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Securus Technologies Cleaning Up the Prison System

One of the most dangerous parts of being a corrections officer is dealing with inmates who are using drugs. We have had instances where calm inmates with no history of violence will turn into out of control animals when they are on a certain drug. The more drugs inside the jail, the less safe every inmate, officer, and visitor will be. This is part of the reason me and my fellow officers are working hard each day to combat the flow of drugs into our facility.


One of the things we do every day is make sure we check every person who comes to visit the inmates. It doesn’t matter who they are, everyone has to be searched because the inmates have become very crafty at getting drugs. There have been many instances where an inmate will ask as elderly parent to bring prescription drugs to the jail to give them, and due to their age, assume they know better. The inmates can be quite convincing when they want something, making law-abiding citizens to do some crazy things to help out family or friends.


The day that Securus Technologies installed our modern telephone call monitoring system, we had a new ally in fight against drugs. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says all of his employees throughout this Dallas-based company are working tirelessly towards the objective of making the world safe. It wasn’t long after we were trained to use the LBS software that we discovered how true those words really were.


Right out of the gate, we picked up on a call from an inmate to his mother, telling her how to get prescription drugs through security. Now we have changed our search policy and even parents who should know better are thinking twice about risking their freedom.


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Securus Technologies – Leading Inmate Communications Systems

Securus Technologies is a prison based technology company located in Dallas, Texas. The company is an American for-profit telecommunications business that was founded in 1986. They have regional offices located in Carrollton, Allen, Texas and Atlanta. Currently, the company is responsible for the employment of 1,000 people and holds around 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities located throughout the United States. Securus is also responsible for serving approximately 2,200 Correctional Facilities throughout the United States and Cananda. Securus recently reported that they have invested more than $600 million related to technologies, patents and different acquisitions.


Securus Technologies have taken great consideration and excelled immensely in the phone communications world. They offer many different types of services that cater to the inmates and allow them to have the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones. The plans that they offer are some of the most advanced and affordable. Securus Technologies takes great pride in their honest, ethical services.


In the past, Securus has worked towards the introduction of a system that is set to control contraband cell phones. In 2016, their Managed Access Solutions system had received the stamp of approval in more than five of their facilities. In July 2016, Securus was proud to announce the partnership with Harris Corporation. Together, they formed “Cell Defender” technology to assist with their services offered. Securus Technologies is always working towards the next best technology so they can stay on top of the demands of the services. Wireless Containment Solution is one of the services they’ve come out with in 2017. It was developed to prevent contraband cell phones from having the ability to connect to different mobile networks. The executive staff at Securus Technologies is always evaluating their services and looking for the best ways to advance their technology and increase their services offered.



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Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the most recognized companies in the inmate industry in the United States. For the enterprise, they have delighted in their highest accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau. Therefore, they will continue to work through association and develop high-end capabilities in this business. The Better Business Bureau measured the accreditation and highest rating through what Securus Technologies prints and issues through the print and social media. For this reason, Securus Technologies denoted to set the best record of performance through their better business management as a company. In business, you must be accredited to perform better. For them, this accreditation by the Better Business Bureau came at the most opportune moment when they were experiencing the highest growth in their lives.


Securus Technologies is acknowledged as one of the most profitable companies serving the inmate industry. For all their business in the industry, it has always set a track record of performance and better business. As a matter of fact, Securus Technologies has never gone below their set capabilities in this part of the world. Therefore, setting a better trend in development and capacity is the best way of working for solutions and high-end stability measures.


Securus Technologies is also a leader in the provision of technology to foster the correction and monitoring department of the United States. They have also worked to ensure that their technology capability has assisted in the criminal and civil justice solutions to foster public safety and investigations in the country. According to Danny De Hoyos of Securus Technologies, the company has worked hard with the Better Business Bureau to develop their high-end solutions in their business. For this reason, the also adhered to the set accreditation criteria and proved to be worth of the highest certification by the better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas.



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Securus Technologies Refutes GTL Remarks

When GTL made comments of the negative type about Securus Technologies, they had no choice but to do something about it. The legal process takes a long time, and they wanted the public to know sooner just what they do, and how important it is. They wrote an article that corrected all the bad remarks, and they published it.


In it, they also extended an invitation to various people to visit their headquarters. This is so the people can see what they do up close, and ask questions about the latest technologies they are using to help in the public safety field. They want the people to know how much the facilities benefit from their efforts.


Securus Technologies is a company that is a leader in their industry. They take great pride in what they do for the civil and criminal justice system. Since they work with the government on a regular basis, they are in constant contact with inmates all over the country from various facilities. They deal with over one million of them a year. This is because they are experts at what they do. Every week, they develop newer and better ways to ensure the safety of public. When they say they want to make the world a safer place for all, they mean it. In every mission that they undertake, their excellence shows. They are in high demand all the time across the nation, and they are known for their accomplishments around the world.

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Securus Technologies Sets High Industry Standard Achieving BBC Accreditation

In May 2016,Securus Technologies, Inc. received the highest rating (A+) for Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation for their leading service of providing technology solutions for civil and criminal justice for public safety, corrections and monitoring.


For a company such as Securus Technologies, receiving accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a high achievement. In fact, it can be a life-line for the company to maintain their type of customer’s trust and loyalty.


Meeting the high standard of the BBB, which is completely voluntary, takes a lot of transparency and integrity of the company and its leadership. Evidenced by the statement of the company’s Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos, “We have worked hard with the Better Business Bureau in Texas to not only receive their highest rating (A+), but also receive formal accreditation in terms of what we say and issue in print…”


This great accomplishment was reached by Securus Technologies rising to the challenge to improve and enhance customer service to the estimated 25 million people they serve, and their families and friends. They created a 220 seat in-house domestic call center, which is the largest in the industry, giving them much more oversight and control of how customer service is managed. They’ve been very successful in maintaining an outstanding first call resolution rate of 99%. The changes proved to be an excellent investment in meeting the BBB standard, and the company’s representatives are now completely trained to those standards.


With servicing more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies and well over 1,200,000 inmates throughout North America, Securus Technologies has shown a firm commitment by focusing on their mission of “connecting what matters”. By continuing with this focus, the company has met its high expectations with achieving the BBB rating and by its continued dedication to the community at large.