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The Leadership Of Mcdonald In OSI Industries

OSI Group is a global food supplier that endeavors to provide the best food products and services to its clients. McDonald’s has played a big role in the success of OSI Industries. McDonald joined OSI Industries as the project manager after attaining a degree in Animal Science. After a few years of working in OSI Group McDonalds acquired presidency of the company. As the president he worked very hard to ensure that the company keeps up with the global market trends, the innovative nature of the company enables it to adapt to the evolving business surroundings. Recently OSI Industries acquired Baho foods which is an organization that deals with food processing facility and deli meat. During McDonald’s time in power, OSI Industries has successfully established more than 9 Chinese facilities that deal with poultry.

During an interview, David McDonalds said that the most satisfying moment for him in OSI Group is the establishment of a new facility in China. The facility enhanced the company’s confidence to make big investments that provide large-scale solutions. McDonald has served OSI Group McDonalds for 30 years, during which the company made various investments hence maintaining its profitability. Creating partnerships with helpful government agencies and great suppliers was the best way that David McDonalds used to counter the challenges he faced during his expert leadership. Some of the challenges included technical and infrastructure issues in China.

David McDonalds created successful partnerships during the time he served as the president of OSI Industries. He ensured that each partner knew about the business practices and culture of each geographical location that OSI Group McDonalds has invested in, this enables the organization to strengthen its relationship with its clients from various locations. The partnerships helped the company in decision making and creating budgets. McDonald’s shared the company vision which is to surpass and meet its client’s expectations, and with OSI Group’s ability to understand the needs of the clients, the organization can provide high quality service and products to its global market. It is due to McDonald’s innovative solutions that OSI Group McDonalds has maintained its position as the best global food supplier and continues its expansion in other countries.

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Emerging issues in OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has been listed as Americas top 100 food companies for the following reasons;

  • OSI processing plants, packaging facilities and their global connections which enable them to be the leading food supply industry
  • Their products are sourced by the best suppliers; goods are also of high standards hence preferred by many.
  • They use a variety of meat processing machinery that produce unique products.
  • The primary concern of the company is to meet the needs of the customers even if it means purchasing new equipment.

To maintain excellent standards product, OSI Company has decided to widen their market by purchasing various facilities including Baho Company and Tyson food processing plant.OSI food Solutions acquired Baho so as to increase their market area across Europe. Baho also gives OSI Company the ability to serve the evolving needs of their customers. David G. McDonald, the president, and the chief operating officer of the OSI group company, says that Baho`s products and high quality brands serve as the compliment to OSI`s processing strengths and broadens the efficiency of addressing customer’s needs. Making it a primary reason as to why the OSI decided to acquire Baho food company.

John Balvers the managing director of Baho Food Company, and his team of managers will work together with the OSI executive to formulate an unique strategy that will lead to the success of the two companies. John says that they are glad to join OSI Food Solution Company as they will benefit much by gaining leverage on the OSI experiences and capabilities. Baho will also be able to accelerate their growth and even realize their main business goals.

OSI Food Solutions also purchased the formerly known as Tyson`s food processing facility, and a storage warehouse located in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions benefit since Tysons 200,000 square foot plant is situated near the OSI Chicago facility. The new facility will provide more infrastructure to support the rapid growth of the company. OSI food Solution company will also be able to achieve their goal in the business world which is to meet the evolving needs of their ready and willing customers.

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OSI Food Solutions Continues To Bring People The Food They Love The Whole World Over:

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is synonymous with helping your favorite restaurant chains and retailer to bring you the food that you love. The chances are that most people have probably at some point, eaten food supplied by the global food wholesaler. The company has a long and distinguished history that started when Otto Kolchowsky opened a small meat shop in the Chicago, Illinois area. That small business has grown to become today’s OSI Food Solutions, a global company operating in seventeen of the world’s nations and boasting over sixty-five facilities. OSI Food Solutions also employs an impressive twenty-thousand plus people, all the while being recognized for still maintaining a family-oriented culture within its business practices. The company is knowns as being a great place to work and is also legendary for its outstanding commitment to customer service. The company’s trajectory has seen a steady expansion since the mid-70s and recent years have been no exception as OSI has had plenty of exciting news come out of its gates.

Major Efforts Toward Increasing European Presence:

OSI Food Solutions has made significant moves in Europe in the last handful of years and these moves range from upgrades to acquisitions. The company recently invested a massive €17 million into the Toledo, Spain processing facility. This influx of cash was pumped into the facility’s production line with the intention of giving the facility and increased processing capacity. The market in Spain, as well as Portugal, has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for chicken and OSI has answered in kind. The massive upgrade has seen a doubling of chicken production from 12 thousand tons per year to 24 thousand. Other major moves in Europe include the acquisitions of two well know wholesale companies. Baho Food and Flagship Europe have become members of the OSI family and have had a profound impact on the company’s footprint in this critical market.

The Award Winning Tradition Continues:

OSI Food Solutions has won many awards over the years and this tradition has continued as of late. The company brought home the Globe of Honour as a recognition of the commitment OSI has made to run its operations in an environmentally sustainable way. This was in 2016 and that same years, OSI’s venerable CEO Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary Award due to the tremendous achievements that he has attained during his long business career.