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NGP VAN, The Bigtime Software Company

The way a candidate runs for office today differs from the way a candidate ran just a few decades ago. That difference is due to the fact technology is part of our everyday lives now. Just how technology has been integrated into every part of what we do, it has found its way into politics, specifically political campaigns. Digital efforts are being used more than ever in campaigning. Digital is preferred over its predecessor of paper. Digital has made campaigning a faster, more productive process. Due to its quickness, candidates are seeing more favorable results. But who creates this fast world of digital technology? Who makes it possible for candidates to be able to employ this software?


NGP VAN is the go to software company amongst progressives and Democrats. The Washington, D.C. based company specialize in creating the latest software for political candidates. The company has a team of software experts that create applications for candidates to implement into their campaigns. This technology includes cutting edge tools, secure databases, political strategies and a host of helpful apps.


In the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, NGP VAN got the opportunity to really showcase their technology. The results of how this technology can help support a candidate’s campaign was shown in the election and reelection of Barack Obama. The technology driven campaign model offered to candidates is a winning advantage. Data and analytics are apart of the technology. Have data and analytics at hand makes it much faster for a campaign to view voter information. Mobile app developed by the software company makes it easier and faster for those working behind the scenes to get their hands on information. The web application the company has created allows for campaign officials to manage the operational and financial aspects of a political campaign. NGP VAN makes sure both the web app and mobile app are functioning properly. Because a dysfunctional application can lead to either victory or losing an election. An example of a dysfunctional application can be seen in Mitt Romney’s ORCA technology platform that was outperformed by Barack Obama’s NGP VAN’s platform.