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The Growing Career of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a media expert, an author, and an entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. It is a family company with workstations and dynamics operations in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He is the owner, and the one who manages the family office and the primary mission of the company is to look after and helps in growth of household and personal assets.

Daniel Mark Harrison the Managing Partner of the Blockchain of funding firm the Fintech and Monkey Capital. Money Capital deals with decentralized of hedge fund investing of Blockchain Systems and SpaceX contracts. The money capital main aim is to speculate on the large crypto and has made history as the first company to offer ICO. ICO options are getting the market excited, and the company comes with compelling projects and high-quality operations and strong management team that brings real-world benefits.

It has produced Ethereum style gains due to its profound value in blockchain management and networking investment. It has received recognition from different people worldwide and latest being Chris Waltzek and United States national radio host. He is believed to have rated Money capital with 6-star rating out of the usual 5 star, and he did this during his interview with Daniel Mark Harrison one of the managers and founder of Monkey Capital.

Huffington post branded the Monkey Capital ICO as the latest billion dollar baboon in the world. The company was the first to mark a ten digital figure in crowdsourcing campaign. Monkey capital has taken the Crypto market by storm. Before the launch of ICO the company had done testing with close associates, family hot girls, and friends who got the initial COEVAL tokens, said Harrison.

Daniel Mark Harrison was once a publisher and also an editor in chief of Marx Rand, the new company that publishes information focusing on everyday life and exploring independent mind concepts. He has achieved so much as an editor and a writer. He is also a great business manager and is among the best managers we have today who is believed to have turned wishes to real billions.

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How Vijay Eswaran Succeeded with QI Group

Business hardships can take any man down, but not Vijay Eswaran, an entrepreneur originating from India who has embraced all the rough roads in his entrepreneurial journey without stopping and been given the CEO of the Year award by the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA) in 2013.

What is QI Group?

QI Group of Companies is a business empire that Vijay Eswaran has created along with a few skilled partners, and they have institutions located in various parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The kind of services that the corporation offers touches a wide range of industries including; direct selling, logistics, financial management, luxurious accessories, real estate, and leisure in the fray and now they even have their own university in Malaysia which they are planning to be the start of the QI City that makes eco-friendly transportation, among other things, available to its inhabitants.

How did he build the QI Group?

According to Vijay the company could not have been made possible without the backing several people whose business ideals were the same as his. At the time, he did not have enough funds to begin his entrepreneurial journey, and all he had was the support of his wife. Yet, the partnership he had allowed the direct selling concept to kick off, and it paved the way towards where he and his corporation is currently standing in.

What makes him successful?

Apart from the right business choices he makes, Vijay Eswaran’s kindness to his employees is paying off well. Based on an interview he gave to a publication, he lives by the words that his own father taught him as a kid – ‘Service about self.’ This is what he has implemented within the offices and ingrained in the workers’ hearts and minds so that even though they are managing multinational establishments, it is as if they are still handling a small company where everyone knows and has mutual respect for each other. In fact, he dedicated the achievement that he received from the MBA three years back to all the people he is working with, and said that his success is as good as theirs.

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Quality Leadership Skills-Josh Verne

Josh Verne is an experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in growing and starting a business. His experience has also given him leadership qualities, and he shares some of the tips to succeed with others as listed below.

Qualities of a good leader

  1. Be a leader, not a boss: in the management, there are two types of people a leader and a manager. A boss uses his position and title to accomplish things, they demand respect and does what is his best interest while on the other hand, a leader earns the honor he deserves by putting people that he serves in the forefront, and he uses the respect to accomplish the goals they have fixed for their teams. To be successful in life as well as in business one should be a leader and not a boss. Putting the people, you lead in the forefront and working together to accomplish what you have set together.
  2. Do everything as win-win: in business and life, it is always wise to do transactions that are only win-win and not win-lose deals. Transacting the win-win deals will not only be a benefit to yourself but your staff and the society.
  3. Speak less and listen more: Josh advice is to use the two ears and the one mouth appropriately to listen more and talk less. The less one speaks, the more powerful their words are and the more authoritative they will appear, and people will hear more.
  4. Balance your life: Josh explains life is an act of balance and one needs to balance all the areas of his life including health, business, and education.
  5. Know your passion: it is said people who have succeeded in life do what they love. It is nice to find something that wakes you up in the morning.

Josh Verne is an American Entrepreneur and businessman who has a vast experience in the business field. He has served as the co-President of Home Line Furniture just before founding his company in 2012. He was the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of which is an online marketing company that helps in the deduction of purchase from the payroll.

In 2014 Josh sold out the business to Global Analytics Holding. Mr. Verne later established a company based in Pennsylvania. is a peer-peer information exchange for college students a firm that was started in 2006 and Josh is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.