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News Broadcast Mentions TeenSafe As Something To Help Protect Children

New10NBC put out an article about a man who was using an app to try to lure girls. This man tried to use the app Whisper to get a minor girl to come to him. After the police in the area where this man lived arrested him, they warned parents that they should be watching over their children and keeping an eye on their online activity. The police were concerned about the safety of children because of things that people like that one man did, and they wanted parents to step and help to keep their children safe. The article that New10NBC put out shared that the Sheriff asked that parents look out for their children by using an app such as TeenSafe.


TeenSafe has been around since 2011, and it is something that helps parents look out for their children by paying attention to their online activities. Those children who are not mature enough to look out for themselves can benefit from having their parents pay attention to their online activity. The brains of kids have not been fully developed, and they are not always smart in the way that they interact with others online. Concerned parents can use something like TeenSafe to help them look out for their children.


There are not always the right kind of privacy settings available on the apps that children are using, and even when there are good settings, children do not always know how to set them up. TeenSafe helps parents be in the know about the kinds of apps that their children are using and how they can best protect their children as they use each one. TeenSafe can also help to get parents and their children talking. This product can help to get parents and their children communicating about the online world and about the dangerous people that are lurking there.