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Fabletics Takes Over the Activewear Industry with Positive Reviews

As technology progresses, customers continue to have more and more access to reviews prior to committing to a purchase. This reliance on customer reviews before making a purchase is referred to as “the power of the crowd” and many companies are taking advantage of it, including Fabletics by Kate Hudson.


Fabletics was founded in 2013 and since then “It has grown by more than 200% to over $235 million in revenue and more than one million paying members” ( Their success is contributed to crowdsourcing, or the willingness of members to give honest reviews about the products that the company sells, which in this case is athletic apparel for women.


One of the reasons that customers care so much about product reviews is that purchasing items online requires a lot of trust. With so many online retailers on the market today, the customer has to be at least a little apprehensive when shopping online to guarantee that the product they are purchasing is up to their standard of quality. This level of apprehension leads the customer to rely on other customers’ experiences when contemplating an online purchase.


Fabletics is so successful even with a large number of activewear retailers on the market today because not only do they have a lot of customer reviews, but the customer reviews are also honest. When a company receives a lot of positive reviews on their products online, this can help with search engine optimization. In other words, the better the reviews on a website, the more likely the customer is to see website when they do a quick google search.


Another reason that Fabletics is so successful is that they are always actively engaging with their customers, even after the customer has received the product. This means that Fabletics actually replies to customer reviews and concerns instead of just mindlessly letting them accumulate on their website. This makes the customer feel important and also helps to build a trusting relationship between the store and the customer.


Lastly, Fabletics is successful because Kate Hudson takes a relatable approach to her activewear collection. Fabletics commercials always have Kate Hudson doing activities that anyone who exercises would do and she takes a relaxed and honest approach to marketing her activewear items.


Additionally, Kate Hudson makes her activewear line an affordable option. This is extremely important because the collection is accessible to most individuals even if they are not typical high-end shoppers.


If you want to see what all the hype is about, Fabletics has a lifestyle quiz you can take to determine which activewear pieces are best for you!


This article was based on the article Why Successful Brands Like Fabletics Leverage the Power of the Crowd published on 08/04/2017 on

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Fabletics Offers Demystifying Lifestyle Quiz

When people spot Kate Hudson, they generally admire her clothing choices. This famed actress often sports trendy athletic styles from her Fabletics brand collections. Always a hard worker, Kate gets heavily invested with this fashion companies business process. She is responsible for making the final say on upcoming clothing selections. Her keen sense of style is evident in the garments she endorses. These styles look amazing, yet are ultimately the most comfortable clothing available today. It is a bonus that women feel a sense of empowerment when they wear clothing that flatters them. This mission remains a force that pushes everything else in the Fabletics business plan.


Kate is not afraid of going after what she wants. Without formal business training, Kate came aboard this company. She learns as she goes, and nobody today doubts her astute sense of marketing strategy, design choices and focused work. Today, Fabletics is definitely a fashion phenomenon. Who could have predicted their ongoing Amazon success? Kate is happy working to enable every woman to find affordable clothes that look hot and feel fantastic. Only using high grade materials and expecting fine detail work has propelled Fabletics to deliver exceptional pieces that women fall in love with.


The enigma of having comfortable clothes sharp looking enough to be seen just about in any place is becoming the new fashion normal. Women are simply tired of wearing uncomfortable clothes that cost way too much. Enter Fabletics with their innovative recipe for success. Instead of arbitrarily guessing on what customers will buy each season, Fabletics has an exciting web data service that captures what the customers are liking, browsing and buying. This information is what Fabletics uses to determine each season’s particular inventory list. Since this is an ongoing customer response system, the inventory can be tweaked if the computer indicates new interests or waning inventory interest.


This specialized marketing technique is better known to Fabletics employees as reverse showroom. Much of the information comes from a personal shopper survey that customers are urged to fill out online. The exciting Lifestyle Quiz is a nice way for customers to learn more regarding suitable clothing recommendations that flatter their particular clothing preferences and physical characteristics. Since a computer can store huge amounts of data, customers constantly get new inventory selected recommendations each time they get on the store site. Kate and Fabletics continue to make fashion history together.

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Chris Burch Looks To Technology As A Guiding Light For Fashion

Fashion and technology have a uniquely synergistic feeling that few people have really fully explored. One person who is changing that is Chris Burch. His recent article took a look at the past, present, and future of this connection between fashion and technology.


His interesting article is particularly illuminating for those who are involved in the fashion industry and who want to predict future trends. Burch’s insightful approach makes his tips and advice worth investing in and investigating.



Who Is Chris Burch?

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of a company known as Burch Creative Capital. With this company, he helps investors make intelligent and high-quality investment decisions that increase their portfolio.


However, Burch is also a big name in the fashion industry, co-founded the company Tory Burch. This group focuses on promoting a variety of luxury fashion brand options for a variety of different groups.


Burch’s unique insight into both fashion and investment makes him a skilled commentator on both industries. This is especially true due to his uniquely heavy focus on branding for apparel, hospitality, various consumer products, and technology. His skill in these branches of business makes his look at fashion and technology intriguing and fascinating.



A Look At Burch’s Concepts

Burch starts his article talking about the past and present of technology and fashion, focusing heavily on the way that boom boxes brought portable music to the masses. This technological advance led to a large number of people walking through the streets, holding their boom box up to their ear. anyone who has seen a movie from the 80s is familiar with this iconic image.


Moving forward with his music-based metaphor, Burch discusses the way that movies in the 90s featured CD players and iPods in those from the 2000s. This change of technology not only influenced movie fashion, but brought people new fashion concepts.


This simple design is just the beginning of his intriguing metaphorical look, as he delves in the future and discusses advances in cycling airbags that could change cycling fashion when they are implemented.



What To Take Away From His Lessons

Anyone interested in technological or fashion fields should take these lessons to heart. A new piece of technology could change fashion, particularly if a skilled innovator jumps on that change early.


Likewise, fashion changes could actually influence technological advances. Think of the way that tighter clothes with smaller pockets influenced the debut of portable music devices. So pay attention to Burch’s concepts and move forward with innovative ideas.