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Dr. Mark Mofid Showcases the Medical Power of Determination

Anyone who follows medical news can understand how difficult it can be to get to the heart of the matter. Medical issues are often complicated by the fact that it’s such a difficult subject. But that’s also what makes practitioners such as Dr. Mark Mofid so important.

He was recently quoted as saying that “Large implants have higher rates of palpability, incisional separation”. This referenced a trend of patients wanting larger and more visually notable buttock implants. But Dr. Mark Mofid is emphatic about the fact that practical concerns always need to win out against sensationalist desires.

Dr. Mark Mofid notes that some people quite literally beg for larger implants. They’ll often list desires for notoriety or fame. But Dr. Mark Mofid holds to a self defined line in the same. He keeps implants under 330 CC range. And this was by no means a simple decison to make.

What really showcases the good doctor as a caring presence is the fact that he’s worked so hard within the field. He’s not simply working along preset guidelines. He, in large part, is working to set those guidelines. And all from within a context of wanting to work with a patient’s needs.

This is part of what prompted him to specially design a Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant for his patients. This level of expertise is much higher than the standard. And much of that reason comes from his medical background. His education at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was only the beginning. He’s stated that a great deal of his expertise comes from directly training under the best of the best. And in this case it refers to Raul Gonzalez, MD. Raul Gonzalez is one of the innovators within the field. And it’s said that he even has the single largest case load ever seen. By studying under him Dr. Mark Mofid was able to not just look at skill, but innovation as well.

This expertise is now used within his own practice. Dr. Mark Mofid and his staff are notable for just how much support they provide to patients. It’s not enough to simply provide their innovative services. They want to ensure that patients are kept happy and secure every step of the way. From their initial consultation right up to the latter part of their post-surgery recovery period.