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Venezuela’s Natural Gas production stays high

Venezuela has a rich history of providing the world with natural resources. Oil, natural gas, and minerals are all found in huge supply within this countries borders. Recently, European investors have become concerned that Venezuela may stop providing the continent with natural gas. There have been rumors of a shortage of natural gas throughout the country. Well, new reports out of Venezuela show that these rumors are probably unfounded.
Metor is Venezuela’s top methanol producers. Methanol is an extremely important natural gas explained Danilo Diaz Grandos, which is used for heating and for electricity throughout all of Europe. Metor recently released a report on their methanol production and it is great news. Metor has been closely monitoring production closely, and they have announced that they expect to have normal production levels for years to come. The country is rich in natural gas, and it has the production capacity necessary to keep up with demand.

The news out of Venezuela is great for Europeans across the continent. Europe is facing a warm summer and a cold winter, so there were severe concerns that the continent would be facing a shortage. Investors were bracing for a rough year as high energy prices would curtail growth throughout the continent. With this news out of Venezuela they can rest easier.

Venezuela is a major resource to the world says Danilo Diaz, and their natural gas will keep the earth warm for years to come. Europe can rest easy.