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Whitney Wolfe Leads The Pack In A STEM Field

Whitney Wolfe Herd is something of a rarity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics field. She is also an anomaly when it comes to the world of corporate executives. Unlike all of her male colleagues, she is female. Crunchbase, a database maintained by TechCrunch lists her as the chief executive officer of Bumble.

Bumble is one of the many mobile apps that allows people to connect with romantic partners or find new friends. Wolfe formed her company to be a social network, but she wanted it to be a social network that makes a difference. While the app is operated by a for-profit company, it helps people connect people who have a passion for promoting equality, kindness, empowerment and accountability.

Despite the company being its own social network, Whitney Wolfe makes sure her company is represented on other social media sites. Users can follow the Bumble account on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Crunchbase does not indicate that the company has an Instagram account. Bumble started out as a dating app before expanding to its current format.

Wolfe started her career by studying at Southern Methodist University. While studying at SMU she earned a bachelor of arts in International Relations. Wolfe has other goals besides promoting her social media site. She wants to create workplaces where women can thrive. USA Today interviewed her in April 2018. The interview lays out how she built her workplace to be a site that is welcoming to people from diverse groups.

CEO Wolfe’s app has brought her to the attention of the tech world. Although she acknowledges she started in the right place to begin her career, she also acknowledges the role hard work played into getting where she know finds herself. The journey continues for Wolfe, and she looks forward to seeing where it goes.

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A Wine Empire

Julia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson, who founded Jackson Family Wines. Her mother, Barbara Banks, worked in the company as well until Jess died in 2011. Barbara is now the chairman of the company. Julia remembers picking and sorting grapes when she was a little girl in 100 degree weather. She said that was her father’s way of showing her what hard work was. That was simply her life at that time. She has a non-profit organization called “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.” It is a program designed to celebrate strong women who have overcame life struggles and obstacles, at the same time inspiring others to do the same. She said her mother was the inspiration behind the program because she is such a strong role model for her.

Julia Jackson attended college in France. It was a great experience for her and opened up her eyes to the wine industry even more. Being in France, inspired her to become a bigger part of her family’s business. Julia Jackson stands by her belief that Cabernet is the best place for wine in Sonoma. Champ de Reves is one of the brands of wine that the Jackson Family Wines produces.

The Jackson family stands on providing quality wine to those willing to appreciate it.

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Helane Morrison is a Corporate World compliance enforcing officer

Helane Morrison is firm, sharp, hardworking and assertive when it comes to compliance. She insists that every business should be ethical and sold to customers. She is the type of person who maintains moral integrity throughout her business transactions. With the recent state of economic inflation, not everyone is ready to play by the rules like she does.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Morrison attained a journalism bachelor’s degree from the Northwestern University. She later served as the chief editor at the Berkeley California Law School University. At the University, she was the seasonal speaker about investment advisory legal and compliance matters.


Helane Morrison’s professional career


Helane currently serves as the Hall Capital Partners LLC Chief Compliance Officer. Before joining the Hall Capital, she served at the U.S. Exchange and Securities Commission. She was responsible for the commission of other examination and enforcement programs in Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. She was in charge of other several major enforcement actions that targeted fraudulent market investors.


During her tenure as the commission’s leader, the organization operations increased and served the Commission with great distinction. The commission has been able to tackle complicated projects as well as controlled securities firms.


Her operations also involved regulatory compliance, litigation matters and enforcement of securities in the five Northern States. She represented the commission in other government agencies, financial communities, business relations as well as other legal issues. She described fraud cases concerning capital like NextCard Inc, HBO, Google, and Hewlett-Packard. She also revealed massive corruption and false securities in American Amicable that gives insurance to military people.


Helane Morrison has inspected several corporate fraudulent cases


During her work tenure, she also investigated many transfer agents, broker-dealers, mutual funds, registered entities and investment advisers. Her reports led to extensive risk-targeted assessment examinations of the industry problems and trends.


She also investigated financial fraud cases against top senior managers of McKesson Corp, HBO and the Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. She also filed auditing cases against the former Young partner and Ernst for fraudulent audit work papers.


Morrison also investigated Arthur Andersen for improper and fraudulent professional conduct. Helane also investigated TD Waterhouse brokerage firm for its anonymous investment advisory payments. She also studied PaineWebber UBS, Inc due to its failure to supervise fraudulent clients.


Helane also practiced law at Rabkin and Falk, Canady, Howard, Rice, and Nemerovski. She was concerned with SEC matters, own securities defense, business lawsuits and other corporate investigations. Helane’s diligence, enthusiasm, and creativity continue to inspire current lawyers.