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Damac Properties CEO and Founder Hussain Sajwani launching Reva Residencies

Damac Properties is a real estate development company based in Dubai. Founded in 2002 by Arab entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani, it has become one of the fastest growing companies on the planet. The company grew exponentially in a three year stretch spanning 2013 to 2016. This growth period led to it being ranked at number one on Forbes global 2000 list in 2017.

Damac is already off to a great start in 2018. It recently opened its latest luxury development Reva Residences, in Business Bay. The main selling point of this new development is it epic canal views. The whole building overlooks the Dubai Canal.

Reva Residences greatly adds to the already impressive portfolio of Damac. It offers every service and comfort of a premium luxury property with an amazing view. Despite its exclusivity it has the ability to stand out in the heart of Dubai.

Sajwani, being the great businessman he is, made a great decision to put the property in Business Bay. The area has become a magnet for Dubai business as of late. Though there is high expectations on Reva Residences it is expected to live up to its potential. Offering one and two bedroom apartments it can fulfill the needs of both a busy mobile executive and young couple. Reva also boasts luxury amenities like a state of the art gym and steam and sauna rooms. Reva is gearing up to be another found treasure for Damac Properties.

About Hussain Sajwani

As the son of an entrepreneur you could say that entrepreneurship is in the blood of Hussain Sajwani. As the founder and CEO of Damac Properties, he has made a huge name for himself in the property development industry. Prior to his career in property development he started a catering business. Despite its success he realized that there was much more money in property. However, his catering business is still operational.

More on the owner of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani here

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An in Depth Look at Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a well known and quite successful businessman. Mr. Chenevert was CEO of United Technologies Corporation and he is now retired from the organization. United Technologies Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of aerospace systems as well as air craft engines. A small portion of the organization’s revenue does come from the government.

Due to Louis Chenevert‘s hard work, United Technologies experienced great growth and diversification during his tenure with the company. Mr. Chenevert possessed exceptional leadership qualities which served him quite well throughout his business career. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert also held a position as President with an organization called Pratt & Whitney which was headquartered in Canada.

Louis Chenevert graduated from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor of Science Degree within the field of Business & Production Management. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert graduated from the University with top honors.

Prior to becoming CEO of United Technologies, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert held a position as Chief Operating Officer of United Technologies. Before starting his career at United Technologies, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert spent over 10 years working for General Motors Corporation. During his tenure with General Motors Corporation, Mr. Chenevert held various upper level management positions with the company.

Mr. Chenevert once held a position with Goldman Sachs. In addition, throughout his successful business career Chenevert received numerous business recognition awards. In 2009, he received an “Honor Award” from the National Building Museum. In addition, Chenevert was named “Business person of the Year” by Aviation Week & Space Technology.

In 2011, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert returned to his former University to address the graduating class. For his participation and involvement with the 2011 graduating class Mr. Chenevert received an Honorary Doctorate.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert still holds a seat on the American Business Council and attends meetings and events on occasion. He spends his free time with his family and cultivating his hobbies.

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The Growing Career of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a media expert, an author, and an entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. It is a family company with workstations and dynamics operations in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He is the owner, and the one who manages the family office and the primary mission of the company is to look after and helps in growth of household and personal assets.

Daniel Mark Harrison the Managing Partner of the Blockchain of funding firm the Fintech and Monkey Capital. Money Capital deals with decentralized of hedge fund investing of Blockchain Systems and SpaceX contracts. The money capital main aim is to speculate on the large crypto and has made history as the first company to offer ICO. ICO options are getting the market excited, and the company comes with compelling projects and high-quality operations and strong management team that brings real-world benefits.

It has produced Ethereum style gains due to its profound value in blockchain management and networking investment. It has received recognition from different people worldwide and latest being Chris Waltzek and United States national radio host. He is believed to have rated Money capital with 6-star rating out of the usual 5 star, and he did this during his interview with Daniel Mark Harrison one of the managers and founder of Monkey Capital.

Huffington post branded the Monkey Capital ICO as the latest billion dollar baboon in the world. The company was the first to mark a ten digital figure in crowdsourcing campaign. Monkey capital has taken the Crypto market by storm. Before the launch of ICO the company had done testing with close associates, family hot girls, and friends who got the initial COEVAL tokens, said Harrison.

Daniel Mark Harrison was once a publisher and also an editor in chief of Marx Rand, the new company that publishes information focusing on everyday life and exploring independent mind concepts. He has achieved so much as an editor and a writer. He is also a great business manager and is among the best managers we have today who is believed to have turned wishes to real billions.

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Louis Chênevert: Profile of Success

Best known for his tenure as the CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Canadian businessman Louis R. Chênevert has a long history of success and innovation. His substantial contributions in the field of aviation technology even resulted in him being named Person of the Year by the trade magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology in 2011.

After receiving his degree from HEC Montréal, an affiliate of the Business School of the University of Montréal, Chênevert spent 14 years working at General Motors. Following this, he spent 6 years at Pratt and Whitney, culminating in his election as president of the company in 1999. Seven years later, he was elected Chairman and CEO of UTC.

Chênevert helped guide UTC through the troubled times of the the subprime recession. UTC, a $63 billion conglomerate, would face challenges such as an indifferent culture, heavy regulation and fierce international competition on top of the economic troubles of the period. Despite it all, Chênevert keep them on top. During his tenure, the company succeeded while staying in it’s birthplace, providing fair wages and obeying all regulations. UTC assembled both military and commercial jet engines and manufactured helicopters, escalators and elevators.

Chênevert’s time with UTC was a major success, and coincides with the rebirth in performance of Pratt & Whitney. He was largely responsible for a rise in share-price from $37 to $117 and was able to regularly mete out dividends. Additionally, he not only refused to outsource, but he returned hundreds of engineering jobs to Connecticut, the company’s home state. This brought people with the skills needed to fill both commercial and military contracts on board and gave UTC the ability to the avoid layoffs prominent in other industry leaders at the time.

Louis Chênevert is a master of global business and nuance and complexity that come with it. Leveraging strengths and resources in multiple markets, financing and retaining core functionality, he has guided UTC to a diverse and balanced portfolio able to withstand pressure and return on investment. His guidance and thinking helped UTC weather global financial woes and come out stronger than before.

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Gregory Aziz, The Force Behind The Freight

National Steel Car Limited is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of railroad cars. For over one hundred years National Steel Car has maintained engineering excellence and a commitment to quality service and product. Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman and CEO of this prestigious company, and without a doubt the force behind the recent successful increase in company revenue. Greg Aziz has been with the company in a leadership role since 1994. Greg Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics which prepared him for his endeavor. With twenty-three years of loyalty and diligent dedication to National Steel Car, Greg and the entire staff and employees are always challenging themselves to raise the bar. They are guided to focus their strengths with efficiency that is unmatched in the rail car industry. National

Steel Car manufactures railroad cars for customers all over the world. Greg also serves as Chairman of National Industries, Inc. He has proven himself qualified in the skills of leadership, management, engineering, strategic planning. project manager, railway, freight and continuous improvement. Go To This Page to learn more.


Born in London, Ontario in 1949, Gregory Aziz attended Ridley College and then on the University of Western Ontario. He worked in his family business for sixteen years and transformed it into a productive food transport business. He also worked in the financial business as an investment banker. He orchestrated the purchase of National Steel Car from a company in Canada hoping to make it North America’s number one manufacturer of railroad cars. The company only had the capability of producing 3,500 freight cars per year at that time. Greg’s insight was focused on the engineering capabilities, and the excellent team building qualities. His insight was on human and capital investments, and with this the company expanded its production to 12,000 freight cars per year in four short years. Employment in the same four years went from 600 to over 3,000 competent men and women. Greg along with his wife Irene, are sponsors of Canada’s most prominent far, The Royal Agricultural Fair. They are also involved in many charitable organizations with special interest on children, which include the United Way and the Salvation Army.

