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Financial and Consultant Contributions by Ted Bauman

Banyan Hill Publishing has been on the leading front offering investment and financial advice to its clients. The group has seasoned experts that are skilled in investment activities. The organization was formed in 1998 under the name Sovereign Society but later changed its name to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. It offers global economic trends and investment guides that have been instrumental in minimizing chances of lose. The focus of the Banyan Hill Publishing can be defined as being training investors on ways that they can accumulate wealth. Banyan Hill Publishing offers services such as Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club. The activities of the group can be defined as specializing in areas such as international migrations, low-risk investments, privacy, and asset protection.

Background Information on Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman can be regarded as being an experienced individual who has worked with many individuals and organizations. Although he was born in Maryland, USA, he moved to South Africa for his higher education. He acquired numerous degrees Such as the B.S Business Administration from the States University of New York, Economics and History from the University of Cape Town and a degree in finance from the Georgia State University. He has vast experience in political science, history, and economies. Ted Bauman is of the view that the areas are interconnected and may be used in empowering the community members.

Other than the contribution as a financial consultant and chief editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing, it is critical to note that Ted Bauman is a philanthropic individual committed to transforming the society. He has in the past engaged in different charitable events such as the Slum Dwellers International that has operations in over 35 countries and has managed to empower more than 14 million individuals. The consultant has also worked with many NGOs to create low-cost housing projects. Some of the major organizations that he has worked with include the World Bank, the United Nations, European Grant Agencies, South African government, and other agencies. Based on the past contributions, he can be cited as a committed, innovative and productive leader who has transformed the society and empowered many individuals.


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Anil Chaturvedi Creating Investment Solutions

Anil Chaturvedi has been a big name in banking for decades. Chaturvedi has worked with widely regarded international banks for four decades, and he specializes in investment banking, corporate and commercial banking, as well as corporate advisory about cross border projects between India and Europe.

In this role since 2011, Chaturvedi is the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank near Geneva, Switzerland. This Switzerland-based bank especially deals with the growth markets in the Middle East and South Asia.

Prior to this position, he worked as the International Managing Director at Merrill Lynch in New York City. He was at this position for 17 years and specialized in creating customized investment solutions for individuals with especially high net worths. Merrill Lynch is a wealth management branch of the Bank of America, and the firm is headquartered in New York City.

He earned his Bachelors degree in economics at Meerut University in India. Chaturvedi continued his education by earning his M.B.A in Financial Management in 1973 from Delhi School of Economics at Delhi University.

After graduating, he worked as a Manager of development and planning at the State Bank of India near New York City, where he worked on gaining the business of non-resident Indians residing in the United States. His successful strategies resulted in new business of $500 million in only four years. After this position, he was Vice President and Senior Representative for US Operations at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York, where he was head of operations at the bank including marketing, product development, and regulation issues.

Banker Anil Chaturvedi is a born leader with a knack for finance. He’s been an industry leader in international banking for decades, and this banking tycoon isn’t slowing down anytime soon. He specializes in operations and cross border projects between western countries and his home country of India. While that’s his specialty, there’s nothing that Anil Chaturvedi can’t do!

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Top Investiment Stratergies you Learn when you Join Oxford Club

Are you looking for a great way to invest and protect your investment? If yes, then you need to join Oxford club.

About Oxford Club

This is a club with more than two decades in operations. It has succeeded in all those many years regardless of the different market conditions. The main goal of the club is to assist its members not only increase their wealth, but also grow it to higher levels.

