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Jeff Yastine: Predictive and Accurate

“Cash Flooding into Cyber Security” by Jeff Yastine is a great read for individuals who are just getting into financial stocks. Throughout the article, located on, Yastine discusses the bold new world of cybersecurity. The field of cybersecurity has been growing for several years. With the rise of technology, there is also a need for increased security. It appears you can’t go online without needing to give some type of verification of your identity, this leaves people feeling unsafe or uneasy. Stronger cybersecurity is an answer to that growing problem within the technology sector.  Follow Jeff Yastine on Twitter.

Yastine explains to novice investors why cybersecurity would be such a gold mine for them. Increasingly more venture capitalists are looking for opportunities within the cyber security market. In the year 2016 alone, money was poured into over 500 different companies. This is a sharp increase in previous years, an inflation of more than 17%. As previously stated, technology has become king in everyday life so finding a way to ensure security is naturally going to become the next big thing. It is a natural progression based on the current climate.

Many investors may feel as though they have missed the money train on this opportunity, but Jeff Yastine believes that this is only the beginning for the sector. Investors that failed to get into the market years ago will still find plentiful opportunities available to them. With new companies cropping up every single day and the increased number of cybersecurity professionals available to help expand the market, the growth is not predicted to slow anytime soon. Writer, Jeff Yastine, offers this advice in the hopes that his readers will use this opportunity to grab on to cybersecurity stocks while they continue to rise. Watch Jeff Yastine on youtube

Jeff Yastine is well suited for offering financial advice to his readers. In addition to his current role as an editorial director for Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine has worked several media positions within financial journalism. He is a graduate of the University of Florida where he obtained a degree in journalism, using that degree to become a reporter for a local news channel. He worked hard providing his viewers with pertinent financial information, eventually becoming one of the most watched financial personalities internationally. He now uses his financial prowess to help grow the portfolios of his readers through savvy financial decisions and a plethora of market knowledge. His readers will find that many of his writings are predictive and accurate.

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Sheldon Lavin’s contributions to OSI

Every company that does well does so because of its leadership. OSI group is a world leader in the production of value added foods. It started out as a small firm that supplies meat locally. At that time it was called OTTO and Sons. Today, OSI has strong presence in every continent in the world. This growth to become the world’s greatest is as a result of the leadership it has had. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI is proud of the steady growth the company has experienced over the years. OSI has been able to expand its presence across the globe as well as its product range as time goes by.

Having bought the Vision OSI has to provide the world with quality value added foods; Sheldon Lavin has lead the company to expand internationally. He has seen the company acquire Baho foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson food industries. This has enabled OSI to have better presence in the continents of the world and has enabled them to penetrate new markets. As a result of his efforts, OSI has a share in the food market in every content of the world.

Sheldon Lavin’s appointment as the CEO of OSI was not just because of his involvement in financing the company at the start, it as a result of his success in his career. He worked in the banking sector before owning his own consultancy firm. He has been known for his ability to lead companies to great heights and has done the same to OSI. Since joining the company as the CEO, he has made it his goal to take OSI to every country of the world. Currently, OSI has over 60 facilities in 16 countries. With the acquisitions they have made, they have been able to increase their product range and to provide food to markets initially thought as impossible. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Apart from leading the company to grow internationally, he has made it a point to have each facility set up to hire locally. His attempt to provide job opportunities in different countries of the world saw him be awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. His leadership has also seen OSI be recognized as one of the companies of the world that care about the environment enough to have environmental policies into its leadership divisions. This has seen the company grab one award after the other affirming them for the good work they are doing in keeping the environment clean and safe. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations
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Shiraz Boghani Proves A Success In Many Different Areas Of Business

     The rise of Shiraz Boghani as one of the leaders in the business world across the U.K. has seen the Chair of the Splendid Hospitality Group reach out and bring a range of companies under the development banner of his impressive business. Not only has Mr. Boghani managed to build an impressive chain of branded hotels reaching 20 different locations across the U.K. but he has also made a success of his venture in the nursing and rehabilitation industries through the 18 locations now served by his Sussex Healthcare group operating across the southern portion of Britain.

