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IAP Worldwide provides humanitarian help to Hurricane Mathew victims

IAP Worldwide Services is a reputable organization seeking to expand its personnel. There are many career options for people that want to work with IAP. The latest positions in the company include fields of Electronic Tech, HVAC Technician, Pest Control and Assistant Project Coordinator in Finance. The IAP Worldwide Services community provides assistance to technical and professional concerns through its main website. The organization has a high value and pride in support. Other groups where one can find job opportunities include the air traffic tower controller, administrative assistant, and a program finance analyst.

Kaye Scholer was a legal representative and a finance representative of IAP Worldwide Services during its time of economic hardship. IAP initially had $354 million in debt to primary lien lenders. Another amount of $125 million was indebted by secondary lien lenders. Kaye Scholer played a huge role in the restructuring of IAP Worldwide. The restructuring include an exchange of 80% of the existing lien liability for a new equity of IAP.

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IAP’s response to Hurricane Mathew

IAP Worldwide Services’ first services deals with provision of both aerial and ground support to contracted humanitarian agencies. The company avails its services for humanitarian aid and the general community for emergencies. Above all, the company strives for deployment of experts with restoration of power as provision of urgency power backup in disaster-stricken locations.

After the occurrence of Hurricane Mathew, IAP was charged with the sole responsibility of provision of emergency power, evacuation services and communication systems. The company played a huge role in the evacuation of Cape Canaveral and activation of emergency operations in Panama.

A few days after the storm, IAP deployed power experts to rehabilitate and activate thousands of emergency power generators. The company operated and maintained its generators on behalf of its clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. The coordinated and prompt emergency response by the firm has created a big name for the enterprise. Security organs and other agencies within the country have enabled the trusted the company for their reliable services.


IAP Worldwide Services has shown a tremendous commitment to provide reliable and sound solutions to its vast clientele. The company strives to avail excellent services irrespective of the compound challenges. Throughout its years of operation, IAP has built a strong customer relationship and has retained its clients as its most valuable asset. IAP has invested in is staff through motivating them to serve in the best of their ability. The firm has always shown an excellence in leadership and standards of operations. No wonder it is among the best players in its technology niche.

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