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Andy Wirth Beats the Odds, Survives Terrifying Skydiving Accident

If you think you’re having a bad day imagine yourself plummeting toward a set of powerlines while parachuting from a plane. There is little left you can do but brace yourself and hope that you don’t collide. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth on wsj suffered a devastating injury injury back in 2011 that nearly left the man for death. Instead of dying Wirth did the opposite: he rallied, made an incredible comeback, and is now living life at its fullest.

Andy Wirth recalls the springtime jump back in 2011 almost fondly, almost. He and his friend, Sean McCormick, would make routine jumps all over California when they got the chance. This jump was different, however. Dramatic wind conditions on altered Wirth’s landing course and he was blown off track and forced to come down in a vineyard, catching himself on a powerline and nearly severing his arm completely off in the process.

In danger of bleeding out and with no certain help on the way Andy Wirth turned his thoughts inward. Instead of panicking he began to sing ‘Just Breathe’ by Pearl Jam to offset potential shock so that he could think clearly. He planted a fist under his shoulder, plugging the brachial artery on that was leaky so much blood, and waited the 15 minutes for help to arrive.

Help did arrive and the CEO would then spend three months inside of a hospital and endure numerous surgeries. Amazingly Andy Wirth on was back to work at the end of that three month stay and his mindset was even more improved as a result. Now Andy Wirth is working closely with a group of Navy Seals as they take part in Lake Tahoe’s IRONMAN event every year. Wirth has used his tragedy and turned it into a building block from which to launch the rest of his life.