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Whitney Wolfe Leads The Pack In A STEM Field

Whitney Wolfe Herd is something of a rarity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics field. She is also an anomaly when it comes to the world of corporate executives. Unlike all of her male colleagues, she is female. Crunchbase, a database maintained by TechCrunch lists her as the chief executive officer of Bumble.

Bumble is one of the many mobile apps that allows people to connect with romantic partners or find new friends. Wolfe formed her company to be a social network, but she wanted it to be a social network that makes a difference. While the app is operated by a for-profit company, it helps people connect people who have a passion for promoting equality, kindness, empowerment and accountability.

Despite the company being its own social network, Whitney Wolfe makes sure her company is represented on other social media sites. Users can follow the Bumble account on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Crunchbase does not indicate that the company has an Instagram account. Bumble started out as a dating app before expanding to its current format.

Wolfe started her career by studying at Southern Methodist University. While studying at SMU she earned a bachelor of arts in International Relations. Wolfe has other goals besides promoting her social media site. She wants to create workplaces where women can thrive. USA Today interviewed her in April 2018. The interview lays out how she built her workplace to be a site that is welcoming to people from diverse groups.

CEO Wolfe’s app has brought her to the attention of the tech world. Although she acknowledges she started in the right place to begin her career, she also acknowledges the role hard work played into getting where she know finds herself. The journey continues for Wolfe, and she looks forward to seeing where it goes.

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Attractive Qualities that Can Land A Date With Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble

It is common knowledge that there are some people who are successful daters as well as those who struggle or have outright failed. While some of each of these groups are very unexpected, there are common qualities in attractive people. These qualities go beyond looks. Therefore, it is important for people to not put so much stock in what they look like and develop some of these other qualities. Even though looks do matter, they are actually some of the weakest aspects of attraction. Certain bad habits and personalities can turn a person off of a good looking individual.

Among the qualities that attract a person is confidence. People who are confident tend to have a much better chance at success. For those who have a problem with confidence, it can get a little tricky in that any tip that is given can work against them. Fortunately, there are ways to easily build confidence. One of the easiest ways to build confidence is through achievements. For instance, anyone who is willing to get in shape can make little goals that will help him reach his fitness goals. This will bring him confidence that will make him attractive to people in general.

Another way to gain confidence is the way Whitney Wolfe Herd has done. She has built a company that she believes in. This company has stood out from the similar companies in the industry. For one thing, she has encouraged women to take the bull by the horns and initiate with men regardless of what social norms are. After all, progress is often influenced by the willingness to step outside of what is normal. Whitney Wolfe Herd has no problem with stepping outside of the norm in order to achieve any goals that she has. Besides, in the dating world, society has changed so much that what has been normal is becoming unusual.