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The San Diego Restaurant Scene Has Gotten A Little Brighter Thanks To Financial Expert Brian Bonar

 Beautiful and enchanting San Diego has never been known for its exciting restaurant scene. There are other attractions that make this incredible Southern California city a hot vacation destination and one of the most sought after real estate markets in the United States. San Diego has always been overshadowed by upbeat and trendy Los Angeles. The restaurants in Los Angeles are one of the highlights of the sprawling metropolis that seems to get kinkier and more outlandish every year.

The recent drought hasn’t stopped new restaurants from popping up all over Southern California, and the laid-back town of Escondido is no exception. Financial entrepreneur and human resource and payroll expert Brian Bonar decided to make his mark in the fast-moving restaurant world by opening Bellamy’s, an American-inspired French Bistro.

Escondido is one of the retail and residential hubs that make San Diego so attractive. The town seems to be a page torn from the Andy Griffin Show script with an aging and suspicious police force, and shopping mall filled with teenagers hanging out just to be cool.

Foodies haven’t been part of the Escondido scene, but that is changing thanks to chef Patrick Ponsaty, the French chef Bonar wooed to Bellamy’s from Rancho Bernardo Inn. Bonar didn’t want to open another Mexican restaurant in Escondido. Brian Bonar wanted to bring a Master Chef of France to Escondido and change the face of dining in the town forever.

Brian Bonar, the Scottish entrepreneur, has been surprising people with his business sense for years. As the CEO of Trucept Inc., Bonar has helped financial institutions cut through the red tape and develop strategies that suit their business models.

Trucept offers human resource and payroll services as well as help sorting through regulations that can bog down financial businesses. Bonar invested in a 144-acre tract in Bandy Canyon. Brian Bonar plans to turn that area into a five-star event space and fine dining haven. The addition of Master Chef Ponsaty is one of the first steps in achieving that goal –

Bellamy’s with its Coppertone brown walls, jazz paintings, and plush seating has been labeled a model-home chic establishment where people can go and enjoy the essence of the French ambiance, and the incredible menu choices that have been artfully crafted from the Ponsaty’s book of fine dining. Bellamy’s menu is filled with French elegance.

Equilar reported that Brian Bonar wanted to bring San Diego’s restaurant image into the 21st century, and thanks to his bank account and his ability to identify what consumers, as well as businesses, need, Bellamy’s is just the beginning of a new culinary adventure in one of the best climates in North America. Mr. Bonar stepped out of his comfort zone and produced a culinary masterpiece when Bellamy’s opened.