Sussex Healthcare is now one of the most respected health services providers in the U.K. with more than 500 beds available for patients in need of nursing home care or rehabilitative services. Shiraz Boghani has been involved in the running of Sussex Healthcare since he joined the group in 1985 and now acts as the Co-Chair of the group, the second company he works as the Chair of in the 21st-century; Boghani also works as the Chair of the Splendid Hospitality Group which has been growing at a fast rate across the last two decades after Boghani himself made the decision to develop a chain of hotels offering limited services for the first time in the U.K. The Splendid Hospitality Group has now expanded its range of range of hotels to include two five-star hotels offering a new level of luxury for the company.

Despite the many successes he has achieved as a business leader, Shiraz Boghani has also looked to use his personal success to bring a better standard of life to millions of people across the planet. In the U.K, Boghani has become one of the leading figures in his own Ismaili community and fights to enhance the reputation of the group on a national scale. The Kenyan-born business leader is also a popular figure with the Aga Khan Foundation for which he has worked to build higher levels of literacy to children throughout the world.

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American Institute of Architects : 90,000 Members Strong And Growing

     The AIA, American Institute of Architects, is an organization formed with architects that provide support to the trade by coordinate community outreach, continuing education, professional development, and government advocacy. The American Institute of Architects also works with traditional construction and design contractors, and other industries that support their profession.

Membership has grown to more than 90,000. The Institute prides itself on having members that follow a strict code of ethics and adhere to servicing their clients with the highest possible professional standards.

The Chief Executive Officer is Robert Ivy. From the early 1980s through 1996 he was a principal at Dean and Dale an architectural firm based out of Jackson, Mississippi where he worked on innovation, technology, and cutting edge design and planning.

Ivy became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. Under his watchful eye, Architectural Record expanded to become a worldwide architectural resource. The American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence was given to Robert Ivy acknowledging his dedication to his field and remarkable achievements with the professional journal. Professional journals rarely receive this editor’s award.

Further along in his career in 2010, the Alpha Rho Chi, which is a fraternal organization that values the study of architecture along with architectural engineering and other related disciplines, named Ivy “ Master Architect”. Honoring him for his ability to clearly communicate the value of design, his colleagues unanimously voted for him. This positioned him as one of only seven who have received this vote. Robert Ivy is the sole architect that has ever been selected in the entire 21st century.

Currently, Ivy looks over the 90,000 plus AIA members. Membership has five tiers: architect members, licensed to practice architecture in the US; associate members, members who are not licensed architects but have earned degrees in architecture and assist licensed architects in professional manners or provide technical content; international associate, licensed outside of the US; emeritus members, having worked for at least 15 years concurrently in the field and now are over 65 and unable to work, and allied members, who work in related industries, such as community design, landscaping, and planning.

The American Institute of Architects, along with CEO, Robert Ivy, look forward to continued growth, community development, and contemporary education to further the advancement of the AIA and its members.

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People Become Refreshed And Renewed At The Mighty Fortress Church

The state of Minnesota is adorned with many beautiful churches and cathedrals. There are thousands of hoses of worship, and they range from historic and old, to simple forms of modern with great architecture. A few of the top twenty five most beautiful include The Church of St. Mary’s in New Trier. This church, built in 1909, is in the National Register of Historical Places. St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Waverly beautifully features a Gothic Revival architecture. The Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls, was built in 1903. It has a Tudor and Gothic architecture.

Another church that is appealing to the eye is the Church of St. Columba in St. Paul. Although it has a curious look, it features a round, concrete steeple, and is squared at the corners. Located inside of the Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, the Lakewood Memorial Chapel was built in 1910. It was modeled after a church in Istanbul, Turkey. Also in Minnesota is the Mighty Fortress International Church which is under the leadership of Bishop T. R. Williams.

Many people have asked what is unique about Might Fortress Church. The church offers an authentic style of worship service, and has relevant messages for modern living. There is a casual atmosphere at the church. They encourage people to literally come as you are for an enjoyable church experience. The Mighty Fortress Church  has become the key in building up the believer on a weekly basis. A worshiper can expect to receive the blessings of God, His inspiration, and a spiritual refreshment. The presence of God is brought into the sanctuary by the melodic voices of the choir, the praise team and the uplifting music of the band.

