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HCR Wealth Advisors: Serving Customized Needs

Some wealth advisory firms do not take the time to bond and connect with their clients to understand their individual needs. One firm that does this is HCR Wealth Advisors. The company values each of their clients and their team of professionals put their clients’ needs before everything else. The company also believes in transparency and is and upfront about all its clients’ service charges. It is for this reason that HCR Wealth Advisors charges a single fee, based on a percentage of the clients’ total assets udner management.


HCR Wealth Advisors comprises of a group of wealth advisors, and not managers of money. Unlike money managers, wealth advisors have an in-depth connection with their clients; they get to know their clients personally, their financial records, and their financial goals. Money managers often simply put their clients’ funds and assets into a portfolio and later get rewarded depending on their performance. HCR Wealth Advisors is a team of experienced wealth advisors; their clients benefit from having a deep connection with them and have guidance towards achieving a successful financial path.


Professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors do everything they can to help to ensure their clients are satisfied. The company has four main aspects that its clients benefit from. These aspects are wealth management and financial services, business services, insurance services, and consulting. By putting all these aspects together, HCR Wealth Advisors provides a detailed financial planning strategy for its clients. HCR Wealth Advisors typically looks at three types of investments: alternative, equity, and fixed income. For all these, factors such as client risk, yield curves, and technical analysis are considered. The team at HCR Wealth Advisors are experienced with most of them having relevant degrees and licenses.


HCR Wealth Advisors offer each of its clients a team to assist in optimizing their financial planning. This team consists of an analyst who mainly looks into the investments and research, a lead advisor who is the crucial point of contact, and a financial planner who focuses on short term and long-term strategies. The firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The central aspect that makes HCR Wealth Advisors better than competitors is its broad and holistic attitude towards financial planning.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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What Shervin Pishevar Is Saying The Monopolies Are Doing

Shervin Pishevar is well known for identifying trends early on, which is why he is an early investor of a large number of tech companies. He recently took to Twitter with a total of 50 tweets, spanning 21 hours. This was later identified as a tweet storm.

He had a lot to say about monopolies and what they are doing to the United States.


The Monopolies

In tweet number 42, Shervin Pishevar identified that there are five US monopolies that have been significantly empowered. These include Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet. These have stemmed out of Silicon Valley and have too much power. Shervin even goes as far as identifying that they are similar to Ma Bell in terms of the power that they wield. In some instances, they are even more powerful because of the access to data that they have.


What the Monopolies are Doing

Shervin Pishevar warns that the monopolies have significant power. They have the ability to destroy vulnerable startups before they even have a chance to get started. Further, there are cities around the United States that are begging for Amazon to be within their areas.

The various monopolies will have the ability to destroy startups, making it more difficult for new businesses to enter the marketplace.

While Shervin Pishevar does not provide a solution as to how to remove the power from the 80s monopoly is, he references Ma Bell once again in tweet 44. Once Ma Bell was broken up, it unleashed a number of companies which ended up being what was best for consumers. The same can be said about all of the other monopolies currently taking place across the United States. See This Page for additional information.

It should come as no surprise that Shervin Pishevar had opinions on the monopolies in the U.S. With over 90,000 followers, his comments were heard loud and clear, too.



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Sheldon Lavin’s contributions to OSI

Every company that does well does so because of its leadership. OSI group is a world leader in the production of value added foods. It started out as a small firm that supplies meat locally. At that time it was called OTTO and Sons. Today, OSI has strong presence in every continent in the world. This growth to become the world’s greatest is as a result of the leadership it has had. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI is proud of the steady growth the company has experienced over the years. OSI has been able to expand its presence across the globe as well as its product range as time goes by.

Having bought the Vision OSI has to provide the world with quality value added foods; Sheldon Lavin has lead the company to expand internationally. He has seen the company acquire Baho foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson food industries. This has enabled OSI to have better presence in the continents of the world and has enabled them to penetrate new markets. As a result of his efforts, OSI has a share in the food market in every content of the world.

