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Alex Pall of Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is a member of Chainsmokers band. It is a band formed by Andrew Taggart and Alex where their manager is Adam. When they met, the started doing music. Andrew used to be a producer while Pall was DJ in New York City. It was an interview after the duos had released a song with Halsey. The song track was being called “Closer.”

Alex pall talked about the way they started working together with Andrew Taggart. He said that he grew up knowing to DJ. That was what he loved and was his hobby. He used to work in the city of New York and his career was going by little. He did it as a side work he had passion doing. He did it more like a fun thing that what he could say was a job. When he went to an art gallery, what he realized is that dance music was consuming his life so all he wanted is a proper shot to try. After his manager introduced him to Drew, they started working together and he left his job.

They knew that music was what will work out for them .this is after they brought everything on the table and had a talk about it. They loved music and they wanted to grow musically. When they all realized that they were ambitious and music driven, they badly needed to give a trial. The thing they did most was observing what was happening between them so that they could know what was working for them or not.

When they kept working together, they started being together always so that they could create an identity as artists, this was because the music was their job which was to pay their bills and more than that. People had started relating their music in deep ways and that made them happy, so they had to work hard so that they could have more rating. Being together was a self-discovery journey. The chainsmokers have become something great that even they could have never imagined. They have been trying to create new things so that they could stay interesting and engaging in the music industry, and their fans will be happy.

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Clay Hutson is the invisible hand of success behind our generations concerts

The key to success for any music tour is having the right manager on your side, and for countless artists, one tour manager has been a staple in the industry for tours of all sizes. that manager, Clayton Hutson has brought success for many musicians for several decades.


Aaron Lewis, the frontman of Stained, he relied upon the knowledge and expertise of Clay to guarantee that every stop in the tour went as smoothly as possible. Further, the Aaron depended on Hutson’s engineering and sound expertise to make sure the entire performance was top of the line.

The Aaron Lewis tour was the first tour to use the SD11 console, the first console of its kind. Clay brought the SD11 due to his complex knowledge of musical mixing and engineering and the equipment proved to be of great success. The console was the first of its kind to go out on the road and was a great success. This is just one of the many examples of intuition and experience Clay Hutson brings to all of his clients


Not only has he worked as a tour manager, Clay Hutson is an expert live sound engineer. He has experience working with top name artists across the board and helped organize many of the most notable shows of the past 30+ years. Clay Hutson’s has extensive knowledge of design, production, stage and logistics management, rigging, monitor engineering in addition to producing live shows.


Clay owns and operates his own live event production company which has worked with numerous musicians on a plenty of tours big and small, with all kinds of budgets. With a wide variety of services available, Hutson’s live event production company has been a go-to for many talented artists.


from the idea phase to the budgeting to the execution, Clay is involved in each aspect of the production process. As a tour and live event managing veteran, Clayton Hutson is very aware of the many hurdles that can suddenly develop and threaten to ruin any live production. And a tour manager always needs to invent a solution that not only pleases the artist but can be reasonably accomplished while sticking to the predetermined budget.


A couple notable shows Clay Hutson has under his belt include production for the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses in 2014 in which he provided production management, stage design and lighting design well as a show in the 2005 “Bleed Like Me” tour for the alternative rock band Garbage where he was monitor engineer. Learn more: