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End Citizens United Looks To The Future

Many political action committees have made a big impact on politics over the years, but with the impending midterms just around the corner, all eyes are currently on End Citizens United. Founded in 2015, they are currently working to raise $35 million for the midterm elections, 10 million more than they raised last year. The ECU is hopeful that the money they raise will go a long in way in ensuring the victory of Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. While they’ve only raised about $7.5 million as of mid-2017, they remain confident that they will be able to reach their fundraising goals by November.

End Citizens United is headquartered in Washington DC and their current president is Tiffany Muller. They were founded in response to the Supreme Court Decision, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, and their mission is to keep big money out of politics.

Their Senate endorsements include such well-known political figures as Kyrsten Sinema, Heidi Heitkamp and Tammy Baldwin. They have also released what they call the Big Money 20, a list of the greediest and most depraved Republicans currently holding public office. Their goal is to ensure these elected officials are not reelected and this year’s list includes such well-renowned politicians as Paul Ryan, Dana Rohrbacher and Ted Cruz. These 20 are collectively known as the “worst of the worst.” With Darrell Issa, Ryan Costello and Paul Ryan already announcing their retirement, the list is now down to just 17. End Citizens United can only accept donations up to $5000 due to their operating as a typical political action committee.

End Citizens United currently has over 3 million members and the majority of their donations stem from those generous donors. One of their biggest goals this year is to appeal not just to Democratic constituents but also to independent and unaffiliated voters, especially in the months leading up to the big midterm elections. In the past, ECU has endorsed such prominent politicians as Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee in the previous presidential election. They were also instrumental in helping to elect such strong and progressive candidates as Maggie Hassan and Catherine Cortez-Masto. With the midterms steadily approaching, it’s clear the Democrats have the upper hand going into the November elections. So we wish them the best of luck in their fundraising endeavor and hope they achieve all of their goals in the 2018 elections.

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End Citizens United Plan To Abolish Supreme Court, Citizens United Ruling

End Citizens United is one of the most successful donor funded Political Action Committee. The primary goal of the committee is to elect campaign finance reformer to overturn Citizens United. The group heavily financed various Democratic candidates from presidency to the Senate seats in 2016. End Citizens United is keen to counter the Supreme Court decision of Citizen United. An excess of 325,000 people have already subscribed to the petition made by End Citizens United and are now expecting the congress to assent with their decision.

End Citizens United has a wide supporter base of over 4 million people. As a result, ECU petition with receive massive support. End Citizen United recently announced that it will endorse 11 democratic candidates. ECU committed to offer its full support in enacting finance reforms in campaigns both locally and at state level.

John Wonderlich who work at Sunlight Foundation as the policy director admitted that it is an uphill battle for people to discern the constitutional path. Recent Huffington post clearly demonstrated the ease of externally manipulating United States elections. This came after Trumps’ win that attracted criticisms, considering he lost on popularity votes by more than 3 million.

Read more: Activist Investigations Uncover Russian Meddling According to End Citizens United

End Citizens United is particularly focused in reinforcing electoral reforms, campaign finance, and gun control policies. ECU has raised huge amount of capital with the main goal of fighting against malpractices done by billionaires and corporations. Further, End Citizens United is now tackling several issues that affect the life of American citizens.

The decision made by the Supreme Court held that people and corporations have equal rights. The decision gave way for American Corporation to spend unlimited amount of financial resources in controlling American campaigns and elections.

The Huffington Post also alluded that a Russian Company directly influenced the American election in favor of Donald trump. Even with the current policies that make it illegal for international bodies to interfere with American elections, the scope of their implementation is excessively limited. Political interest groups have continually peddled with United States election by making illegal payoffs, untraceable spending and maintaining good relationships with senior lawmakers in the country. This malpractices have greatly contributed to the abuse of rule of law.

Campaign finance reform remains the center of interest for End Citizen United. The organization decided to endorse Randy Bryce for the congress. Bryce has declared his bid to end corruption in future elections under the mandate of the group. End Citizen United uses social media as a platform to secure more support from the Americans.

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Dick Devos Stands By Marco Rubio In Presidential Race

Dick DeVos has come out and said that the prominent and influential DeVos family is now backing Marco Rubio in his bid to be the Republican presidential nominee. The news will be welcome to presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who has recently seen a string of poor performances in primary elections. Rubio did poorly in Michigan, the home state of the DeVos family. This is not the first time the DeVos family has given to political campaigns or candidates and their donations have even been noted by the series House of Cards which you can read more about in this exclusive Michigan Live interview.

Still despite the slip up at Michigan the DeVos family still believes that Marco Rubio can go on and fight his way back up in the Republican presidential race. Dick DeVos has also revealed that the DeVoses will be giving major contributions to the Rubio campaign including his Super PAC. The move to support Marco Rubio represents a change for the DeVoses. They at first supported Florida governor Jeb Bush. When Bush dropped out of the race after the South Carolina primary, the DeVoses became neutral. 

After being neutral for a while, the DeVoses are now finally back in the political scene and are proud to get behind Florida senator Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio represents a candidate who shares the same conservative values that the DeVos family consistently espouses and supports. The DeVos family says Dick DeVos will provide Marco Rubio with a strong financial backing to expand his campaign and to keep him going. The family will also do its best to convince others to get behind Marco’s campaign. Dick DeVos did stress that it will ultimately be up to Marco Rubio and his campaign to create a buzz and attract new voters to grow his campaign. 

Dick DeVos is one of the sons that is heir to the DeVos family fortune stemming from the Amway corporation (see MLive article here). He even briefly served as the CEO of Amway and led it to consecutive years of growth under his helm. Another notable highlight of Dick DeVoses career is that he was the CEO and president of the basketball franchise Orlando Magic of the NBA. Dick was involved with the Orlando Magic for only two years because he left to become the CEO of Amway. His stint as CEO of Amway lasted from 1993 to 2002 before he left to pursue a business endeavor of his own. 

Mr. Dick DeVos invests heavily in his local hometown and the surrounding areas. He is a major stakeholder in numerous Grand Rapids, Michigan-based businesses as well as businesses in surrounding communities. Dick DeVos also supports local schools and universities in Grand Rapids through endowments, volunteering his time to help school management and finance staff and fund raising through his personal foundation.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

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