Oxford club was started by William Bonner with the idea of bringing investors with similar interests together. These are investors who share the same idea that great investment opportunities can be found through personal connections, but not through the press. Here are some of the great investment strategies you learn from Oxford Club.
Great investment diet
Just like the human body, a balanced diet is vital to success of any form of investment. In the club, you will learn the importance of diversifying your investment in order to get great returns and reduce risks. You will learn why it is important to buy different kinds of stocks. This ensures that in case a whole sector falls, the value of the portfolio is not decimated.
You learn how to diversify among different asset classes such as bonds, commodities, options among others instead of just equities. At Oxford club, you also learn to diversify in high return and low risks investing.
Learn how to exit
Having an exit strategy is vital in any form of investment. You will learn how and when you should sell. The investors will help you only buy, when you have a plan on how to sell to ensure your profits are protected. This helps eliminate guessing, which is the greatest mistake you can make.
Size is a fundamental factor

At Oxford club, you also learn that having a position sizing formula is key to success. You learn how to determine the amount to put in a certain stock and how to differentiate the risks.

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U.S. Money Reserve Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief

The task of rebuilding southern Texas is well underway in the aftermath of historic Hurricane Harvey, and U.S.Money Reserve is one of the many companies that has organized an intensive campaign to help the affected communities. The region was the recipient of between 45 and 60 inches of rain from the stalled hurricane that produced the classic Texas flood. U.S. Money Reserve recently announced that they will be partnering with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to supply funding for general use by the local charitable organization. U.S. Money Reserve is headquartered in Austin, and company management officials understand the impact the massive storm has had on the entire region for businesses and communities alike. Learn more:,28.htm

U.S. Money Reserve has named the relief fund YouCaring and stated that all donations would be contributed to the Austin Disaster Relief Fund. U.S. Money Reserve will match contributions to the limit of $100,000. Funds donated to YouCaring will go to assist the ADRF in supplying immediate financial assistance, emergency housing, and transportation for all affected Texans in the locale. Resources for emotional and spiritual care are also included. U.S. Money Reserve recognized they could play a significant role in helping the community when they realized that several of their employees and valued customers had been affected by the storm as well.

U.S. Money Reserve is one the nation’s largest sellers of U.S. Government authorized gold, platinum, and silver coins. In addition to brokering these government-issued coins, they offer excellent market knowledge regarding the outlook for growth in the precious metals investment sector. While the company is headquartered in Austin, they also have satellite offices in both Beaumont and Lumberton. Those communities were also impacted by Hurricane Harvey as well as the remainder of Texas south of Austin.

In addition to contributing to disaster relief in the Austin area by partnering with ADRF, U.S. Money Reserve also maintains a significant charitable giving program that has donated to over 70 other philanthropic organizations. Many of those of financial assistance organizations are anchored locally in south Texas, but they also make contributions to other charitable organizations throughout central Texas. The leadership group at U.S. Money Reserve believes solidly in giving back to the communities that have helped make them a very successful precious metal trading company. Learn more:

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Ignition Financial Can Cut Lower Your Monthly Car Payments Now

Buying a new car can be a strange experience for many people. Most people don’t have a lot of experience at negotiating with car dealers. There are a lot of things happening at once at a car dealership. The car buyer is trying to find a car in a color they like that also has all the right options that they want. It’s an exciting time for them and they are often in a hurry to get the deal done so that they can go out and enjoy their new car. Often, in their rush, they overlook things. One of the things that people often overlook is making sure that they got the best financing available.


When you talk to a car dealer about financing a car, the discussion often centers on how much you can afford as a monthly payment. He uses whatever figure you give as a baseline around which he can work. He knows that he can nudge your monthly payments up a bit when he arranges financing and that you will still go along with the deal. The car dealer will test you to see how far he can push your monthly payments up before you balk and try to walk away from the deal. He will then back off a bit and make a deal.


There is a reason why car dealers try to see how much they can increase your monthly payments. Car dealers and lenders have an arrangement where the dealer gets to add as many percentage points as he wants to the loan and keep the extra money as profit. Car dealers test you to see if they should raise the interest rate on the loan by 2 percent or try for a 4 percent increase. They are pros at this game and can get you to agree to a deal before you realize what has happened. Months later, you find yourself crying: “How can I slash my payments.”


