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George Soros’ Story and His Fight For the Marginalized

George Soros is not a man that most people are not aware of. He is continually appearing in the spotlight of the media, be it political, talking about business, or media regarding investments and finances. George Soros has grown quite a reputation as one of the best investors alive, rivaling people like Warren Buffett. He is known for the nickname “the man who broke the bank of England” regarding his first ultra-successful investments when he was still living in the UK.

George Soros is like the ‘boogeyman’ for a lot of people in the far right, if not all of them. There are a lot of misconceptions and fake news about George Soros, bordering on the absurd, as you might expect when you consider he is one of the wealthiest people alive today. Examples include how he is one of the billionaires forming the ‘shadow government’ that genuinely controls American presidents like puppets on strings, and like how George wants to make the whole world gayer so that we will all be more submissive to what he wants. All of these claims, of course, are absurd, and you must only look at the facts to understand the real meaning behind his actions and decisions.

What really made the people from the far right invent absurd stories about George Soros began when he started using his money and influence to fund groups that advocate for civil and human rights. George Soros has, throughout his career as an investor and business developer, freely given more than $12 billion from his own pocket to empower these groups who fight for these most basic but also most essential rights. As a child who grew in a Jewish family and experienced in his skin the censure of Nazism, George Soros is a big sympathizer of freedom of expression and pacifism. His donations signal a choice for peace and prosperity.

Because these rights protect us all, especially the marginalized people who have less power in the society, philanthropists like Soros have changed thousands of lives because of the funding support that he is continually providing to institutions.

George Soros has also given more than $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations, which, if you don’t know, were created by the billionaire himself. These organizations use the funding of George Soros and any other institution or individual that wants to help, and provides assistance to those in need of financial back-up. This includes poverty, hunger, and even political abuse. He also actively promotes organizations that seek to hold abusive government officials accountable for their wrongdoings and the promotion of the rule of law.

Now, some of you might ask, why is George Soros spending billions for this? It is because he understands the feelings of the marginalized, for he himself experienced government abuse in the past, having been born to a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930. George himself and his family have been victims of Nazi oppression. It took a troublesome childhood experience to form one of the kindest philanthropists alive today.

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Matthew Autterson: A Great Achiever and Philanthropist

Mr. Matthew Autterson studied in one of the best universities, namely the University of Michigan where he graduated in the year 1980 with Bachelor of Arts in finance. Mr. Matthew Autterson enrolled for a program at the University of Denver Graduate Tax for further his studies. Mathew Autterson started his first career at Trust Corporation which was a company owned by Fiserv. In the year 1982, he left the company and became part of a team that was expected to charter a new state of the United States of America. The team had an agreement with a trust company which was under control of a company that provides economic services in New York. Matthew Autterson is considered to be one of the prosperous businessman based at Denver. Mr. Matthew Autterson is an experienced person in accounting, investment, and financial services for over 20 years.

Fiserv from AIG had gained possession of the Trust Resource Company that he worked for. Matthew Autterson contribution was seen in the company where it had more than $1b in deposit and $20b in custodial assets. Matthew Autterson was a hardworking and intelligent man which enabled him to be selected as the president of a large state charted financial institutions. In FAB, Matthew Autterson served as a member of the board. He is also a front runner at Colorado’s business center as well as the CEO of CNS Bioscience which was founded in the year 2013 by Scott Falci.

Mr Matthew Autterson is a respected philanthropist in several initiatives such as the serving at the Denver Zoological foundation board, the Webb-waring initiative, and the Denver zoo. He is also the chairman of board of directors at Denver Hospice which was represented by FAB. Matthew Autterson was in very many recognized organizations because of his reputation. He is also a former member of young Presidents organizations and world Presidents organization. Mr. Matthew Autterson educational background is believed to have played a role in his career. Under Matthew’s Autterson leadership, the companies he has worked in has come in handy for both staffs and clients. He is a leader that many have followed his ways of life and he mentors those with dreams to achieve greater things like him in life.