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Dr. Jorje Moll Groundbreaking Studies Help Better Understand The Brain

Neuroscientist Jorje Moll studies on the brain are groundbreaking. Dr. Moll has worked for decades to determine exactly how the brain works and why.


Dr. Moll will be the first to admit it’s hard to understand the brain and how actions like affection, attention, donating money and volunteer work make an impact. While presiding over the D’Or Institute, he and doctoral student Joao Ascenso discovered how the brain processes selfless behavior.


The use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) has been beneficial in observing changes in the reward centers of the brain after altruistic behavior. When given something in exchange, the response was just as intense. Dr. Moll concluded that our pre-programmed biology allows humans to feel more pleasure when giving rather than receiving.


The experiment also revealed that the Subgenual cortex and Septal area are directly associated with belonging and attachment. Additionally, the two areas also play a key role in the bonding experience and the blooming of romantic relationships.


The D’Or Research Institute has been operating since 2010. The non-profit focuses on scientific advances and clinical research. The main sponsor of the research center is the parent hospital D’Or Sao Luiz Hospital. The entire network currently manages thousands of employees, doctors and patients.


Additionally, D’Or Research runs its own doctoral program, as well as many partnerships with universities in Rio de Janeiro. As chair of the doctoral program, Dr. Moll continues to maintain ties with a number of international research hospitals.


Dr. Moll admits that it has always been his dream to help others. Building a world-class educational and research institute right in his home country has been a god send in improving healthcare.


While Dr. Moll says he’s experienced set-backs during his research, he has never let them discourage him. He says as long as your play up your strengths and have a good strategy, you will do fine.