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Peter Briger, a financial Expert, working at Fortress Investment Group

Briger is a business leader who is based in San Francisco, California. Presently, Briger possesses more than two decades of experience in the field of asset management. Currently, he serves as the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress is a leading global investment management organisation. Its headquarters is based in New York, United States of America. The investment firm is dedicated to serving both institutional and private investors. The organisation oversees the management of assets that total excess of $65 billion.

Peter Briger was elected as the co-chairman of the firm back in 2009. So far, Briger has guided the company in multiple operations that entail management. Briger took up this role since March 2002. Currently, Peter Briger is governing the organisation’s Real Estate and Credit fund business. Since he took over the unit as the head, the department has registered plenty of success. All the employees that work under his guidance are always excited to take instructions from him.

Briger is a graduate of the University of Princeton. He completed his degree in Business Administration from the same university. Afterwards, he decided to further his studies where he pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration from Wharton’s school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior joining Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Goldman Sachs and company. Briger oversaw several operations at the firm. He ensured that a number of processes in various business areas went smoothly without any hitches.

Additionally, Peter Briger served as a member of the Compliance Committee, Global control and Asian Management committee. Subsequently, he maintained the responsibilities of a co-head of the organisation’s Whole loan Sales, fixed income principal investment groups and Trading business. Briger also offered assistance in managing other units that included the Goldman Sachs Opportunities and Asian Distressed debt business.

Away from his professional life, Peter Briger regularly contributes to several philanthropic and community-driven agendas. Briger is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council of the global fund for children.

Additionally, he is a board member of the council of foreign relations. This is a non-partisan institution that is responsible for promoting a broader understanding of foreign policies.