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Fabletics Offers Demystifying Lifestyle Quiz

When people spot Kate Hudson, they generally admire her clothing choices. This famed actress often sports trendy athletic styles from her Fabletics brand collections. Always a hard worker, Kate gets heavily invested with this fashion companies business process. She is responsible for making the final say on upcoming clothing selections. Her keen sense of style is evident in the garments she endorses. These styles look amazing, yet are ultimately the most comfortable clothing available today. It is a bonus that women feel a sense of empowerment when they wear clothing that flatters them. This mission remains a force that pushes everything else in the Fabletics business plan.


Kate is not afraid of going after what she wants. Without formal business training, Kate came aboard this company. She learns as she goes, and nobody today doubts her astute sense of marketing strategy, design choices and focused work. Today, Fabletics is definitely a fashion phenomenon. Who could have predicted their ongoing Amazon success? Kate is happy working to enable every woman to find affordable clothes that look hot and feel fantastic. Only using high grade materials and expecting fine detail work has propelled Fabletics to deliver exceptional pieces that women fall in love with.


The enigma of having comfortable clothes sharp looking enough to be seen just about in any place is becoming the new fashion normal. Women are simply tired of wearing uncomfortable clothes that cost way too much. Enter Fabletics with their innovative recipe for success. Instead of arbitrarily guessing on what customers will buy each season, Fabletics has an exciting web data service that captures what the customers are liking, browsing and buying. This information is what Fabletics uses to determine each season’s particular inventory list. Since this is an ongoing customer response system, the inventory can be tweaked if the computer indicates new interests or waning inventory interest.


This specialized marketing technique is better known to Fabletics employees as reverse showroom. Much of the information comes from a personal shopper survey that customers are urged to fill out online. The exciting Lifestyle Quiz is a nice way for customers to learn more regarding suitable clothing recommendations that flatter their particular clothing preferences and physical characteristics. Since a computer can store huge amounts of data, customers constantly get new inventory selected recommendations each time they get on the store site. Kate and Fabletics continue to make fashion history together.

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Lime Crime Celebrates Instagram Success


As reported inĀ PR Newswire, Lime Crime, a famous, innovative makeup company, recently hit the impressive mark of reaching a total of 2 million followers on Instagram. Given that the cosmetics company has only been up and running for a few years, this is quite a feat. Lime Crime sets itself apart from its competitors in the beauty industry by always marching to the beat of its own drum. Under the leadership of its founder, Doe Deere, Lime Crime has been producing totally innovative shades of makeup that have been flying of the shelves. Its customers remain incredibly loyal because Lime Crime does not disappoint in constantly upgrading its product line and listening to its followers about what they are looking for in their next makeup purchase. Instead of only promoting its current products to customers, Lime Crime truly listens and engages with its followers to see how the makeup company can best serve their needs. This truly makes Lime Crime a horse of a different color in the beauty industry right now.

If you are wondering what makes Lime Crime so unique in the beauty industry, the answer is that Deere is a true innovator herself. She started out as an entrepreneur by designing and selling her own clothing line more than a decade ago. She had great success selling her trendy clothing items online even in her first few years of operating. The idea for Lime Crime popped up when Deere was trying to match up creative makeup with her bold clothing choices. She came up short because the traditional beauty industry was not making fun, bright options for shades of makeup at that time. Instead of helping women branch out and express their personal style, Deere felt as if the beauty industry was encouraging them to cover up flaws or mask certain imperfections. Deere did not support the type of message that the traditional cosmetic options conveyed to women.

As a true innovator, Deere started designing and making her own cosmetic products that matched her sense of style. She had such a talent for it, that she was able to start her own company and share her gift with millions of other women around the world. Because Deere is so passionate about fashion and beauty, she said that getting things off the ground happened very quickly. While she worked very hard to start her cosmetics company, Deere says that she enjoyed the process very much and is extremely proud of the ultimate results. She says she will continue creating in the beauty industry because her passion for cosmetics remains strong. She is also passionate about encouraging other women to follow their dreams and believe in their abilities.

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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Describes Her View On Fashion Rules

Mrs. Deere is a fashionista. She had created her own line of cosmetics and eventually stared her own cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Her inspiration for the name Lime Crime came from the fact that her makeup was so bright that it might as well be a crime to wear them. Doe Deere can be thought of as both a rebel and innovator in the fashion, makeup and cosmetics industry.

Doe Deere had done some modeling, and even worked in an office selling insurance. Her passion was makeup and fashion however. She started experimenting with makeups and to her surprise noticed that brightly colored makeup and cosmetics were almost non-existent and hard to obtain. This is what led her to start Lime Crime, and her love of bright colors with glitter and shine has quickly caught on with millions of women around the world. Mrs. Deere also got around the barrier of not being able to operate her own brick and mortar store, by offering actual photos of makeup and lipstick on models, which was a new idea at the time she launched her cosmetic products. Doe Deere in a way changed the makeup and fashion industry. What was once taboo or unpopular has become a hit and even big companies have caught on and are now on the bandwagon.

As a rebel and innovator in the fashion and cosmetics world Doe Deere believes that fashion rules should not be set in stone. Instead you should be comfortable with expressing yourself, no matter how you dress. Below are some of Doe Deere’s takes on so-called fashion rules in the magazines and how they can be broken without consequence.

There is an unspoken rule that says not to wear bold lipstick when you have a bold or bright eye shadow. Deere’s take on this is to not be afraid and have some fun experimenting. In her own experience, a bold eye shadow and bold lipstick can sometimes have wonderful results and even land you compliments.

Another “fashion rule” that Doe Deere thinks can be safely broken is not to mix too much colors. Deere says if you enjoy a colorful attire or makeup and hair, then go for it and to trust your instinct. The trick to looking wonderful and colorful is to pay attention to color coordination. Big companies like Prada are now mixing up colors and showcasing that colorful can by stylish and beautiful right now.

Another of Doe Deere’s tips is to not be afraid of trying something that can be considered out of your age. Only dressing your age can inhibit the expression of many women. If you want to dress in something a little more stylish or revealing but feel you are too old, be brave and try it on. Fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling good about. You should not feel too old to dress the way you like and feel comfortable with.