation was very fruitful to say the least, creating a trend of consistent turnover for nearly every sector belonging to the United Technologies Corporation umbrella.

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Jeunesse Global Provides Quality Products

Jeunesse Global is a company that is growing within the beauty industry. Over the past few years, many customers have tried the products sold by Jeunesse Global. One of the unique aspects of Jeunesse Global is the product quality. A lot of beauty companies reduce the quality of products in order to increase profits. This is the wrong approach to take in order to grow a business.

Although Jeunesse Global is still a small company, it is starting to increase market share in the beauty industry. Many customers use social media to promote the products.

Starting the Company

When starting Jeunesse Global, the founders thought about quitting several times. It is difficult to start a company from nothing. Not only were the cash reserves running low, but few customers were using the products. The company would eventually become profitable, and it has actually grown rapidly in recent years.

Direct Selling

One of the biggest reasons for the rapid growth of Jeunesse Global is the direct selling program offered to customers. There are many customers who love the product sold by the company. Jeunesse Global allows customers to purchase products at a low price and sell them to other customers around the world. There are some people who have developed profitable businesses selling these products. Not only does this program help customers, but it also helps Jeunesse Global increase sales.


Jeunesse Global is investing in new production options over the next few years. Due to the high level of demand, the company has had trouble filling orders from some customers. The leaders of Jeunesse Global know that having the right production capacity is critical to the growth of the company in the future. With the new investments, Jeunesse Global will be able to serve the needs of customers around the world.

In the coming years, many industry experts believe that the company will continue growing rapidly. With a broad assortment of products, Jeunesse Global has something for anyone who wants to improve their beauty regimen.

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The life of Ted Bauman, the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman is an editor for the Bauman, Plan B ad the Alpha Stock Alert at Banyan Hill Publishing. Tes was born in Washington DC, United States. He grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

When he got to age, Ted Bauman moved to South Africa. He joined the University of Cape Town where he acquired the postgraduate degree in both economics and history. His education created a great path for Ted’s career and he has kept a clean record since he started working.

Ted Bauman has been in the financial industry for 25 years in South Africa. He has engaged in numerous non-profit sectors where he helps high-profile roles over the years. He has served as a manager of funds in low-cost housing projects. His aim was to help people who were less fortunate to acquire proper housing at a low cost. The projects did exceptionally well and Ted could not have been any happier.

In the 2000s, Ted Bauman exploited his skills by working as a consultant. He did extensive research on finance, issues on urban planning as well as housing. His hard work and urge to help people enabled him to serve clients from various geographical areas including the United Nations, the government of South Africa and agencies that make grants in Europe. His career given him chances to tour the world especially in Africa, Asia, and Europe. His dreams have been unfolding well. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

Ted moved back to the united states in 2008. He became the Director of Internationa Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International, located in Atlanta Georgia. He did not cease traveling and visited Latin America and the Caribbean several times. This gave him a push in researching about international development and he wrote articles about that.

Ted worked for Habitat for Humanity until 2013 when he opted for fulltime researching and writing. In September, he joined Sovereign Society where he worked as the editor of Plan B Club. It specializes in the protection of assets and issues regarding international migration. His experience in this sector significantly improved Plan B Club.

Ted has unleashed his writing skills and knowledge on several journals available internationally. Some of them are Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Urbanization as well as the Journal of Microfinance. He has also written for South African press which included Cape Argus among others. He also partnered with his dad in writing the book, Where to Stash Your Cash(legally). He has been able to educate many people and hopes for a better future for them.

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Rocketship Education Soars Far Beyond The Classroom



want the best opportunities for our children. This often starts with education. While it is often overlooked, parental involvement plays a significant role in the overall success of each student. Just like adults in the workplace, children need positive feedback along with support and encouragement to be most successful. When uncontrollable events affect a family’s stability, students are often affected. It is during these times that students need the most amount of support from their educators and their communities.

