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Chainsmokers Duet Makeing History

Many artists gain great fame and fortune in today’s music industry. Maintaining that fame is what makes artist stand out among all the rest. Chainsmokers are one of those legendary artists. They maintain a spot on the top 100 billboard charts and even peaked to the number 1 stop on September 3, 2016. These musicians are well known for their deejay skills and for the chart hitting song; “Closer” with Halsey, that made its debut in 2016.

The Chainsmokers group consist of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Both guys were already involved in the music industry. Alex Pall was a DJ at night and worked in an art gallery to supplement income. Drew Taggart was a college student at the University of Syracuse studying music. Drew was also a songwriter and music producer. When Drew graduated, he was introduced to Alex, by Alex’s manager, Adam Alpert. The two hit it off and the collaboration was the beginning of an amazing journey to a musical partnership.

Now making great music and travelling the world on tour with sell out concerts, the artist also finds a way to give back and help others along the way. They also make stunning music videos and collaborate with newer artist as well. Coincidentally, the Chainsmokers just released a new song called “Side Effects” along with its music video featuring Riverdale’s actress, Camilla Mendes and singer/songwriter, Miss Emily Warren. This is noted as Chainsmokers 5th song of 2018 and it is looking to top the charts. The very creative music video shares the story about a hotel worker, who must work through the weekend instead of getting off, and it turns into an unexpected dance party as she rips off her uniform, almost saying in a way, “I quit!”. With the sexy neon-light effect, this video deems appealing to the sexes and adds a get-away flair to match.

Chainsmokers continues to be one the most creative and entertaining groups in the music industry. There is no question that they will remain spectacular and continue to bring us billboard charting music with amazing flavor and excitement.