Everyone who goes to the Mighty Fortress International Church is encouraged to express their thankfulness to God in their very own way. To receive the life changing Word of God into the spirit is the main focus of the Mighty Fortress Church. They give practical Biblical principles every week for people to have victory in their christian living. The church wants to help you nurture your faith and lead a prosperous life.

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UKV PLC Is a Vintner That Makes Wonderful Wine

     UKV PLC is offering wine enthusiasts an opportunity to invest in a product that they may truly enjoy. It is an opportunity in which they may be capable of investing in a product that has been made specifically to provide them with excellence in taste, quality, and health/safety measures. Many companies that are offering similar products in the market today are unable to measure up to the standards UKV PLC is setting, as a number of their manufacturing processes are falling short of what UKV PLC is doing in their operations.

Just as companies strive to consistently better themselves, UKV PLC is not only one that strives to better itself, but also the entire market it functions in. They are striving to make their wine through innovative processes of fermentation while ensuring corrective measures of sanitation are conducted. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the sanitation processes a wine producing company strives to implement in its production processes is just as important as the production processes. The sanitation process assures a company’s customer base that they do not necessarily have to worry about becoming ill due to unwanted bacteria being in their product(s). Instead, they can simply rely on the company to provide them with the amount of sanitation that they need to arrive at a product that is safe to consume.

The fermentation process of the production process is one that is often overlooked by many people; however, it is one that should be held to great importance, as it enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they purchase a quality wine product that has been made properly. The wine’s alcohol content, flavor, and all other elements that makes it the product that it is mostly a derivation of the fermentation process. Please contact a customer service representative who may be able to guide you along the path of purchasing a tasty and pleasurable wine product.

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Honey Birdette Opening An Online Store For International Users

Honey Birdette was featured on The Industry London to release the information about the newest dedicated US based eCommerce site. This Australian lingerie Brand is planning on taking over the retail world from three stores to 40 by 2018. They want to expand and bring the brand to more cities and get more of their lingerie seen around the world. The company was founded back in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan, and she noticed that in the last 12 months there was a huge influx of sales and orders from the US. With this new platform, they are hoping to provide faster delivery, extended product range for American customers, and even easier returns.

They are striving to reach out to as many people across the globe because they know their products are some of the best and can capture what they represent. They are targeting the US for specifically new retail options and they have all the ambitions to increase their UK store count. They opened their first store right out of Australia in 2016 right in London’s Covent Garden. They expect to have about 10 more openings in the United Kingdom to be spread throughout Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, and several other places.

The brand has their prices for the premium label, and they are starting around £60 for bras £35 for briefs. Honey Birdette has a long list of great products, and it is showing with their new stores opening up across the different areas of the UK that they definitely are standing tall throughout the country and even across the globe. The online store will make it so much easier for anybody to get the chance to get their lingerie from no mater where they are at. When they launch, you can easily join in and buy their acclaimed products.

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The Life of an Investment Expert

Timothy Armour is the current Chairman at Capital Group where he also serves as the Principal Executive Officer and Director. Timothy is an equity portfolio manager and acts as the chairman of the Capital Group Companies. Timothy has been in the investment industry for many years. Timothy Armour has acquired extensive experience and skills. He acquired all this at Capital Group. Timothy joined Capital Group Companies, Inc. in 1983 when he participated in the Associate’s program. He formerly held the position of an equity investment analyst at the Capital Group whereby he worked with US service companies and telecommunications.

Timothy Armour owns a Bachelor’s degree in Economics which he got from Middlebury College. He has worked at Capital Group for more than 32 years and has been termed as a veteran of the company. Timothy Armour was elected by the firm’s Board of Directors to become the Chairman of the enterprise after the death of James Rothenberg. James is the former chairman of the company. Capital Group oversees over $1.25 trillion or clients. The majority is in Equity mutual funds. Timothy said that his priority would be to get the company’s clients better returns after assuming the new position of Capital Group’s Chairman.

