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U.S. Money Reserve Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief

The task of rebuilding southern Texas is well underway in the aftermath of historic Hurricane Harvey, and U.S.Money Reserve is one of the many companies that has organized an intensive campaign to help the affected communities. The region was the recipient of between 45 and 60 inches of rain from the stalled hurricane that produced the classic Texas flood. U.S. Money Reserve recently announced that they will be partnering with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to supply funding for general use by the local charitable organization. U.S. Money Reserve is headquartered in Austin, and company management officials understand the impact the massive storm has had on the entire region for businesses and communities alike. Learn more:,28.htm

U.S. Money Reserve has named the relief fund YouCaring and stated that all donations would be contributed to the Austin Disaster Relief Fund. U.S. Money Reserve will match contributions to the limit of $100,000. Funds donated to YouCaring will go to assist the ADRF in supplying immediate financial assistance, emergency housing, and transportation for all affected Texans in the locale. Resources for emotional and spiritual care are also included. U.S. Money Reserve recognized they could play a significant role in helping the community when they realized that several of their employees and valued customers had been affected by the storm as well.

U.S. Money Reserve is one the nation’s largest sellers of U.S. Government authorized gold, platinum, and silver coins. In addition to brokering these government-issued coins, they offer excellent market knowledge regarding the outlook for growth in the precious metals investment sector. While the company is headquartered in Austin, they also have satellite offices in both Beaumont and Lumberton. Those communities were also impacted by Hurricane Harvey as well as the remainder of Texas south of Austin.

In addition to contributing to disaster relief in the Austin area by partnering with ADRF, U.S. Money Reserve also maintains a significant charitable giving program that has donated to over 70 other philanthropic organizations. Many of those of financial assistance organizations are anchored locally in south Texas, but they also make contributions to other charitable organizations throughout central Texas. The leadership group at U.S. Money Reserve believes solidly in giving back to the communities that have helped make them a very successful precious metal trading company. Learn more:

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Martin Lustgarten is Making An Impact In The Investment Banking World

Investment banking is one of the most popular and well-known areas in the banking industry. The typical local bank does not provide the type of banking services that are offered by investment banks. While local banks focus on serving the needs of people and primarily small businesses in the local area, investment banks focus more on corporate clients that need banking services beyond what the typical local bank offers.


Investment banking also commonly called corporate banking is structured in a manner that fits well with the needs of corporations both large and small. In many corporations there is daily activity related to such matters as mergers and acquisitions, investment banking has core areas of its banking structure that provides a wide variety of services that focus on areas concerning mergers, acquisitions, and related areas.


In addition, investment banks have other core structural aspects that work well with corporations. One of these aspects is flexibility. Many corporations do not have rigid operational structures; these corporations have to adjust to changes quickly. This ability to adjust to change is needed with the banks that corporations work with on a regular basis. Concerning corporations, what is needed one day maybe totally different the next day. Investment banks are able to handle the constant change that occurs within corporations, which makes investment banks very appealing to many corporations.


Within investment banks, there are a variety of key positions. One of the most important positions is the investment banker. The responsibilities of investment bankers are varied and numerous, but the success of any investment bank is largely dependent on the performance of the investment bankers within the banks. These investment bankers are largely responsible for the quality and number of clients that investment banks can acquire.


In the investment banking world, an investment banker that has proven his ability to acquire clients is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking firm. Martin Lustgarten has an impressive list of corporate clients.
He provides a variety of investment banking services for his clients. The services include assistance with securing funds, advice on mergers, and corporate financial advice. In addition, Martin Lustgarten offers a unique approach to investment banking. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s been listening to lately.