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How Talkspace Can Help People Obtain Therapy Through Their App

In life, bad things are just going to happen to everyone from time to time as it is inevitable. After experiencing a severe setback it is important to get back up on your feet through sheer resilience. Resilience is defined as one having the ability to recover from and/or adjust to negative things happening in one’s life. It’s an important life skill for everyone to develop so that they can bounce back after adversity strikes.

At some point everyone faces an adversity. It could be natural disaster striking, crushing debt, a medical incident, a loved one passing away, or any of the other bad things that occur. It’s ok to be sad for a while, or grieve when appropriate, but eventually people need to have the capacity to return to a happy life and one they can enjoy.

Therapy can help people develop resilience and build other life skills. Since traditional therapy can be difficult to get, especially due to its usual cost, one New York company released an app called Talkspace. It allows people to find a therapist who they can text back and forth to about their problems so that they can come up with actionable plans to address them. You can even choose to be anonymous if that makes you feel more comfortable pouring out your troubles even to a licensed therapist.

Another great thing about Talkspace is how convenient it is. You don’t have to fight traffic to make a 40-minute appointment, for example. Instead, you can just text your therapist whenever you want. Because it’s text-based you have all the time you need to craft your message so that it says exactly what you are thinking and feeling. Therapists can also text back at any time with most texting their patients through the app at least a few times a day.