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Market America Helps People Make the Transition to the Mobile Workforce

The world is going through a ton of changes each moment. As a matter of fact, the market is in the midst of another major change. People have found the change that the internet has brought to business and jobs was significant. However, there is another type of change that is coming. This change is enabling people to use their mobile devices to make money. Many people are using their mobile devices to generate income. With mobile phones and Chromebooks, people are having an easier time working with opportunities like Market America and selling products that are offered by the brands connected to the network.

One of the best things about this change is that it gives people the opportunity to explore and experience variety as they get their work done. One of the common occurrences that can happen with people is that they get tired of the environment they are working in. This is especially the case if they did not really like the environment to begin with. Even if they are working with Market America, they need the variety and freedom in order to thrive. Market America provides opportunities that help people live their exciting and varied lives.

As people share their lives and master their marketing through social media and other platforms designed to help people build a presence online, they are building the type of life they want. This is something that has been made possible with mobile technology. This wouldn’t be managed with stationary devices. People who have the patience and the diligence to set up this type of life are going to be the ones that will benefit the most from being a member of Market America. They can attract audiences with their lifestyles and other aspects of their life that they are willing to share.

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Learn Why Now Is A Great Time To Invest Your Money In Gold With Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a award winning entrepreneur and philanthropist that did a podcast on global finances with podcaster, Daniel Budzinski. Thousands of people turn to the stock market to invest when Pulier believes investing in gold can stabilize your financial outlook. Gold coins and billions never depreciate in value. In fact, gold acquired from the U.S. Reserve is government backed. This is also a great way to invest in your retirement, future, or portfolio. New financial investors can significantly increase their portfolio by investing in gold. His advice has caused his episode to be the most successful podcast on finances.

He is the hardworking founder of People Doing things. Pulier had a successful merger with Starbright World and now distributes technology around the world. Society thrives on technology and Eric Pulier wants to help businesses and individuals competitive in their field. He understands that technology is very important for individuals to function in the financial sector. His contributions include advanced technology to many investors and banking institutions. Pulier teaches his clients how to successfully invest their money and he teaches you about more than investing in stocks. He has helped thousands of people across the world and has many financial strategy solutions for struggling finances.

He gives back to the community by announcing his new social media website that allows chronically ill children to interact with other children suffering from a like illness. He believes that it’s very important to remained involved with social awareness issues and causes. He continues to be a major asset to his organization and colleagues by rebuilding the trust of investors.

Follow Eric on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all of his endeavors.

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Expand Your Social Circle With Skout

Skout, a social media app, has become a widely used social networking app for people looking to find friends both locally and globally. However there are some features that pull its ratings down a bit as reported in Adweek. The Skout app is available on both iOS and Andriod platforms and can be accessed by using a Facebook profile or a regular email when registering. When creating a profile people customize it by putting in their sexual orientation and things there interested in so others can view them and find out of if they’ve got any common interests.

When you open the Skout app the main screen is a grid like layout full of Skout user profiles of people in your area. You simply tap on the profile in order to open it and get more information about the user including interests and any basic information. Like Facebook you can leave comments on their pictures but you can also sen virtual gifts or “wink” at them. There is an option to report or block people who are sending harassing messages or being inappropriate as well. You can add people to your favorites lists and see their news feed by clicking the left drawer of the icon which will display their statuses, pictures, and videos. “Shake to Chat” is a feature on the app where you can select it, shake your phone, and then a chat bubble with a random Skout user will appear.

While there are many good things about this app like the simple layout and all around good design there are a few factors that keep it below many other competitive social media apps. A lot of these activities, including their game “Buzz”, cost points which you can either purchase or earn by interacting with advertising companies by watching their promotional video. While the app is created well for its intention most of the complaints form users come from the point system where as other apps offer similar interactions for free. Skout currently sits at number 381 in the top free apps list and number 319 in top grossing.

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Laughter Helps People Make Friends On Skout

The potential to make friends on Skout is always high when you put a lot of effort into what you post on your profile. The Skout community consists of 180 different countries, so the type of people that you meet on Skout varies all of the time. You could easily use Skout’s new travel feature to meet someone in another country, which is great if you plan to visit this new country, or if you want to learn about other countries. People use Skout for a variety of reasons. People use it to make new friends, they use it to grow their social network, and they use Skout to form new relationships of all types. The possibilities for growing your social network are endless with Skout on your side.

Celebrating National Humor Month With The Skout Community

The Skout community is incredibly friendly, and friendship goes well with laughter. Most people don’t want to laugh alone, which is why having friends to laugh with is helpful. According to a survey that Skout just conducted for National Humor Month, of the 3,000 Skout users surveyed on the platform 75 percent of the users polled said that they think of themselves as being funny. There was also a correlation between users with more friends and the type of humor that the user enjoys engaging in. On Skout’s platform, it would appear that people who have a playful sense of humor are more likely to have more friends than those that have a dry sense of humor. The playful type of humor includes bathroom humor and practical joking activities.

The information here was originally published on PR Newswire, an online publication that comes out of San Fransisco. The publication put out this story on Skout just in time for the month of April, which is commonly known as National Humor Month. Skout celebrated National Potato Chip Day last month by donating money to a local food bank. The company enjoys engaging with their community in all types of ways.

In order to gauge whether laughter was impacting users on their platform, Skout even took a random survey of peoples’ profile pictures. They found that people with a profile picture that shows them laughing were more likely to have positive interactions on the Skout platform. To read the original article from PR Newswire about Skout and their research, click this link.