If you have been caught in this trap, its not too late for help. You can lower your monthly car payments and save a lot of money by refinancing your car with Ignition Financial. During the refinance process you will deal directly with the lender who will never add extra interest points for himself simply for arranging the loan. You will get the best interest rate that is currently available to you based on an honest evaluation of your credit worthiness.



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International Investment Banking’s Golden Boy

David Osio is a man with the drive and ambition to be the best at what he does. A graduate from the University Andres Bello, a leading Latin American university, Mr. Osio concentrated his studies on advanced management and international banking law.

Mr. Osio’s actual career began in 1981 when he became president and CEO of OPED enterprise. It then became Mr. Osio’s responsibility to oversee the company’s export coffee programs. This was to be followed by executive positions in a number of commercial companies during which time he structured marketing programs for a number of different companies and their industrial products here in the United States.

In 1984, after joining the law firm MGO in Caracas, his knowledge and experience in banking law came seriously into play with the challenge of dealing with such important clients as the Ferro Corp. and Consolidated Bank.

Due to his expertise and judgment, Mr. Osio soon became the private banking division of Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida. Less than two years later Mr. Osio had moved up to the position of vice president of Banking Commercial. In this position he had the privilege of overseeing his customer portfolios which increased not only in value but strengthened the bank’s international standing.

By 1993 Mr. Osio stepped out on his own, establishing the Davos Financial Group of companies. This was at the time, the first business in Venezuela to offer financial advice and management only to a very select clientele. Since that time, Mr. Osio, having developed a pro-active leadership model has also strengthened and increased the expansion of business in an unusually short period of time. Going beyond these occupations, David J. Osio has created independent companies across the globe, including Geneva, Miami, Panama and New York as well.

Mr. Osio’s explanation of his methods of management, many of which he developed during his thorough training with Swiss Bank Corporation and the American Banking Association, is to develop within each company a financial boutique that tailors its services to suit the desires and needs of each client, rather than come to the table with a “one size fits all” mentality.

This form of management combined with agreements with major banking institutions around the world creates a diversified and competitive investment platform.
Mr. Osio has made an important and wide-sweeping contribution to the areas of investment banking and continues to lead his companies confidently into the future with his constant sense of personal responsibility and straightforward dealing.

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The launch of Davos Real Estate Group Application

With the development of mobile technology, there has been an improvement in the number of applications that have come up. The real estate has not been left behind in this either. As a result of this, David Osio, the president of Davos Real Estate group have launched its new real estate application. David Osio has convened its executive team to come up with a revolutionary real estate application. The application, dubbed “Davos CAP Calculator” will be used to make estimates on the return on real estate’s investments that the client may be interested in.

Through the leadership of David Osio, Davos Real estate has become the leaders in the Latin American market for over 20 years. It prides itself in offering comprehensive financial advice. It focuses it business objective more on creating an investment strategy that will meet the needs and expectations of each client. Through this, it combines premium products with the regulatory framework, something that requires a high quality service and professionalism.

This revolutionary application has been developed based on the latest technology and is expected to work with precision in terms of helping the user estimate the gains of an investment property once its expenses have been taken into consideration. As a result of the latest technology that has been used in its development, it is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

This development will only be part of the ongoing process that will see more apps being introduced into the market. Some of these will comprise of apps with the ability to identify properties through mobile devices and relay reports on historical real estate to your agent through an interactive chat.

David Osio, being the brain behind this says the direction that Davos REG is heading to is in sync with their business objective and thus the need to come up with a mobile application that will make it much easier to assist clients who are looking to invest in the real estate. This app will help clients have a clearer picture in terms of their financial vision when investing in property.

Through this innovation courtesy of Davis Osio, clients can also use this application as a Mortgage Calculator whereby clients can estimate their mortgage based on the Bank’s projections, the associated rate of interest and the funding period. This is part of their initiative to provide excellent service to their customers.

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