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How Chris Burch’s Company Burch Creative Capital Invests In Novelties

Chris Burch is a unique businessman who loves things not just for their value in money, but also for the art and creative thinking that’s gone into them. He’s the owner of Burch Creative Capital and a majority holder in several major hotel properties including Nihiwatu Resort, a place that rivals Sandals as one of the world’s top dream vacation places. What Burch emphasizes is being able to help entrepreneurs express their ideas and be able to visualize their dream companies working, and with access to solid funding Burch Creative Capital is able to execute the business. The creative companies that either are currently in the Burch portfolio or are alumni include C. Wonder, Next Jump, Cocoon9, Poppin office solutions and Powermat among others (

Prior to going into venture capital and real estate deals, Chris was a fashion company founder. His first apparel company was Eagle Eye Apparel which at one point was just a small sweater sales hobby he did while in college, but it grew to be as popular as companies like Abercrombie and JCPenney. Burch sold that company for millions of dollars later on and then started buying up new dot-com companies through the Internet Capital Group and investing in alternative funds through Guggenheim Partners (  His second fashion company launch was an idea that his then wife fashion model Tory Burch had gotten the idea for. The Tory Burch Fashion Company at one point was showcased by Oprah Winfrey and became a phenomena in Hollywood. Chris Burch later sold his shares in that company and used them to start Burch Creative Capital.

Chris Burch started getting serious about the hospitality industry when he joined Alan Faena to build one of Buenos Aires’s finest hotels, the Faena Hotel + Universe in 2004, and he later purchased a condo in Florida from that same company. Burch also started going into home flipping in the mid 2000s and turned a home in Southampton from $14 million to $25 million while also doing the same with several Massachusetts homes. Nihiwatu Resort became his biggest investment in 2013 when he and James McBride had beach houses and fine restaurants built there to make it one of the top-reviewed places on TripAdvisor. Check

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Nihiwatu is a award wining resort that had an interesting start

The Sumbanese people have a culture rich with spiritual devotion. They believe in the power of ritual, sacrifice, and gods. Unlike lots of other countries and cultures they use animals as a form of currency, not paper money.

They use the sighting of nyale sea worms to foretell of the year’s harvest, whether it will be good of bad. According to a well educated 29 year old Sumbanese man his family had two good years of harvest, thanks to the sea worms. Residents can tell by how the sea worms are interacting and how they are shaped what kind of harvest they will have that year. The 750,000 residents call their land tana humba and have passed down their beliefs from their ancestors. Pasola, a Sumbanese celebration is all about spilling blood on the ground. They hope with their offering that they will reap the rewards of a good harvest the coming year. One of the other festivities of Pasola are people that try to knock over each other with wooden jousts all while riding a horse.  Read more about this awesome investment on

In the 1980’s Petra and Claude Graves (dedicated surfer) came to the island and instantly fell in love with it. They knew that they would build their dream hotel there. They found it to be quite beautiful, serene, and pure. Building the resort was quite a feat. They hired locals, had no water or electricity, and were at least 6 hours from a clinic/medical facility. They both got malaria so many times, it was unreal. They almost died from it once. Decades later it is known as Nihiwatu, a beautiful and award winning hotel that caters to lovers of nature and wildlife.

Chris Burch has worked in a number of various fields including technology, real estate, and fashion. He truly is a serial entrepreneur who loves the next challenge. This very successful businessman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. They are a capital firm that takes a creative approach to helping up and coming business who are dedicated to not only their profits, but helping make a different in the world.  Read his views on business related matters, click on

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He resides in New York City and received his Business degree at Ithaca College in 1976. Chris spends his time on a number of boards and advisor roles. These include being an investor and advisor for Grability, and advisor for See The SEEN, and the co-founder of Poppin. Mr. Burch is also an investor for Chubbies Shorts and Nihiwatu. He is also the co-founder, along with his ex-wife of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand.  Hit on to know his latest cool offering to the market.

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