Sheldon Lavin’s appointment as the CEO of OSI was not just because of his involvement in financing the company at the start, it as a result of his success in his career. He worked in the banking sector before owning his own consultancy firm. He has been known for his ability to lead companies to great heights and has done the same to OSI. Since joining the company as the CEO, he has made it his goal to take OSI to every country of the world. Currently, OSI has over 60 facilities in 16 countries. With the acquisitions they have made, they have been able to increase their product range and to provide food to markets initially thought as impossible. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Apart from leading the company to grow internationally, he has made it a point to have each facility set up to hire locally. His attempt to provide job opportunities in different countries of the world saw him be awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. His leadership has also seen OSI be recognized as one of the companies of the world that care about the environment enough to have environmental policies into its leadership divisions. This has seen the company grab one award after the other affirming them for the good work they are doing in keeping the environment clean and safe. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations
learn more about Sheldon Levin

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Joel Friant – Cryptocurrency and the Original Habanero Shaker

Before Joel Friant became a real estate professional and before he began to teach others his methods for success, he owned a restaurant. His nickname the Thai Guy was earned at this restaurant, as it served Thai food in a fast food setting.

Joel left the restaurant to pursue his real estate career. He began working as an agent for a respected real estate firm. His hard work and knack for salesmanship led to him becoming the firm’s top salesman. When not selling homes, Joel was remodeling them. He took pride in this work, and his renovated homes were never on the market long.

Joel’s real estate firm opened a branch office in the early 2000’s. Because Joel had proven his effectiveness in the real estate market, he was asked to run this office. He accepted the offer, and for several years managed the mortgages and real estate loans offered by the branch office.

With the rise of the internet, Joel saw new marketing potentials. He began to analyze the world of e-commerce. He discovered new ways of interpreting the tactics of successful people and developed a course on the subject. He offered writings and seminars.

In 2012, Joel launched a website for his product the Original Habanero Shaker. Joel had developed this product during the time he owned his restaurant. It was a response to the other habanero shakers on the market, which were bland and unsatisfying.

Joel’s favorite variety of habanero peppers, the Scotch Bonnet, were an obvious choice for the pepper that was used in the Original Habanero Shaker. Joel set his shaker apart from others by not only using high-quality ingredients and manufacturing methods but also be packaging it in a high tech bottle. The Original Habanero Shaker’s bottle is designed to prevent the pepper flakes from going stale and losing their flavor.

When Joel is not managing the Original Habanero Shaker brand, he is studying bitcoin. He was one of the first people to realize the potentials of cryptocurrency and has spent years studying the market.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Three Tips For Investing In Brazil

For Investors looking for a great opportunity to make money, Brazil is the ideal place. The country is rich in natural resources, there are a number of growing companies, the economy consistently posts positive gains, the financial sector is booming and China has brought in new technologies that make it possible to develop the country’s mineral wealth and other natural resources. However, to make money in Brazil you will need guidance from someone that understands the country and can help you identify the best areas in which to invest. Igor Cornelsen is that person,

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One of Brazil’s most successful and respected investment advisors, Igor Cornelsen has been helping people make money in Brazil for almost 50 years. During that time he has identified three tips and strategies anyone looking to invest in Brazil needs to know to avoid the pitfalls and make a significant profit.

  1. Learn About The Currency Restrictions

There are strict currency controls in Brazil. Foreigners must find a bank that is authorized to handle currency exchanges. Plus, the exchange rates vary depending on the transaction type with which the investor is involved. Savvy investors can take advantage of this, but it’s essential to research and understand the currency laws first.

  1. Connect With the Natives

There are many entrepreneurs and business oriented people in Brazil. Networking and building relationships play an important role in getting deals done there. Brazilians are warm and welcoming and love to talk. With about a quarter of Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 64 involved in independent business, gathering information about consumer and business trends and tendencies and getting new ideas by creating impromptu focus groups is easy.

  1. Get Ready For Red Tape

Brazil has many government regulations related to business. Getting through the red tape can be challenging for people unfamiliar with the laws and how to navigate them. The key is to research the regulations beforehand and have an experienced financial advisor help you avoid the unnecessary ones and handle the unavoidable ones.

An experienced financial advisor like Igor Cornelsen can help investors have success in Brazil.

