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Rocketship Education Soars Far Beyond The Classroom



want the best opportunities for our children. This often starts with education. While it is often overlooked, parental involvement plays a significant role in the overall success of each student. Just like adults in the workplace, children need positive feedback along with support and encouragement to be most successful. When uncontrollable events affect a family’s stability, students are often affected. It is during these times that students need the most amount of support from their educators and their communities.

When a San Jose, California Rocketship Education student struggled to cope with the aftermath of a massive flood, the school rushed in to help. During a recent interview, his mother, Dulce, shared her experience and praised Rocketship for their selfless efforts. Donors of the school’s community laid the foundation for a feeling of security for Dulce’s family in their time of need. Working as a team, both the school and the community committed themselves to providing the family with important resources and helped them get back on track.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education was founded by education enthusiast Preston Smith and John Danner. They opened their first school in 2007, in San Jose, California in efforts to improve the learning opportunities for low-income families in the San Jose community. After students of the organization received praise for high scores on Californias state assessment, Rocketship expanded and quickly opened six other schools. To date, the organization has served nearly 15,000 students and families, and their future looks bright.

Rocketship Educations unique approach to education focuses completely on the student and goes fay beyond the classroom. Understanding the true importance of support from parents and the community, they have built a system that places students directly on the path to success. Their commitment to quality elementary education has placed them in the top 10% for public charter elementary schools and has helped them earn the trust of so many parents and families.