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Richard Blair Provides Clients in Austin Texas with Sound Investment Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory service, believes that everyone needs a well-thought-out plan that will let them achieve their financial goals. He aims to arm the Austin, Texas community with sound financial advice to help them better manage their financial affairs.


Wealth Solutions follows a three pillar approach to help their clients reach financial prosperity.


Pillar 1 is where Wealth Solutions helps their clients build a roadmap to fit their financial needs, accounting for their strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities. By understanding more about the client, Wealth Solutions will be able to provide a better plan to help them obtain their financial goals.


Pillar 2 is the long term investment strategy that is tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Richard Blair manages the investments to maximize performance when the market is good and to reduce impact when the market is bad.


Pillar 3 is where Richard Blair meets with their insurance needs, including long-term care and life insurance and also annuities.


Richard Blair gets his passion for helping others from his family’s teaching background. His mother, grandmother, and wife were teachers so he got the chance to witness how education can help someone grow. Richard combined his love of education with his love of finances to help teach people how to better manage their financials, and invest wisely for the future.


After graduating from the University of Houston, Blair started Wealth Solutions in 1994 to help serve clients in Austin, Texas.His sole goal was to bring a positive change to the lives of families, individuals, and small businesses. His firm provides unbiased information with no conflicts of interest to better serve their clients. He has honed his knowledge to help his clients avoid common mistakes and get strategies for creating sound financial strategies to help them fulfill their dreams of a comfortable and healthy retirement. He reduces the gap between planning for retirement and living it. As a company containing only seven employees, Wealth Solutions is able to maintain a personal feel between itself and the clients it serves so everyone can get the personal attention they need.



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Slyce’s Fourth-Quarter 2015 is Stunning

Shortly after its founding in 2012, Slyce launched one of the most innovative and influential apps in the tech industry. In February of 2013, The Toronto-based firm released a visual search app that is greatly helping retailers and customers alike. Yahoo! Finance has published a report revealing information related to Slyce’s fourth-quarter of 2015. The report truly reveals a company on the move.

Slyce has signed a host of deals with online retailers. Clearly, this is fantastic news for the company. The more retailers Slyce signs contracts with, the more revenue the company will generate. Top retailers such as Neiman Marcus and are all enterprises that would greatly benefit from Slyce’s technology.

The technology includes more than visual recognition programs. The reports also highlights the other new technological developments and apps the company has come up with.

Slyce Link is one of the most valuable of new platforms, and is the product of one year of development. The platform is designed to help retailers provide targeted recommendations to customers perusing websites. Doing so greatly boosts the potential to make sales.

Other interesting innovations made by Slyce include a Universal Scanner, a Coupon Author, and a 2D Content Management System. These are just a small amount of the programs the company has devised.

Slyce has also accepted a solid amount of new financing – $7 million. The funds should go a long way towards helping the company expand. Of course, the funds will also be used to develop new products.