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Sawyer Howitt and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Even in today’s age, there are tons of people that are just in whatever activity they are doing for the money. However, Sawyer Howitt points out that not everyone that makes money as a business owner is an entrepreneur. There is a difference. After describing the difference, Sawyer shows how it is much better to have an entrepreneurial mindset as opposed to a mere business owner mindset. For one thing, the mindset of an entrepreneur is going to bring forth a ton of benefits because the entrepreneur enjoys the type of work he is doing.

One of the advantages of being an entrepreneur the way Sawyer Howitt describes it is that the entrepreneur is more likely to enjoy financial success. For one thing, the entrepreneur is less likely to give up on what he is doing because he enjoys the journey. With the passion for the products that the entrepreneur has, he is going to find that the rewards seem to come faster. At the same time, he is going to be working more hours compared to the mere business owner who just puts in the bare minimum of hours which can really hinder his success in a multitude of ways.

Another benefit to being an entrepreneur the way Sawyer Howitt describes on is that it is easier to build and maintain a good reputation and image. An entrepreneur is more likely to enjoy what he is doing which brings forth a lot of positive energy that he can put towards many different activities of his company. This positive energy is going to make it easier for him to build a positive image. People who interact on him through mediums such as social media are going to see that he is a very pleasant person to be around and that is going to do very well for his online presence.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Career at Bradesco that Evokes Admiration and Envy in Equal Measure

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Bradesco, is a revered professional in the Brazil’s financial industry. A look at Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career evokes admiration, respect, and envy in equal measure. Ordinary Brazilians respect him, corporate executives and even the president adore him. In 2015, President Dilma Rousseff wished to have Luiz Carlos Trabuco in charge of the Ministry of Finance, but he declined the offer. Bradesco is in Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s DNA. People who know him say that he is satisfied to serve the society in his current capacity. If anything, he would rather ascend to the position of chairmanship of Bradesco than leave the company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a loyal executive who has devoted his time, energy, and expertise to helping Bradesco realize its objectives. He has been with the company for close to 48 years now.

In 2015, six years after he assumed his current position, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. He had announced that Bradesco would spend $5.2 billion in purchasing the Brazilian branch of HSBC; a move that sent chills down the spines of the executives at Itaú Unibanco (the largest private bank in Brazil). For many years, Bradesco was considered the largest private bank in the country. However, Itaú Unibanco ran with the title in 2009 when Banco Itaú and Unibanco merged. At the time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco indicated that he was far from interested to compete for market leadership with Itaú Unibanco. He was preoccupied with laying down structures that would make Bradesco the number one bank regarding service quality to clients.

If the deal between Bradesco and HSBC Brazil proceeded without any hindrances, Bradesco would emerge the market leader in the number of branches it has in Brazil, number of account holders, and total investment funds. However, it would be close to its competitor Itaú Unibanco regarding assets, deposits from account holders, and loans granted to borrowers. Also, the successful execution of the deal would mean that Bradesco had achieved in one transaction would it would have taken the company six years of organic growth. The deal between HSBC and Bradesco came to be regarded as the most significant transaction in Brazil in 2015.

Because of overseeing the largest transaction in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was chosen by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine as the 2015’s “Entrepreneur of the Year,” in the finance category. However, he is not s newcomer to such recognition. In fact, since he began working for Bradesco in 1969, he has been recognized not only by Brazilin brands but also Forbes. Just last year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was honored by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Best CEOs in Brazil.” In 2009, when he was a newly elected CEO, he was named among “100 Most Influential Brazilians,” and he was bestowed with the title of “Meritorious Citizen of Marília,” and he also received the Don Quixote Trophy. Other titles that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has received include “Insurance Personal of the Year,” “Business Personality of Insurance,” and “Sectoral Business Leader.”

While he is the CEO and Vice Chairman of the second largest bank in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds other roles in different organizations. For example, he is the president of the Council of Representatives and a member of the Executive Board of the National Confederation of Financial Institutions. Also, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elo Participações SA. He is a member of the boards of Board of Directors of FEBRABAN and Strategic Committee of Vale SA. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s notable former positions include his role as the president of Bradesco Seguros among other positions.