When a San Jose, California Rocketship Education student struggled to cope with the aftermath of a massive flood, the school rushed in to help. During a recent interview, his mother, Dulce, shared her experience and praised Rocketship for their selfless efforts. Donors of the school’s community laid the foundation for a feeling of security for Dulce’s family in their time of need. Working as a team, both the school and the community committed themselves to providing the family with important resources and helped them get back on track.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education was founded by education enthusiast Preston Smith and John Danner. They opened their first school in 2007, in San Jose, California in efforts to improve the learning opportunities for low-income families in the San Jose community. After students of the organization received praise for high scores on Californias state assessment, Rocketship expanded and quickly opened six other schools. To date, the organization has served nearly 15,000 students and families, and their future looks bright.

Rocketship Educations unique approach to education focuses completely on the student and goes fay beyond the classroom. Understanding the true importance of support from parents and the community, they have built a system that places students directly on the path to success. Their commitment to quality elementary education has placed them in the top 10% for public charter elementary schools and has helped them earn the trust of so many parents and families.


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Attractive Qualities that Can Land A Date With Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble

It is common knowledge that there are some people who are successful daters as well as those who struggle or have outright failed. While some of each of these groups are very unexpected, there are common qualities in attractive people. These qualities go beyond looks. Therefore, it is important for people to not put so much stock in what they look like and develop some of these other qualities. Even though looks do matter, they are actually some of the weakest aspects of attraction. Certain bad habits and personalities can turn a person off of a good looking individual.

Among the qualities that attract a person is confidence. People who are confident tend to have a much better chance at success. For those who have a problem with confidence, it can get a little tricky in that any tip that is given can work against them. Fortunately, there are ways to easily build confidence. One of the easiest ways to build confidence is through achievements. For instance, anyone who is willing to get in shape can make little goals that will help him reach his fitness goals. This will bring him confidence that will make him attractive to people in general.

Another way to gain confidence is the way Whitney Wolfe Herd has done. She has built a company that she believes in. This company has stood out from the similar companies in the industry. For one thing, she has encouraged women to take the bull by the horns and initiate with men regardless of what social norms are. After all, progress is often influenced by the willingness to step outside of what is normal. Whitney Wolfe Herd has no problem with stepping outside of the norm in order to achieve any goals that she has. Besides, in the dating world, society has changed so much that what has been normal is becoming unusual.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Three Tips For Investing In Brazil

For Investors looking for a great opportunity to make money, Brazil is the ideal place. The country is rich in natural resources, there are a number of growing companies, the economy consistently posts positive gains, the financial sector is booming and China has brought in new technologies that make it possible to develop the country’s mineral wealth and other natural resources. However, to make money in Brazil you will need guidance from someone that understands the country and can help you identify the best areas in which to invest. Igor Cornelsen is that person,

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One of Brazil’s most successful and respected investment advisors, Igor Cornelsen has been helping people make money in Brazil for almost 50 years. During that time he has identified three tips and strategies anyone looking to invest in Brazil needs to know to avoid the pitfalls and make a significant profit.

  1. Learn About The Currency Restrictions

There are strict currency controls in Brazil. Foreigners must find a bank that is authorized to handle currency exchanges. Plus, the exchange rates vary depending on the transaction type with which the investor is involved. Savvy investors can take advantage of this, but it’s essential to research and understand the currency laws first.

  1. Connect With the Natives

There are many entrepreneurs and business oriented people in Brazil. Networking and building relationships play an important role in getting deals done there. Brazilians are warm and welcoming and love to talk. With about a quarter of Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 64 involved in independent business, gathering information about consumer and business trends and tendencies and getting new ideas by creating impromptu focus groups is easy.

  1. Get Ready For Red Tape

Brazil has many government regulations related to business. Getting through the red tape can be challenging for people unfamiliar with the laws and how to navigate them. The key is to research the regulations beforehand and have an experienced financial advisor help you avoid the unnecessary ones and handle the unavoidable ones.

An experienced financial advisor like Igor Cornelsen can help investors have success in Brazil.

