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Affiliate Dork’s Breakdown of Aloha Construction

Affiliate Dork‘s most recent article about Aloha Construction serves as a reminder that local companies that are family owned and run can still make a huge impact in their communities. Aloha Construction used to be a small family organization and is now an industry that boasts a wide array of achievements. Their passion for safety, excellent performance standards, and careful and intelligent business practices in construction are what have led them to their success today.


Aloha has maintained key concepts in its business practices to propel them forward to levels of unmatched competition in retaining relationships with their customers, suppliers, subcontractors, company agents, and many other integral personnel. The levels of fairness in relation to honest business practices, integrity, and professionalism are what keep customers coming back and spreading the word to others and ensuring the upmost customer satisfaction.


The President and CEO of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky, has been a role model to many entrepreneurs. He has made it his personal goal to give back to society and helping those who are less fortunate. He started the Dave Farbaky Foundation, and this gesture on his part gives underprivileged children shopping sprees in the community, among other charitable events.


Aloha Construction has many services available to the needs of home owners. They cover pretty much all home repair needs, whatever the circumstance might be. Natural causes due to storms, upgrades, roofing or gutter needs…they even tend to window treatments as well. They can work with any homeowner on the type of design or installation needs they may have in mind. See This Page for additional information.


Another great success for Aloha Construction was the receipt of the prestigious Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau for 2017. This award is given to select companies who show exceptional business ethics practices throughout the year. There is a very meticulous screening process that is performed, and an independent panel of judges are selected for the nomination process. One of the biggest reasons for the company being selected to win the award was for its continuous support and contribution to its community, based out of Illinois. What a wonderful company to support, and what a great honor to receive such an award.