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I Made The Switch From Sprint To FreedomPop

As a former customer of one of the best phone companies out there, the Sprint network, I didn’t think that it made sense to go to any other phone company. The only reason why I ultimately made the switch to FreedomPop is because I wanted lower prices, which I wouldn’t be able to get with the services that I wanted from Sprint. FreedomPop uses the Sprint towers for service, so I would be able to use my Sprint phone and still be able to receive the same exact services but at lower prices. Unfortunately, Sprint has lost me as a customer because I needed lower prices that they were not offering.

I had thought about going to other companies like T-Mobile and AT&T, but their prices as well as the service reliability were also an issue. A FreedomPop review showed that they could give me everything that I need, which is reliability, low prices, great service, and there are other perks as well. I have joined the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, which only costs me five dollars each month that I use the service. Since I can easily afford five dollars every month on top of my phone bill, I connect to many different Wi-Fi hotspots when I need extra data.

Even though I get the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop on my cell phone through an application, I’m able to tether the Wi-Fi to my laptop or other devices. I’m never in need of 4G LTE Internet service because it’s always on my phone as long as I have access to Wi-Fi service. The phone plan that I chose was the unlimited plan for $19.99, which is a whopping $80 savings off of what I used to pay to Sprint every month. It’s hard for me to understand how I can get the same Sprint service but underneath a different company name with a much lower price.

FreedomPop also offers me unlimited 3G data, which kicks in after my 4G LTE data is completely depleted. I still get 1 GB of 4G LTE data every month that I pay for my unlimited cell phone plan, and I also use the Wi-Fi hotspots if I ever need the additional 4G LTE data for any reason. FreedomPop has made it incredibly easy for me to enjoy their cell phone service, which makes me continuously want to be a customer as well as to bring other people to their company for service.

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FreedomPop’s Collaboration With WhatsApp Is A Sign Of Things To Come

FreedomPop has established it reputation as a mobile virtual network operator that offers SIM Cards with free mobile service plans. Recently the company announced the next step in reaching its goals will be allowing access to WhatsApp. The messaging app will be free to use, regardless of the user’s data allowance. Initially this service will only be available in Spain, where the company is launching during the next few months.

FreedomPop has built its company around offering free talk time, text messages, and data to attract people who need more than the basic bundled allowance. Founded in California, FreedomPop has operated largely in America, but has spread to the United Kingdom and has now reached its third market in Spain.

WhatsApp has over a billion users, however the app was the target of controversy when India expressed opposition to free access to WhatsApp, citing net neutrality. The European Union said that it would allow national regulators to decide on the issue.

WhatsApp has been seeking partnerships with mobile operators for a while, however its unknown in the European markets. FreedomPop wants to make clear that they have not partnered with Facebook or WhatsApp. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols points out that FreedomPop found a way to naturally use WhatsApp without having Facebook promote it.

FreedomPop’s sales pitch is based around the fact that they can offer customers a package of free minutes, data, and texts, hoping to convince people to become paying customers. However, with the launch of the free WhatsApp, some people are interested to see if FreedomPop’s strategy will change.

FreedomPop offers its services in 31 different countries. They are putting more emphasis on expanding globally. FreedomPop is looking at collaborating with existing mobile carriers or using unique models to enter new markets.

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The secret sauce to monetizing a free data platform? FreedomPop international president says they have it.

Nicholas Constantinopoulos, president of FreedomPop International says they have “proven that they have found the secret sauce” to success.

Speaking to Mobile World Live the Freedompop president says operators were suspicious of a free data platform two years ago when they launched. However, after seeing the numbers,those MNO’s have had a change of heart.

US markets are at a near 50 percent conversion rate and in the UK above 40 percent. Freedompop boasts converting roughly one out of two users into customers of products offered on their platform.

Because of those high conversions, Freedompop has been able to raise 80 million dollars from in the last 6 months, teaming up with investors who are mutually interested in a Freedompop expansion.

Constantinopoulos concedes they are primarily focused on those developing markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He concluded that the key to the success of the MVNO was their crack marketing team, which has been able to target the data of end users and convert it to meet the proper demands.

Now, MNO’s that may have once been suspicious of the platform are reaching out to Freedompop in an attempt to reach those markets. Previous attempts by the bigger operators rendered results of only 10 percent conversion, according to Constantinopoulos.

Constantinopoulos says now Freedompop is looking forward to teaming up with MNO’s to reach a standard and duplicate the high conversion using Freedompop’s “secret sauce ” formula for conversion.

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