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Sanjay Shah Rocks Autism With His New Charity

Autism Rocks is a charity organization that helps to raise money for research of autism and developing cures. They also help to disperse information about the condition, its secondary symptoms and how to cope with it. Sanjay Shah is the founder of the charity.

In recent developments Mr. Shah has chosen two new appointees to the board of trustees of the charity. These two individuals have extensive experience in both finance, advertising and the entertainment businesses. They were chosen because it is believed that they will offer new insight and innovative ways to help enhance the public presence of the charity.

The two new trustees are Pete and Will Best. They have known Mr Shah of Solo Capital for some years. Having attended college together they have formed a relationship of both respect and trust. Mr Shah has intimate knowledge of not only their educational backgrounds, but also with their work experience.

Will Best has much experience with the entertainment and advertising sectors. This will offer the chance to forge new relationships and expand the reach of the charity. He will be able to offer new insights as to how to get Autism Rocks to become a household name that everyone knows.

Pete Best has the bulk of his experience in the finance sector. He has worked as CEO of major corporations and will have the knowledge as to how to best manage and motivate the people in the charity. He will also be able to forecast ways to enhance earnings and bring more dollars to the research end of the charity.

Sanjay Shah is not a stranger to Autism. It was after his own son was diagnosed that he realized he did not know much about the condition. At a lunch with a major music star shortly thereafter he collaborated for a concert to raise money to help children with Autism. The concert was a success and the charity was soon born. Find Sanjay on Facebook to keep up with his news and events.