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Rick Smith Fueling the Growth of Securus Technologies Single-Handedly

Technology is playing an essential role in just about every sector, and the same can be said about the field of corrections. Many tech-based companies are trying hard to grab the more significant market share of the growing correctional industry. One such firm is the Securus Technologies, which was established in the year of 1996 to modernize the penitentiary industry and provide safe, secure, and modern inmate communication and investigative services to the industry. Currently, nearly three thousand correctional facilities use the services offered by Securus Technologies and that count has been growing fast in the last few years, especially after Rick Smith took over as the company’s CEO and Chairman. Read more articles at

Rick Smith is a business executive with ample experience in the telecommunication field. He has been closely watching the correctional area for a long time as an executive in the correctional industry and knows the loopholes that need to be filled to provide end users with better products and services. Rick Smith has previously worked with leading telecommunication firms like Integra Telecom and Eschelon Telecommunication, which has added to his experience to head Securus Technologies successfully. Rick Smith knows that the competition is growing in the industry and maintaining consistency in growth, the focus has to be diverted to two primary departments, namely customer service, and product development. He has helped focus on research and development to ensure that the company can develop new age inmate communication and investigative solutions that are not only more efficient but also more cost-efficient.

Rick Smith has completed his graduation from the New York University with Bachelors in Engineering and also holds Masters in Business Administration from the Rochester University. Under the supervision of Rick Smith Securus, the company has grown substantially in the past few years, and its growth is expected to multiply even more aggressively in the next few years. He has implemented some very efficient management techniques that have helped improve the performance of the company and increase its revenue. Recently, the company also acquired another new correctional firm by the name of Jpay Inc, which offers diverse products and services to the inmates and the law enforcement agencies. Read more on

Rick Smith said that acquisition of Jpay Inc would help Securus Technologies to offer a comprehensive range of inmate communication and rehabilitation service. It would help the inmates to get services like money transfer services, voicemail messaging, access to education database, job opportunities, music, and more, which would open doors to numerous possibilities for the inmates not available earlier. Securus Technologies has many new products under development at its Technology Center in Dallas, Texas, and Rick Smith has made an open invitation to the investors and customers to visit it to check out the company’s progress in developing modern correctional products.


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Stream Energy: Description and Achievements

This article will give information about a situation Stream Energy was in at Dallas, Texas. Then, look for more general information about the company. Steam Energy just went through their second energy expansion this year. This was right after the Illinois market was opened in the month of September.

Delaware marks state number eight that has been added to the collection of the energy retail provider footprint. The other states involved in the collection are New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey. Washington D.C is included as well. When the launch time period arrives customers in Delaware will get to pick from the fixed-rate plan of Stream at two percent under the present. It will also give a twelve-month fixed-rate energy plan at market pricing of competition. Learn more at Weekly Opinion about Stream Energy.

There are also many ways that show how Texas is a relevant example of how depressing the global warming can be. For example, the state has heavy reliance and an extensive coastline. There are organizations which are having problems addressing the problems of climate change that their clients may have.

Steam, is an example of a company which are giving customers the answer they are looking for. Since the year 2005, Stream Energy has taken part in many different green energy programs, these were aimed at the mitigation of global warming. At the same time, it gives customer many options to meet their particular needs. Read more at about Stream Energy.

Now some general information about Stream Energy, like their beginning life and achievements. The company had started with a simple idea of innovation in 2005. This idea was by selling energy by using their voices. By doing this a creative position was made in a crowded marketplace.

It soon became the biggest selling energy company in the world. Steam has taken care of paying millions of dollars to the everyday people. The money was given just for telling close ones about who Stream Energy is and the enrollment of the company. Finally, one achievement they received was in 2007 with the Chamber of Commerce Monument Award.


