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Dedicated & Personalized Banking

There are literally thousands of banks located across this great nation. Every time you turn on your television set, you’ll most definitely see some form of financial commercial. Institutions such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citibank and others seem dominate the scene from coast to coast. These are considered to be national banks, and they’ve been running the game for quite some time. As of today, regional banks have been receiving much of the attention even though they don’t physically span across the nation. NexBank Capital sits at the apex of the industry as it has become a regional powerhouse that can rival many of the larger national banks.

NexBank Capital specializes in mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. It provides services for middle-market companies, real estate investment firms as well as large corporate companies. Over the years this bank has been involved in many different business ventures such as helping to provide homes through Habitat For Humanity. It has also provided hundreds of thousands of dollars for affordable mortgage support. Thanks to President and CEO John Holt, this institution has grown dramatically over the past few years. NexBank has a client-focused approach with its customers and clients. This approach is personally tailored to fit each individuals/companies needs. The bank falls under the Texas Bankers Association as well, and it has provided funds for people whose family members have tragically died in unfortunate turn of events.

NexBank has a separate division, which can offer services to other areas of the country. This is known as NexBank SSB. NexBank SSB has helped to increase overall earnings through acquisitions. This notion rings true as NexBank has acquired College Savings Bank, which is in New Jersey. College savings has always been big with this financial center since 1987. NexBank is definitely raising the bar higher, and it is setting newer trends. Dedication and personalization is the NexBank way.