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Co Founder of Swiss Startup Factory Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Switzerland. He is the co founder of the company Swiss Startup Factory. His company specializes in helping a number of businesses find ways to improve their operations as well as get the financing necessary to start up or expand. Within a few years, Mike has built this company into one of the best in the nation. Prior to becoming the co founder of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike spent a number of years investing in startup companies. This allowed him to get first hand experience with new companies and discover their potential. When he first began his career, Mike worked in the banking industry where he helped a number of businesses secure loans and financing for their various business ventures. His career spans over 30 years in business which proves that he is a very experienced businessperson when it comes to working with startup companies.


The first occupation that Mike worked in was banking. He spent over twenty years working for various banking firms in which he worked with numerous entrepreneurs. During his stint in the banking industry, he got a lot of experience talking to and interacting with entrepreneurs who were looking to get funding for their businesses. Mike would sit down and discuss their financial needs along with how they plan to run their business. Baur would then provide them with recommendations for loans as well as ways to best manage their business finances. With his assistance, a number of entrepreneurs were able to get the funds necessary to start their new businesses. This first experience helped give Mike the knowledge necessary to eventually start his own business.


After working in the banking sector for two decades, Mike began to invest in startup businesses. In this activity, Mike would regularly spend his own money on businesses and get an ownership stake in them. This would allow him to make steady profits on a regular basis. This proved to be one of the more lucrative activities for Mike during his career. Since he was making a considerable amount of money by investing in startup businesses, he realized that new businesses are highly profitable entities that anyone can benefit from. Therefore, he decided to start a business that helped other startups reach their full potential for success. He would start up his own company Swiss Startup Factory. His company provides mentorship and coaching to many entrepreneurs who are seeking to run successful businesses.


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The Secret Behind The National Steel Car Success

Mr. Gregory Aziz, who is the chairman and CEO of the National Steel Car Limited is one the contributing factors to the success of the company. Since its foundation in the year 1912, the company is still one of the successful manufacturers of railcars. As the company continues to be under the leadership of Gregory, clients comment to say that quality is all they have. The company settles among the top engineering manufacturers in the North America. Its commitment to quality plays a primary role in the in this business.

Gregory J. Aziz is responsible for steering the company to greater heights of success. Analysts say that the cornerstone of National Steel Company is the investment they do in their employees. As CEO Gregory speaks, it is evident for one to see the immense pride he has in what he does. The same spirit has been transpired to the workers of the company. This gives them energy and passion in what they do.

The leader of this company can serve as one of the best examples that other chief executive officers can emulate. His inspiration to co-workers and employees makes the products of the company to be of high quality. National Steel Company is one of the most dynamic companies. Its diverse and innovative ideas cannot be ignored. Driven by their core values, the company is consistently achieving high levels of success.

The constant challenges that Gregory J Aziz keeps subjecting the company to have played a major role in raising the bar of success. His unmatched skills among the CEOs of other firms in the industry makes National Steel Company continue thriving. His ability to make the employees focus on their strength is adorable. Employees agree that their leader instills a deep sense of purpose and core values in them.

Also, the CEO and Chairman of this great company have the trust of their clients. Due to his timely delivery and performance, the customers remain proud and loyal to the enterprise. All these factors associated with the company and the high-quality products make the company win the annual TTX SECO award consistently. National Steel Car has been honored with the award for a year now.

The CEO, however, does not rest on the past success and achievements. He is seen to be always working towards the greatness of the company. National Steel Car continues to ensure the customers of quality products in the industry. Go Here for additional Info.


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Eli Gershkovitch, the man behind rising of Craft beer in Canada

In Canada, beer is the best companion. Not every beer that comes your way, no. Only Canadian Craft Beer. This type of beer has been there for Canadians since the 17th century when it was introduced by European settlers.


Quebec city hosted the first ever extensive craft beer brewer in the year 1668, and from then the business boomed until when the government prohibited it.


But recent years through globalization and masterminds likes of Eli Gershkovitch revived the ‘lost of Canadians.’ And I can bet how much they received, because of how they adore it now.


Research by BMO Nesbitt Burns indicated that the overall sales of beer in Canada had seen no growth since 1995, but craft beer has been growing almost in double since 2009. This has made companies like Steamworks owned by Eli Gershkovitch to expand like every day.


