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How to Save Money on Your Taxes Through the Eyes of Ted Bauman


Ted Bauman sat down at the end of last year to offer some tax tips.

“Americans can benefit from many of the tax laws we have now before they change. They can do that without breaking any rules.”

Ted went over a lot of issues in his interview, but for the sake of time I will narrow down his advice to a few main points.

1) You can start by paying your mortgage taxes before 2017 ends. Deduct these expenses when you file this year. Did you forget to do this? Talk to a tax representative to see your options. You need to do this before the higher standards take over because than you are out of luck.

2) Did you make any contributions before January 1st? You can use these a tax deduction and get money back. Keep track of your receipts.

3) Lawmakers decided not to get rid of the student loan deductions, so you can still take advantage of that. When did you pay the interest? Did you know that you get more benefits by paying your deductions by the end of last year? Speak to a tax consultant about this to see how you can save.

4) Are you self-employed? When do your clients pay you? You can increase your savings by getting your clients to pay you before the end of last year. This may not be acceptable for some clients, but try to get as many as possible.

5) Are you getting a bonus? Try to convince your boss to pay you the bonus before the end of the year. Do you pay state taxes? You can get your savings increased by getting your bonus by the beginning of the new year. This may not work now, seeing as how we are close to March. Keep this advice in mind for next year.

6) Do you own your own company? Are you thinking about establishing an LLC? You can save a lot of money doing that. You can also save money by calling yourself an independent contractor. Check :



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AvaTrader: Why You Should This Broker

Every trader is always searching for the honest and most reliable trader in the forex market, because many have been swindled in the past. In fact, most traders take upto 5 months before they can establish a good relationship with the broker.


This is understandable. But the good thing is that there are still some good brokers in the market, and most of them might not be familiar to you. One of such brokers is AvaTrade.


AvaTrade is a tool that offers insight, training and recent news to traders on a daily basis to both novices and experts. That means if something happens to a certain currency or a certain pair of currencies, you will always be informed.


The truth is, Forex is a market that never sleeps and therefore, hard for one man to always stay ahead of everything that happens. On the other hand, the 24-hour market is pretty tough to market especially if you have other commitments somewhere else.


What You Can Get From AvaTrade


AvaTrade is a tool that provides insight and current information in the forex market. In addition, AvaTrade also uses some algorithm to determine the type of pair currencies and currency that you should consider.


Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should always consider only the AvaTrade site to help you with this information. Remember, sometimes mistakes happen.


Furthermore, the AvaTrade review provides you with some webinars for both expert and novices. These webinars will always strive to explain the best currency pair and times to trade specific currencies, while giving room for anyone to ask questions on the same.


Can You Rely on AvaTrade?


It is human to always question something you do not know, and for a trader this is a mandatory task. Many traders would actually call their friends and ask for recommendations on the most qualified broker to work with. The fact is that AvaTrade is one of them.


Avatrade is not a scam. The reason is scams usually do not like association with any legal institutions such as banks and bodies like the European Union.


In this case, the central bank of Ireland was given oversight by AvaTrader to oversee their transactions. Additionally, it is registered with the Spanish CNMV.

More on AvaTrade:

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The life of Ted Bauman, the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman is an editor for the Bauman, Plan B ad the Alpha Stock Alert at Banyan Hill Publishing. Tes was born in Washington DC, United States. He grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

When he got to age, Ted Bauman moved to South Africa. He joined the University of Cape Town where he acquired the postgraduate degree in both economics and history. His education created a great path for Ted’s career and he has kept a clean record since he started working.

Ted Bauman has been in the financial industry for 25 years in South Africa. He has engaged in numerous non-profit sectors where he helps high-profile roles over the years. He has served as a manager of funds in low-cost housing projects. His aim was to help people who were less fortunate to acquire proper housing at a low cost. The projects did exceptionally well and Ted could not have been any happier.

In the 2000s, Ted Bauman exploited his skills by working as a consultant. He did extensive research on finance, issues on urban planning as well as housing. His hard work and urge to help people enabled him to serve clients from various geographical areas including the United Nations, the government of South Africa and agencies that make grants in Europe. His career given him chances to tour the world especially in Africa, Asia, and Europe. His dreams have been unfolding well. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

Ted moved back to the united states in 2008. He became the Director of Internationa Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International, located in Atlanta Georgia. He did not cease traveling and visited Latin America and the Caribbean several times. This gave him a push in researching about international development and he wrote articles about that.

Ted worked for Habitat for Humanity until 2013 when he opted for fulltime researching and writing. In September, he joined Sovereign Society where he worked as the editor of Plan B Club. It specializes in the protection of assets and issues regarding international migration. His experience in this sector significantly improved Plan B Club.

Ted has unleashed his writing skills and knowledge on several journals available internationally. Some of them are Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Urbanization as well as the Journal of Microfinance. He has also written for South African press which included Cape Argus among others. He also partnered with his dad in writing the book, Where to Stash Your Cash(legally). He has been able to educate many people and hopes for a better future for them.

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