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George Soros’ Story and His Fight For the Marginalized

George Soros is not a man that most people are not aware of. He is continually appearing in the spotlight of the media, be it political, talking about business, or media regarding investments and finances. George Soros has grown quite a reputation as one of the best investors alive, rivaling people like Warren Buffett. He is known for the nickname “the man who broke the bank of England” regarding his first ultra-successful investments when he was still living in the UK.

George Soros is like the ‘boogeyman’ for a lot of people in the far right, if not all of them. There are a lot of misconceptions and fake news about George Soros, bordering on the absurd, as you might expect when you consider he is one of the wealthiest people alive today. Examples include how he is one of the billionaires forming the ‘shadow government’ that genuinely controls American presidents like puppets on strings, and like how George wants to make the whole world gayer so that we will all be more submissive to what he wants. All of these claims, of course, are absurd, and you must only look at the facts to understand the real meaning behind his actions and decisions.

What really made the people from the far right invent absurd stories about George Soros began when he started using his money and influence to fund groups that advocate for civil and human rights. George Soros has, throughout his career as an investor and business developer, freely given more than $12 billion from his own pocket to empower these groups who fight for these most basic but also most essential rights. As a child who grew in a Jewish family and experienced in his skin the censure of Nazism, George Soros is a big sympathizer of freedom of expression and pacifism. His donations signal a choice for peace and prosperity.

Because these rights protect us all, especially the marginalized people who have less power in the society, philanthropists like Soros have changed thousands of lives because of the funding support that he is continually providing to institutions.

George Soros has also given more than $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations, which, if you don’t know, were created by the billionaire himself. These organizations use the funding of George Soros and any other institution or individual that wants to help, and provides assistance to those in need of financial back-up. This includes poverty, hunger, and even political abuse. He also actively promotes organizations that seek to hold abusive government officials accountable for their wrongdoings and the promotion of the rule of law.

Now, some of you might ask, why is George Soros spending billions for this? It is because he understands the feelings of the marginalized, for he himself experienced government abuse in the past, having been born to a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930. George himself and his family have been victims of Nazi oppression. It took a troublesome childhood experience to form one of the kindest philanthropists alive today.

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Chris Burch

This article is all about fashion mogul Chris Burch and important work he recently completed. Then general information will be given about him. Burch originally founded and cofounded many internationally known retail brands. Now Burch decided to put his entrepreneurial life into a new direction, hospitality.

Burch alongside James McBride a hotelier, bought very special pieces of property. In 2012, It was a beach hostel on Sumba an Indonesian Island. Together they spent $30 million working on the hostel project. It later reopened as a five-star resort by the name of Nihiwatu in 2015. In 2016 “Travel + Leisure” voted it the best hotel in the world. To read more, check

It was told by the Wall Street Journal, that Burch divides his time between the Hamptons, Miami, and his Indonesia resort as well. Currently he has a total of twenty-seven private villas. That includes the private home of his entitled Raja Mendaka. Actually, his home has a main house along with four more villas. Every villa even come with its own private plunge pool.

Nihiwatu has ended up being the biggest local employer on the whole island. Also, a part of the profits gained from the hotel are given as well to the Sumba Foundation. It is an organization which funds projects to assist the local community. Another cool thing is Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home is opened up to guests as well. Related article on

Now some general information about Chris Burch. Christopher J. Burch is both the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The investment philosophy of the company is also an expression as well. The expression displays the entrepreneurial vision and values of Burch for things like creativity, imagination application, support and scale, and new market opportunities. This all lead up to disruptive businesses and brands which have a lasting, positive, and direct impact on the lives of consumers. Refer to for additional article.

A must-read article here.

Burch has been an entrepreneur and an investor for almost forty years. In those many years, he has participated in the increase of over fifty companies. Burch has also greatly expanded his brand portfolio. For example, has recently introduced many new introductions of companies like Poppin, TRADEMARK, an Cocoon9. It was added to brands that Burch previously embraced, like Jawbone, Voss Water, and Faena Hotel + Universe. The company is now helping in the development of many consumer and lifestyle products. These products range from apparel and retail.

To learn more about his diversified investment portfolio, visit