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An in Depth Look at Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a well known and quite successful businessman. Mr. Chenevert was CEO of United Technologies Corporation and he is now retired from the organization. United Technologies Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of aerospace systems as well as air craft engines. A small portion of the organization’s revenue does come from the government.

Due to Louis Chenevert‘s hard work, United Technologies experienced great growth and diversification during his tenure with the company. Mr. Chenevert possessed exceptional leadership qualities which served him quite well throughout his business career. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert also held a position as President with an organization called Pratt & Whitney which was headquartered in Canada.

Louis Chenevert graduated from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor of Science Degree within the field of Business & Production Management. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert graduated from the University with top honors.

Prior to becoming CEO of United Technologies, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert held a position as Chief Operating Officer of United Technologies. Before starting his career at United Technologies, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert spent over 10 years working for General Motors Corporation. During his tenure with General Motors Corporation, Mr. Chenevert held various upper level management positions with the company.

Mr. Chenevert once held a position with Goldman Sachs. In addition, throughout his successful business career Chenevert received numerous business recognition awards. In 2009, he received an “Honor Award” from the National Building Museum. In addition, Chenevert was named “Business person of the Year” by Aviation Week & Space Technology.

In 2011, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert returned to his former University to address the graduating class. For his participation and involvement with the 2011 graduating class Mr. Chenevert received an Honorary Doctorate.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert still holds a seat on the American Business Council and attends meetings and events on occasion. He spends his free time with his family and cultivating his hobbies.

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Adam Milstein Is Leading a Revolution in Philanthropy and Jewish Advocacy

Adam Milstein is a household name because he is a prominent Israeli investor specializing in real estate. There is no doubt that Mr. Milstein has an impact on the real estate world thanks to his position as the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Pacific Properties has an impressive portfolio that consists of hundreds of properties with a value of more than $2 billion which the firm owns or manages across the nation. Although Adam Milstein’s professional achievements and pursuits in the world of real estate are commendable on their own, he has made a name for himself by being a recognizable and active philanthropist within the Jewish community. He has managed to do this by leveraging his considerable expertise in the areas of fundraising, consulting and partnership development to support pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish education, and Jewish continuity.

Adam Milstein’s Early Life, Education, and Introduction to Philanthropy

Through his words and deeds, it is clear that Israel is in Adam Milstein’s soul, his blood, and his heart. Born and brought up in Haifa, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served during the Yom Kippur War. After he graduated from the Technicon, he migrated to the United States in 1981 along with his wife and family and later joined the business school at the University of Southern California.

Adam established himself as one of the leading investment managers in Los Angeles. Adam along with his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They use the foundation to offer philanthropic and charitable services to a wide variety of organizations which work to improve U.S-Israeli relations and strengthen the Jewish people and the Israeli state.

Adam Milstein’s Commitment to Active Philanthropy

The Milstein family foundation offers support and mentorship to students all over the globe to help them strengthen their connection to Israel and stay in touch with their Jewish roots. By staying committed to what he terms as active philanthropy, the foundation and its staff are dedicated to not only providing financial support but also their time and expertise to all the programs, projects and organizations that the organization partners with for efficiency.

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Chris Burch – An Innovative Entrepreneur

According to the article release on, Chris Burch has taken his entrepreneurship to the next level. Together with an hotelier, James McBride, Burch purchased a beach hostel along the Island of Indonesian. They spent more than 30 million dollars in converting the beach hostel into a five-star resort it is today. They named it Nihiwatu. It was voted the best resort in the world by the Leisure and Travel Magazine. As one of the best resorts in the world, Nihiwatu has become more than what is expected. It is a rare achievement because most of the business ventures do not normally give more than 70% of return.  Additional reading on

About Chris Burch

Mr. Burch is the Executive Director of Burch Creative Capital, a company he founded based on his entrepreneurial values. As an entrepreneur, Chris Burch based his business vision on the application of imagination, opportunities in new markets, incubation, creativity, and disruptive brands that have great impacts on the lives of consumers. With over 40 years in the investment and entrepreneurship world, Christopher has been involved in the development and success of over 50 companies. He has a good record in connecting innovation and intuitive understanding to create business impact.   Read insights and views from him, check this interview of him here.

The brand portfolio of Creative Capital includes TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin, and ED. The recent brands that were also embraced by Burch Creative Capital include Voss Water, Jawbone, and Faena Hotel + Universe. This implies that Burch’s firm is diverse with its investment. For a closer look at his diverse brand portfolio, click on

Currently, Burch Creative Capital is supporting the growth of consumer and lifestyle brands, which are ranging from home furnishing, retail, and apparel to organic foods, technology, and hospitality.

Mr. Chris Burch began his career as a junior entrepreneur while studying at the Ithaca College. Together with his brother, Bob, Chris Burch started the Eagle’s Eye Apparel. With hard work and commitment, Chris and Bob managed to convert Eagle’s Eye into a million dollar business.  However, they later sold it at $165 million. After selling Eagle’s Eye, Chris Burch invested in the Internet Capital Group, a company that is known for IPO and internet of space.  For an overview of his diverse investments and for timeline activity update, hit on this.

As a businessman, Burch relies on his ability to find the interconnection between implementation and innovation. In that case, most of the business innovations established by Burch revolve around the understanding of consumer behaviors. Apart from being a serial businessman, Chris Burch is also a philanthropist. He was involved with the HSSF (Henry Street Settlement Foundation) and Sumba Foundation. More to read on

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Richard Blair Provides Clients in Austin Texas with Sound Investment Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory service, believes that everyone needs a well-thought-out plan that will let them achieve their financial goals. He aims to arm the Austin, Texas community with sound financial advice to help them better manage their financial affairs.


Wealth Solutions follows a three pillar approach to help their clients reach financial prosperity.


Pillar 1 is where Wealth Solutions helps their clients build a roadmap to fit their financial needs, accounting for their strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities. By understanding more about the client, Wealth Solutions will be able to provide a better plan to help them obtain their financial goals.


Pillar 2 is the long term investment strategy that is tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Richard Blair manages the investments to maximize performance when the market is good and to reduce impact when the market is bad.


Pillar 3 is where Richard Blair meets with their insurance needs, including long-term care and life insurance and also annuities.


Richard Blair gets his passion for helping others from his family’s teaching background. His mother, grandmother, and wife were teachers so he got the chance to witness how education can help someone grow. Richard combined his love of education with his love of finances to help teach people how to better manage their financials, and invest wisely for the future.


After graduating from the University of Houston, Blair started Wealth Solutions in 1994 to help serve clients in Austin, Texas.His sole goal was to bring a positive change to the lives of families, individuals, and small businesses. His firm provides unbiased information with no conflicts of interest to better serve their clients. He has honed his knowledge to help his clients avoid common mistakes and get strategies for creating sound financial strategies to help them fulfill their dreams of a comfortable and healthy retirement. He reduces the gap between planning for retirement and living it. As a company containing only seven employees, Wealth Solutions is able to maintain a personal feel between itself and the clients it serves so everyone can get the personal attention they need.