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The Philanthropy and Medical Involvement of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Inc

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is one of those medical entrepreneurs who that put their all into their line of work. Eric Lefkofsky is the founder of a handful of businesses, and he is most known for his company Groupon.

Since last year the spotlight has shifted, and it has been illuminating another business that Eric Lefkofsky co-created. The company Tempus is working in health tech, and it became the main focus of the entrepreneur as it was tasked with helping oncologists treat cancer patients more effectively. Eric Lefkofsky stated that he believes that the project can propel the breakthrough that medicine has been looking for.

Tempus stepped in partnership with doctors from the Chicago University. They took up a project that aims at creating cancer treatments that are driven by data and solid research. The health tech company creates the treatments by analyzing the patient’s genetic code. The purpose of the company is to aid oncologists in the process of treating cancer patients by providing them with more data, more medicine, and more technology, as well as a deeper understanding of tumor.

In 2016, Tempus Health Inc. was working with several types of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer. The research that the company has been doing was focused o those three types of the disease. As the company grows, Tempus will delve into analyzing and coming up with solutions for other kinds of the disease as well.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The couple frequently donates to cancer research through the foundation and have contributed million of dollars to the cause. In 2015, the couple gave a million dollars to Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. A month prior to that they donated half a million in order to contribute to immunotherapy for gastric cancer research conducted by the Stanford University. Later that month, The Lefkofsky contributed to the University of Michigan over a million dollars to help fund their cancer research as well.

Eric Lefkovsky and the experts at Tempus believe that the research they are doing will bring forth the next wave of destroying cancer.

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Eric Leftkofsky Sets Sights on Cancer Research Reformation with ‘Tempus’

Nobody needs to be reminded that cancer is, perhaps, one of the single greatest medical threats facing humanity today. Merely the mention of the big ‘C’ word in a hospital can send a person to tears and put a family in an absolute tragic state of mind. Eric Leftkofsky, CEO of a database aggregate company called Tempus, is looking to fundamentally change the way that we approach cancer research and cancer treatment. Leftkofsky knows first hand the horror that can fall over a family when a loved one comes down with cancer and he believes that there is massive room for improvement within the medical field when it comes to addressing treatment.

Leftkofsky was in session at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference located in San Diego this past year. While speaking he pointed to one of the major beguiling reasons plaguing the healthcare world: why is cancer treatment effective in some people, but not others? Why does a medication like Herceptin bring aid to 40% of users? Leftkofsky wants to add a layer of technology on top of all the research going on in the medical field in order to make it more accessible and approachable for researchers everywhere.

One of the major problems facing treatment is the fact that information is flowing so slowly. Leftkofsky admits that any researcher who went into a cancer center, asking about Herceptin usage, would “need a grant and at least 90 days” to come away with any appreciable information. Eric Leftkofsky compares this lack of efficiency with how efficient other industries are. He finished up his speech by saying simply, “That’s the sort of data that should flow freely between researchers, clinicians and others.”

Eric Leftkofsky has been successful in various fields in business and he is probably most well known for co-founding the famous Groupon website. However, all of that work pales in comparison to the importance that is his work with Tempus. Not only is Leftkofsky personally invested in finding appreciable solutions for cancer, but he also knows how important it is the world over. Tempus is looking to blend electric medical records into a data aggregate system in order to help the world. That is incredibly admirable.

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Clay Siegall out to Ensure Reduced Rate of Cancer Cases

Cancer treatment has become more unbearable due to inadequate facilities and equipment for therapies. The problem has led to more suffering to patients who are undergoing treatment bearing in mind that the cost is also high. Many research centers have made progress in the field trying to make advancements in the cancer therapy. Dr. Clay Siegall is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company. He is a professor having attained a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington. Clay Siegall has worked in various research centers, Bristol – Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical institute where he began to work as a senior research investigator before being promoted to a principal scientist. He later moved to National Cancer Institute as a biotechnology expert, and the knowledge he acquired from the previous institution founded his research center.

In the Seattle Genetics Center, Clay has concentrated more on research and implementation of its developments. He is being motivated to alleviate patients suffering by developing Antibody – drug conjugates including ADCETRIS, which is helping cancer patients in 60 countries around the world. He has led in the discovery of new cancer therapies which will continue to be prioritized by medical personnel in the cancer treatment. Clay has financed the center through fundraising more than $ 1.2 billion to help in the innovations and advancements in cancer treatment. His leadership skill has made the center get into new heights through scientific advancements. Due to his efforts in scientific and medical fields, he has received awards, University of Maryland Alumnus of the year and Pacific Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Clay shares his knowledge to scientific and medical communities by publishing articles on new research methods and discoveries. Of late, he has published more than 70 articles, and he still holds positions on editorial boards of other scientific journals to provide publishing opportunities to other scientists. His vision is to make sure that cancer patients will no longer have to suffer.