So what is this ‘beer thing’ tickling the Canadians so much? Carry your glassware and don’t forget the bottle opener and let’s tour;


Red Racer Pale Ale – brewed by Central City Brewing. The beer tastes a little bit bitter as compared to the regular pale beers; this is due to extra hops added to preserve its freshness (RogueWetBar). Even the Eli Gershkovitch owned Steamworks produces this craft beer.


Nutcracker Porter – brewed by Black Oak Brewery based in Ontario. The beer is sweet and contains fewer hops making it little dark like the stouts. The beer is cinnamon-spiced makes it perfect for the holiday.


Fighting Irish Red – this beer is thick in shape and red in color and notes of burned toast but more of strawberry. Brewed by Yellow Belly


McAuslan Brewery Red Ale – brewed by Quebec. This beer contains a fruity taste you will love it.


Imperial I.P.A – traces its origin to England and has copper color and fruity taste. The beer is considered the ‘hoppiest’ beer in Canada. But that depends on what the word ‘hop’ makes you feel.


Who is Eli Gershkovitch

Mr. Eli is the CEO of Steamworks Group of companies, the pioneer of Craft Beer in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch’s experience of over two decades in Crafting beer has helped him steer the company to where it is now.


He started just as a pub but later transitioned to producing and marketing his product where he grows the company little by little.

Visit Eli Gershkovitch at

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Aloha construction is Transforming Homes with Top-Notch Repair Services that are unmatched in the Industry

Often, weather conditions as well as wear and tear cause home damages, prompting homeowners to seek the services of a repair firm. For Wisconsin, Illinois, and Northwest Chicago residents, Aloha Construction is just a call away. The firm offers the best services and is timely and reliable. The customer service at the firm is top-notch. Employees undergo vigorous training that ensures they conduct their work in a professional manner.


Services Offered


Aloha Construction offers an array of repair services, such as roofing. The company is a leader in the roofing sector. When it comes to protecting homes against bad weather and leakages, Aloha Construction is unprecedented in the area. The firm offers siding contracts, regarding repairs, installation, and replacements. Water management is also essential in every home. It can have adverse effects on concrete walls or cause mold if not directed well to the right place. Aloha construction offers gutter installation services to ensure that water is well handled. Other services from the firm include windows and doors replacement, drywall application and finishing, home inspections, and handyman services.


Giving Back


The founder of Aloha Construction , Dave Farbaky, is driven by charity rather than profits. He is popularly known for his Dave Farbaky Foundation, a platform he uses to give back to the society. The foundation focuses on giving to the children, with the aim of installing lasting virtues into them. The foundation recently collaborated with Learning Express Toys to give shopping vouchers to needy children during the summer.


More about Aloha Construction


Aloha Construction is a family-owned venture with operations in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company is located in Lake Zurich, which serves residents of McHenry, Cook, and DuPage counties. It also has an office in Bloomington that serves McClean, Peoria, Tazewell, Champaign, and Washington counties. The company has completed over 18000 projects that can fetch an A+ rating. So sure are the services that the company gives a ten years craftsman warranty.

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Louis Chenevert’s Goals for the Future

United Technologies Corporation is one of the largest companies in the world today. This is a company that invests heavily into technology. Over the years, the company has transformed many industries through their innovation and growth, thanks to former CEO, Louis Chenevert.

Early Life
When Louis Chenevert was in school, he knew that he wanted to accomplish great things in his life. He worked hard so that he could get good grades. He did not come from a rich family, but he read everything he could on business and finance. When it was time to choose a college, he chose one based on the reputation of the business school.

Entering the Business World
After graduating from college, Louis Chenevert was ready to take on the business world. He took the first job he could get out of school, and he started working hard to deliver results. In the early years, he was known for his great work ethic and drive. He moved up quickly through the corporate ranks. Not only did he have the knowledge needed to get promoted, but he had great vision in his life as well.

Legacy at UTC
Once he became CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert wanted to take things to a new level in the company. He was excited about the future with the business, and had many goals. Chenevert is a strong believer in companies becoming good corporate citizens to help the local community, and in the years since he lead the company, it is clear that his impact is still present today.

Watch Chenevert speak here: