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James Dondero, Doing What’s Right For Dallas

Dallas, Texas is a lucky city to have a successful businessman and philanthropist, like James Dondero, who does so much to help the place thrive. After several years of success within the financial industry, James became the President and Co-Founder of an alternative investment firm in Dallas, known as Highland Capital Management. Although he keeps himself busy enough with the responsibilities that come with having such a title, James has always had a place in his heart for giving back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. At the beginning of each fiscal year, Mr. Dondero makes it a point to set aside $3 million in the budget so that James and his team can continue to give back when and where it is needed. He does this by having a dedicated charity team that works with him to find initiatives in the city that promise to give something of worth back to the community. For example, James often supports organizations that improve on educational and health care needs of the residents of Dallas and any other civic initiatives that he deems necessary to help. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.


An example of such an enterprise is The Family Place, a non-profit organization, and a shelter that assists men who are victims of domestic violence. Housing is close to medical care and features a 24-hour crisis hotline for anyone who needs to reach out in a time of need. Another excellent example of James’ generosity is his recent $1 million donation to the Dallas Zoo so that they could begin to rebuild their hippo enclosure. For nearly two decades the habitat was shut down after the death of their last living hippo, Papa. The management team at the Zoo made the difficult decision to shut down the enclosure as there were no creatures to house there. Now, thanks to the help of James Dondero and a few fellow philanthropists in the area, the Dallas Zoo has recently reopened their hippo enclosure, much to the enjoyment of visitors. If it were not for generous individuals like James Dondero, shelters like The Family Place might not be able to stay open, and places like the Zoo would have a far more difficult time trying to find support, and for that, the city says thank you to James Dondero! Visit to know more about James Dondero.