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Why Beneful is Beneficial to Dogs and Cats

Pet owners know that pet food products are important for their cats and dogs. Without these food items they would have a hard time feeding their furry little friends. One way that pet owners is ensuring that their cats and dogs are getting their daily nutrition is by providing them with Beneful pet products. Beneful pet products are loaded with different types of ingredients that turns dog food into gourmet meals for pets.
Why does Beneful add vegetables to their food brands?

Beneful adds ingredient such as vegetables to help boost your pet’s health. You already know that vegetables contain many beneficial ingredients for living animals and even dogs and cats can benefit from eating these items. Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and peas are found in different Beneful mixtures. The provide essential vitamins such as vitamin C, E and A. All of these elements can help dogs to see better, to become more alert and to improve their coats.

Does fruit really make a difference?

Beneful puts fruits into some of their products. You might wonder if this is a good idea since these products are for cats and dogs. The short answer is yes. Why? Because a small amount of fruit like apples can help a dog’s or cat’s meal to taste better and it will improve their health.

Beneful does not Forget about the Meat

While vegetables and fruits are beneficial tot he body, Beneful does not skimp on the meat. Let’s face it. Dog and cats are meat eaters by nature. They have always been this way and putting a four legged pet on a vegetarian diet is not recommended. Dogs like to eat hearty meats such as beef and chicken. Beneful provides these types of meat sources. Cats love fish and Beneful includes these ingredients in some of their pet food products. The bottom line is that products contain the right additives to useful for a pet’s body and health. Beneful products are available online on

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