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Chris Burch: Slow down with Nihiwatu Resort

It’s well-known that many new businesses fail within the first five years of their creation, it is the sad fact of investments, supply, and demand. The key to running a successful business is understanding the landscape of your market and cultivating your business to survive in that landscape. People have ideas every single day that could turn into something amazing and expand on a global scale, but we as consumers do not see new things flooding the market. When it comes right down to it the ability to adapt to these landscapes is rooted in determination. The person has to have the motivation to back up their dreams. Successful investment tycoon and innovative entrepreneur, Chris Burch, is an individual who has proven that even small businesses have the potential to yield vast rewards (

Burch and his brother are the creators of Eagle’s Eye apparel company, a company whose roots started in the dorm rooms of Ithaca College in New York. The brothers started with only $2000 to their name and purchased a large amount of sweaters. They sold them throughout the campus to their classmates at a profit and the operation grew from there. Looking at the simple business, you would not think that just a few years later the brothers would be selling it to the tune of 60 million but that is exactly what happened.

Nowadays, Chris Burch has hung his hat on an investment that cultivates a different atmosphere than that of a fast-paced business world. He has spent 40 years in the industry and learned all of the tricks and trades that can make a successful entrepreneur. When he started the Nihiwatu Resort, located on Sumba Island in the country of Indonesia, he was looking for a different kind of investment. This resort represented a chance to slow down and take in the beauty of the natural Indonesian landscape.

It turns out that even when Chris Burch is slowing down he is not compromising on excellence. The Nihiwatu Resort has been selected as the number one hotel in the entire world by Travel + Leisure. Out of all the exceptional establishments located all around the world, Nihiwatu has been singled out as the go-to spot for anyone looking for the best. The rooms instantly transport guests to another world and the experiences they receive while there are truly unique. Anyone who visits the Nihiwatu Resort will be talking about it for years to come. Chris Burch is slowing down with Nihiwatu but he will never compromise quality.

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Chris Burch Hotel Continues to be Successful

For the past few decades, one of the best business owners and investors in the world has continued to be Chris Burch. The investor is best known for developing the Tory Burch company, which is well known for its full line of luxury shoes, purses, and other accessories that continue to be among the most popular products in the fashion industry. While the Tory Burch company is very successful and keeps him busy, Chris Burch continues to look for other areas to invest as well.  Additional article on

Today, Burch also looks to invest in companies that are breaking new ground in the technology industry. Chris Burch is fully aware of how important of a role tech will play in the coming decades and he is looking for companies that are trying to improve existing products to make the world a better and safer place. While he would like to make a profit, he is also concerned with finding companies and concepts that also have the ability to make a certain product or service safer and more accessible to the public.   Read this interesting interview on Burch, click on

While Chris Burch may be best known for his apparel and accessories companies and other investments, he is also a very successful real estate investor. Today, he is heavily focused on becoming a top-tier real estate and hotel developer that will provide customers with an amazing experience in some very exotic locations. In 2012, Chris Burch and his business partner bought a small local hotel in Sumba for a small price. Over the next few years, the company spent more than $30 million on renovations and improvements to the hotel. They ultimately opened the hotel in 2015 and called it Nihwatu.

Ever since Chris Burch and his partner Nihiwatu it has continued to receive great reviews. In 2016, the hotel was given a very high rating by several magazines and tourism critics. It was ultimately named the best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine during their annual survey.

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The new hotel built by Chris Burch is a very popular destination for people that are looking for an exotic getaway. It is located on one of the most exotic and quietest beaches in the world and also is full of plenty of onsite amenities. The hotel also is very green and was built with a variety of materials to ensure it was as conscious of the local environment as possible.

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