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Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Defender Of Venezuelan Agriculture

Venezuelan agriculture is mourning, with the appointment of Juan Carlos Loyo as the new minister Of Agriculture and Lands, said the former president of Fedeagro, former president of FEDECAMARAS and now deputy, José Manuel González.

The union leader in the agricultural sector was consulted about the appointment of new head of the agricultural portfolio.

“The Loyo minister was one of the most incompetent, inefficient and grayer who has gone through that portfolio, He is tab for key Elias Jaua, I presume it was him who asked to be left there, who incidentally also failed twice as a minister, remember that Jaua was first, then Loyo and again Jaua and both have been a total failure, I think that at the time these characters were ministers is when the country has increased more imports as the production falls in the Venezuelan countryside, and especially where more expropriations were done, because no one has paid nothing, productive lands which then become wasteland fields, Jose  said.”

The consequences of this situation is that Guarico state, which he represents in the National Assembly, is one that has a 25% of unemployment, one of the highest rates of unemployment that ever had Guarico state.

“Meanwhile What has been strengthened are imports, generating jobs in other countries, while in states such as Guárico, Portuguesa, Cojedes and other agricultural entities, the unemployment has increaded, more poverty and more crime. I think it’s a joke, and Venezuelan agriculture has to mourn with the appointment of Juan Carlos Loyo and do not think anything good come to the Venezuelan countryside, but quite the opposite” said Deputy González.

He said that the designation of Loyo generates discouragement within the Venezuelan countryside and is far from encouraging investment, so there will be expectations about how we will behave and what lies ahead.

“I think they come for everythingh, but thet will find us up front, we will not allow them to continue stealing from the country and continue stealing lands of Venezuelans. And as for me personally, José Manuel González, they have to kill me to take my farm away from me, and that is the position of many people” he said.

Jose Manuel Gonzales is a Venezuelan businessman born in the town of Las Mercedes del Llano, a descendant of the painter Martín Tovar . Jose Manuel Gonzalez Tovar, is an agricultural engineer, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. He was president of FEDENAGA (National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela). President of FEDECAMARAS, period 2007/2009. In 2010 he was elected deputy to the National Assembly by the Guárico state.