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Cassio Audi Enjoys Two Successful Careers

The career of Cassio Audi can be said to have been divided into very different parts, both of which have seen the investment specialist rise to the very top of the career pyramid he has chosen to climb. In the 21st-century, Cassio Audi has become known for the expert advice he provides for investors of all budget ranges as they set out to create a diverse and profitable portfolio; in the mid-1980s, Cassio Audi enjoyed an equally successful, if short lived career as a drummer and founder member of the Viper heavy metal band.

Cassio Audi began his career as a drummer by joining Viper as the band was formed by the Passarell brothers in Sao Paulo in 1985 with a mission to become as successful as their idols in the British heavy metal music scene. Although the members of Viper were all teenagers, the group shocked and amazed music critics with the skills and musicianship shown over the course of their early recordings; prior to the arrival of Viper as a major force in the Brazilian music industry the early tapes recorded by the band were popular in the bootleg marketplaces under the name, “The Killera Sword”.

Viper led the charge of a new era in heavy metal across the globe which began with the development of the Brazilian and wider South American heavy metal genre moving quickly away from the British influences of Viper in their early years. The 1987 release of debut album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” seemed to have secured the position of Cassio Audi and Viper as leaders in the global heavy metal genre, but both Cassio Audi and singer Andre Motas both returned to academic pursuits in 1989 as they looked for new careers bringing them similar levels of success to those achieved by the remaining members of Viper.

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Norka Luque Lives Out Her Dreams

Norka Luque has been able to follow her dreams and build a successful music career after years of preparing herself for the spotlight. She has become an entertainer that is moving up on the salsa, dance, urban and pop charts with singles that are positive and uplifting.

Her personality has given her the ability to blend into American culture and make a name for herself. She is beautiful and energetic, and these traits are giving her a lot of fans.

Many people are seeing her perform live and they are impressed with the performances that she has given. There are also other people that have been able to witness Norka Luque sing and dance in videos. All of this has allowed her to flourish in the last couple of months. She is currently working on an album with her producers for her fans. She is bound to have an impact on Latino music because she is very vibrant and her shows are always uplifting. People in Venezuela need this type of positive energy more than ever. She is the light on the heel for the darkness that has become the economy in Venezuela right now.

Norka was discovered by Emilio Estefan. His wife was a superstar that brought Latino music to the forefront in the eighties. She would become someone that was known for great pop hits so it is evident that her husband has the ability to bring this back into play with the talent that he has found in Norka.

She past become a real beacon of light for all of those that may be going through their own personal struggles. There is a lot of praise for her because she never gave up on her dreams. Even when Norka made a choice to go into culinary arts she always had her mind on singing.

Luque has lived in Venezuela, Europe and America. She has a sound that is able to break past cultural barriers because she has experienced many different cultures. She doesn’t want her music to have any type of limitations. That is why she continues to produce music that can possibly reach people of many different nationalities. She does not make music to divide people; Norka makes music and it brings people together. That is what Emilio saw in her, and that is what he wants to help her display to the rest of the world.