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Adam Milstein Is A Leading Businessman And Philanthropist

Jewish businessman and philanthropist Adam Milstein was born in the port city of Haifa, Israel. His father worked in the construction and real estate business while his mother took care of the home and kids. A few years after Adam Milstein‘s birth, his family moved to the suburb of Kiryat Motzkin, which is outside of Haifa. He grew up there alongside his two siblings.

After completing schooling, Adam Milstein was required to serve in the Israeli Defense Force. It just so happened that as he was completing his mandatory military service, that Israel was attacked by its neighbors in what was known as the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein served in the IDF alongside General Ariel Sharon, who would later come to be the Prime Minister of Israel and a great war hero.

After serving in the IDF, Adam Milstein went to study at the Technion in his hometown of Haifa. Mr. Milstein completed a program of study in economics and business there. He would marry his girlfriend, Gila Elgrably in 1974 and the couple and their kids would emigrate to the United States in 1981. The Milstein family settled down in the Los Angeles metro area and Mr. Milstein pursued a graduate degree in business. After completing his MBA at USC, Milstein worked as an independent real estate broker. He would eventually end up at Hager Pacific Properties which is a real estate management, development and investment firm. Mr. Milstein now serves as one of the managing directors at Hager Pacific Properties.

Having built up a successful career for himself, Adam Milstein was now focused on trying to give back to the community through philanthropy. In fact, Adam Milstein says that he spends almost 90% of his time on philanthropic efforts with the remaining 10% to work and other issues. The reason he spends so much time on philanthropy is because he does not consider it to be work. When you do something you enjoy it does not seem like work at all says Adam Milstein.

He is one of the founders of the Israeli American Council or the AIC. Mr. Milstein also created a foundation which endows Jewish non-profits and pro-Israel groups. Besides helping the Jewish community at home in the United States, Adam Milstein is a passionate advocate for Jews across the world and the Jewish state of Israel.

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Adam Milstein Is Leading a Revolution in Philanthropy and Jewish Advocacy

Adam Milstein is a household name because he is a prominent Israeli investor specializing in real estate. There is no doubt that Mr. Milstein has an impact on the real estate world thanks to his position as the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Pacific Properties has an impressive portfolio that consists of hundreds of properties with a value of more than $2 billion which the firm owns or manages across the nation. Although Adam Milstein’s professional achievements and pursuits in the world of real estate are commendable on their own, he has made a name for himself by being a recognizable and active philanthropist within the Jewish community. He has managed to do this by leveraging his considerable expertise in the areas of fundraising, consulting and partnership development to support pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish education, and Jewish continuity.

Adam Milstein’s Early Life, Education, and Introduction to Philanthropy

Through his words and deeds, it is clear that Israel is in Adam Milstein’s soul, his blood, and his heart. Born and brought up in Haifa, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served during the Yom Kippur War. After he graduated from the Technicon, he migrated to the United States in 1981 along with his wife and family and later joined the business school at the University of Southern California.

Adam established himself as one of the leading investment managers in Los Angeles. Adam along with his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They use the foundation to offer philanthropic and charitable services to a wide variety of organizations which work to improve U.S-Israeli relations and strengthen the Jewish people and the Israeli state.

Adam Milstein’s Commitment to Active Philanthropy

The Milstein family foundation offers support and mentorship to students all over the globe to help them strengthen their connection to Israel and stay in touch with their Jewish roots. By staying committed to what he terms as active philanthropy, the foundation and its staff are dedicated to not only providing financial support but also their time and expertise to all the programs, projects and organizations that the organization partners with for efficiency.

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A Wine Empire

Julia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson, who founded Jackson Family Wines. Her mother, Barbara Banks, worked in the company as well until Jess died in 2011. Barbara is now the chairman of the company. Julia remembers picking and sorting grapes when she was a little girl in 100 degree weather. She said that was her father’s way of showing her what hard work was. That was simply her life at that time. She has a non-profit organization called “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.” It is a program designed to celebrate strong women who have overcame life struggles and obstacles, at the same time inspiring others to do the same. She said her mother was the inspiration behind the program because she is such a strong role model for her.

Julia Jackson attended college in France. It was a great experience for her and opened up her eyes to the wine industry even more. Being in France, inspired her to become a bigger part of her family’s business. Julia Jackson stands by her belief that Cabernet is the best place for wine in Sonoma. Champ de Reves is one of the brands of wine that the Jackson Family Wines produces.

The Jackson family stands on providing quality wine to those willing to appreciate it.

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An Insightful Look at TOWN Residential as One of the Top Real Estate Brokerage Firm in New York

In the advent of increased real estate activity and transactions, many people prefer utilizing the services of brokerage firms for their real estate requirements. Primarily, this is because a wrong move in this industry or sector can lead to a considerable loss of investment, especially for a property buyer. As such, brokerage firms such as TOWN Residential serve the market as a major industry player that is devoted to luxury residential leasing, marketing and sales.

Inception and Status of TOWN Residential

Andrew Heiberger, the co-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TOWN, is the man credited for the establishment (in 2010) and growth of TOWN Residential to one of the main brokerage firms in the real estate landscape of New York. Further, TOWN residential leverages the expertise, experience and leadership abilities of its accomplished co-chairperson, Joseph Sitt of Thor Equities.

Though its operation approach is simple, it remains all-inclusive. Further, the firm dedicates a balanced portion of resources and value to rentals, sales and new development marketing in a bid to be a market leader in all the three disciplines.

TOWN leverages the ability of its unmatched team of representatives to provide world-class customer service, which has in turn accelerated the firm’s elevation to a premier luxury real estate player. Subsequently, most of its representatives and executives are frequently recognized mentioned on New York City luxury real estate.

Accomplishments of Town Residential and its Executive Team

Andrew Heiberger, the Chief Executive of Town Residential, is an alumnus of the University of Miami and University of Michigan where he graduated with a J.D. and B.A respectively. He is also a New York Licensed Real Estate Broker as well as attorney. Further, he boasts of a membership position in the Real Estate Board of New York.

As a testament to Heiberger’s deep-rooted expertise and experience in the real estate sector, he also serves as the founder of several other companies or entities such as Buttonwood Development, a real estate development firm in Manhattan, as well as Citi Habitats, a top residential brokerage in Manhattan. As an instrumental figure at TOWN residential, Andrew has helped his company create long-term vision and business strategy. Under his leadership TOWN Residential has garnered enormous recognition and honors such as being named as among the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City by Crain’s. In 2013, TOWN acquired Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm.

Since the executive team is a close-knit group consisting of members with praised expertise and in rentals, new development and luxury sales, TOWN is has achieved tremendous accomplishments such as expansion. Hence, it possesses more than 10 newly opened offices since its establishment in December 2010, which host a team of more than 570 licensed staff as well as representatives.

Charity Work

Town Residential also fulfills its role to the community by taking part in community social responsibility initiatives .This is mainly propelled by its culture, which highly values social awareness and action. Consequently, the Manhattan-based brokerage firm supports over 25 charitable organizations.