Timothy Armour has been able to defend Capital Group’s track record of stock pickers. He is termed as a champion of active management and is a firm believer in teamwork. Timothy is one of the 8-member management committee at Capital Group that is involved with creating a leadership structure for the company. Timothy’s success as an investment expert has earned him a reputation. He is recognized all over the world. Timothy Armour gives his advice to investors about the proper investments. He advises investors on what they should do to ensure they get better returns.

Timothy Armour says that investors should not allow benchmark returns since there are much better alternatives out there. He says that active managers can outperform the market in the long run provided they keep low fees and do not stir up their portfolios. Timothy Armour encourages potential investors to study the companies they wish to invest in before investing. Timothy adds that it is important to have a qualified and reliable investment expert to walk you through the entire process. Timothy Armour is also known as Tim. He is committed to continuing the legacy left behind by the former chairman of Capital Group.

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Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning Sponsor Student

Introducing Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is a leader in HVAV services. The team at Goettl places a high priority on family. Goettl strives to provide each and every family with comfort and quality. Every customer is a top priority. Gus and Adam Goettl created this company in the year 1939. This is a superior business that had moved into Las Vegas Valley in the year 1968. Every customer can expect high quality service from experienced professionals. Ken Goodrich had bought the Arizona company in the year 2013. In 2016, he took much pride in the opening of a branch in his hometown. This was opened in Las Vegas. There is a business that has experienced some changes and moves. The exceptional service has always remained consistent and unchanged.

College Student Receives Funding
Thanks to the generosity of Goettl Air Conditioning and owner Ken Goodrich, a Nevada student has been sponsored for his upcoming career. Nick Hughes is the grateful student who has been given 1,000 dollars to assist him with his career goals. He is an individual who was undecided on what he wanted to pursue after he had left the Navy. This occurred three years ago when he transitioned into civilian life. The 1,000 dollars is an award that will enable him to pick 1,000 dollars of tools. This will be very helpful in his next step toward his career. Nick will soon be graduating from a two-year program at the College of Southern Nevada. He will graduate from the air conditioning technology program.

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Gooettl Air is Ready to Manage Your HVAV Needs
You can count on Goettl to manage all of your HVAC needs. You can expect excellent service from qualified professions. They are up-to-date and ready provide prompt, friendly, and high quality service.

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Securus is making it Easier for Correctional Facilities to Contain Inmates

Securus is a communications company that specializes in providing equipment and technology to correctional facilities. The equipment that is installed in within correctional facilities at Securus gives prisoners the ability to speak fact-to-face with their friends and loved once. Video terminals are set up in various prisons that accepts this technology and inmates can see their loved ones or friends when they chat. 

You can download the Securus app on iTunes or find it on Google Play.

Correctional facilities all over the U.S. have implemented this latest trend in inmate communication technology. This equipment helps to cut down on long lines for the phone and it helps to keep order inside of the prison system. One of the biggest problems that prisoners have is being able to adjust to prison life. Life behind bars is not easy and though inmate phone calls are still a good substitute to human it becomes harder when a person cannot see their family or friends. Inmates with children suffer as well because they just cannot see their children as much as they need to. Securus communications technology helps to alleviate this problem. 

The newer communications systems allows inmates to use video kiosks to communicate with visitors as long as they have a mobile device. This mobile device can be smartphone, tablet or laptop. As long as the unit has the ability to make and to receive video calls then a person can contact an inmate behind bars. There is a fee to use this video visitation technology and a prisoner’s behavior must not have any problems that will stop them from losing their privileges. 

Securus has been conducting research to figure out how well their technology is doing. The organization discovered that their equipment is beneficial to most of the prison facilities where the equipment is installed. Securus technology save facilities money from having to use old and outdated communications equipment. This technology is also good at helping to keep order inside of prisons because many inmates want the ability to contact the outside world on a more frequent basis. 

Securus has been in business for many years providing communications equipment and solutions to criminal and law enforcement organizations. They implement high tech security hardware that is efficient, productive and cost effective. This organization is based out of Dallas, Texas and it is currently a leading company in the change for improved prisoner communications. More information about this organization and their efforts to change the communications systems within the correctional system is available from PRN News. 

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the Amazon product Securus for pain relief and anxiety nor is it a part of the website for agents, Securus America.