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O’Keefe Shoots Blank Against George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

In a conspiracy mission, the conspirator must be smart to outdo the opponents. A slight mistake may reduce the hunter to be the hunted, and in this case, shamefully. This describes what turned out for conservative activist James O’Keefe in an attempt to infiltrate Open Society Foundation of George Soros. O’Keefe has been left badly exposed after details emerged that he was indeed playing poker in a voicemail to Dana Geraghty of Open Society Foundations. Unfortunately for him, he forgot to hang up the phone and engaged in a whole 10-minute discussion exposing his actual plan regarding the group.

In an article that first appeared in, O’Keefe, as evidenced in an audio recording comes out as an agent playing dirty-tricks operation against a noble Open Society Foundation. He identifies himself as “Victor Kesh” in the voicemail to Geraghty stating that he would like to get himself involved in the foundation mission. To further cement his place as a genuine collaborator, he explains that he is a Hungarian-American, same as for the founder of the foundation, Mr. George Soros.

O’Keefe, thinking that perhaps he had hanged up the call while he hadn’t, goes ahead to expose his dirty plans to an identified person. His scheme involves making similar multiple phone calls perhaps as a way to get in-roads to the foundation dynamics. In the ‘grand’ plan, Geraghty would be used as a point of entry through her LinkedIn page.

Geraghty found it a little chilling that this group of men would pin-point her as their point of entry. She considers their plan out of place technologically subsequently forwarding the voicemail to the foundation’s president Chris Stone. Stone simply downplays the scheme as worse than even the Watergate burglars. He sees the whole ordeal as laughable, but nevertheless, take note of the dirty-tricks operation in play against the foundation.

According to the Open Society Foundations’ website, the network was founded by George Soros, who currently sits as its chairman. The founding was motivated by Soros’ commitment to the idea of an open society in which rights are respected, and the government is kept in check. Since its founding, the Open Society Foundations has been able to establish the presence in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Despite the good cause that the foundation is engaged in, it has none-the-less come under insurmountable pressure to slow down especially from governments and people like O’Keefe who see it as a threat to their monopoly. The Russian government, for instance, finds it a threat to state security and Russian constitution mainly due to its push for anti-socialism.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He fled to England in 1947 to escape the communist-dominated country at the time. He studied at the London School of Economics and later settled in the United States where he established his prominence in investment fund organization. George Soros has authored over a dozen books and several articles and essays that have made appearances in major magazines and newspapers around the world.

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The Rise Of Bernie Sanders Explained By Thor Halvorssen

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has recently been making waves as the self described Democratic Socialist has seen his campaign find large levels of grass roots support as he fights to reach the White House. Despite the rise in interest in politics among young people and those who are unhappy with the way the political establishment has run the U.S. in recent years many are unsure about the use of the term socialism in U.s politics; Fox Business interviewed respected human rights activist Thor Halvorssen about both the benefits and problems socialism poses to a nation in the 21st century.

Halvorssen began his interview with a discussion on the definition of socialism, which the Oslo Freedom Forum founder revealed is difficult to pin down; one of the problems facing those seeking a basic understanding of socialism is the many different forms of the political ideology that can be found around the world. Thor Halvorssen explained that some nations have a long history of incorporating socialist ideals into their own democratic principles with great success at home and in foreign policy.

However, when questioned by “The Intelligence Report” host Trish Regan, Halvorssen revealed he had first hand experience of the dangers socialism can pose to the people of any area of the world. Halvorssen explained his home nation of Venezuela had been incorporating socialist principles into its government for a number of decades with high levels of success, but had recently seen the rise of extreme groups hiding behind the socialist principles many in Venezuela admire. The problems facing the people of Venezuela were revealed by Thor Halvorssen to include the issues of tyrannical leaders fighting to bar any opposition to their leadership. Thor Halvorssen’s own father faced imprisonment and torture in Venezuela after opposing the ruling government despite the fact he held diplomatic status within the country; Halvorssen backed Bernie Sanders campaign, but was also critical of the use of socialism by many within ruling governments around the world. Visit Thor’s Twitter page to keep up with news and other events.

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Thor Halvorssen Promotes Freedom with Human Rights Foundation

When Thor Halvorssen’s family came under attack by his own government in the 1990s, his education on the lack of basic human rights in many places in the world began. First his father was kidnapped in public by the violent forces of the Venezuelan dictatorial regime of the early 1990s. His father had been a an official ambassador and professional diplomat. He was illegally and without any due process detained in a secret prison. There he was tortured, beaten, and abused without any formal charges or access to any type of defense attorney.

While his family demanded information and his father’s release, powerful individuals came forward to help and human rights foundations threw in their support to try to get the man freed. Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights both fought hard for his release. All their efforts, together with the critical media attention outside the nation, eventually won his father’s freedom. Several years later, after these same forces had tortured and murdered an untold number of citizens who mostly seemingly arbitrary targets, Thor’s mother was shot. She was attending a peaceful public gathering when machine gun fire from government forces tore through the group. One person died and Thor’s mother was severely injured. She barely survived, as did 10 others who were also wounded. At other times a number of his other family members were similarly targeted.

Since then, Thor Halvorssen has worked tirelessly to promote representative democracy throughout the world. He founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005 to bring about change in oppressed countries to bring the freedom of human rights to everyone. These rights include the following:

Freedom of speech
Freedom of self-determination
Right to worship
Freedom to associate
Right to buy and sell property
Freedom of travel
Right to equal treatment by law enforcement
Right to participate in government
Freedom from exile or arbitrary detainment
Freedom from torture and slavery
Freedom in matters of conscience

Thor Halvorssen went on to use the HRF as a platform for the Oslo Freedom Forum. This was a meeting of the minds that held the first forum meeting in 2009. Advocates of human rights around the world, including a Nobel Peace Prize winner and various heads of state were in attendance. Wired magazine commented on the forum: “The seamless mix of grassroots activists, many of whom have risked their lives to speak out, and the top-level policymakers and influencers who can act on what they learn.”