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Co Founder of Swiss Startup Factory Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Switzerland. He is the co founder of the company Swiss Startup Factory. His company specializes in helping a number of businesses find ways to improve their operations as well as get the financing necessary to start up or expand. Within a few years, Mike has built this company into one of the best in the nation. Prior to becoming the co founder of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike spent a number of years investing in startup companies. This allowed him to get first hand experience with new companies and discover their potential. When he first began his career, Mike worked in the banking industry where he helped a number of businesses secure loans and financing for their various business ventures. His career spans over 30 years in business which proves that he is a very experienced businessperson when it comes to working with startup companies.


The first occupation that Mike worked in was banking. He spent over twenty years working for various banking firms in which he worked with numerous entrepreneurs. During his stint in the banking industry, he got a lot of experience talking to and interacting with entrepreneurs who were looking to get funding for their businesses. Mike would sit down and discuss their financial needs along with how they plan to run their business. Baur would then provide them with recommendations for loans as well as ways to best manage their business finances. With his assistance, a number of entrepreneurs were able to get the funds necessary to start their new businesses. This first experience helped give Mike the knowledge necessary to eventually start his own business.


After working in the banking sector for two decades, Mike began to invest in startup businesses. In this activity, Mike would regularly spend his own money on businesses and get an ownership stake in them. This would allow him to make steady profits on a regular basis. This proved to be one of the more lucrative activities for Mike during his career. Since he was making a considerable amount of money by investing in startup businesses, he realized that new businesses are highly profitable entities that anyone can benefit from. Therefore, he decided to start a business that helped other startups reach their full potential for success. He would start up his own company Swiss Startup Factory. His company provides mentorship and coaching to many entrepreneurs who are seeking to run successful businesses.


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Todd Lubar, The Businessman Willing To Upring Those In Need

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful businessmen in Maryland. He admits that being successful in business is not a secret since anyone who puts their mind to it can flourish in any venture that they are interested in. It is also common that many of those who achieved their dreams took different routes and had varying milestones to get over.

As a Syracuse University student majoring in Speech Communication, Todd Lubar needed the skills to make his future brighter. He had various hurdles he had to overcome before becoming the president of TDL Global Ventures. In this company, he is a leader of a vibrant, successful team of market professionals and many clients who are impressed with the services he has to offer.

After Lubar graduated from college, he got his first job at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked diligently from 1995 to 1999. He then went off to work at Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas. While in this firm, Lubar helped the Maryland office to grow till it could generate up to $700 million annually in loan volume.

In 2005, Lubar opted to move from Legacy Financial Group to Charter Funding where he was the Senior Vice President. This was a major growth in his career since mortgage banking was his best skill when it came to the business world. However, he did not keep himself from having companies in other industries, explains Ideamensch. He had other companies that were in other industries such as nightclubs, demolition, recycling as well as real estate.

Currently, Mr. Lubar ( is the president at TDL Ventures. Although he had worked in the credit and finance space for a long time, he had a passion to help those in need and helping them to reach their goals in life. He believes that in order to reach your goal in life, it is best to remove the obstacles in their pathway. He believes that to become profitable, you need to find people’s will to accomplish their goals instead of day dreaming. His experience, in his past job, has given him the ability to find the type of people who not only dream but also dare to reach what they want. Check out Todd’s full profile on

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Glen Wakeman-Greatest Leader and Mentor Globally

The goal of every entrepreneur is an immense financial success, in what they invest in their business. However, not many people are fortunate to execute their plan successfully and make the difference they had hoped to make. Glen Wakeman is among the few who have managed to implement their plans successfully. Glen Wakeman is the founder and CEO of Lauchpad Holdings LLC.

Glen Wakeman is a graduate of University of Scranton where he studied Bachelors in Economic and finance in 1981.Later in 1993, the CEO attained an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Equipped with this knowledge Wakeman began his career. He landed a job in PL and business developmental positions at GE capital. He then worked with Dora Financial Corporation where he was promoted to CEO and President of Dora’s Bank Board Chairman. Wakeman skills of leadership were outstanding and noticeable to everyone because when he worked with Nova Four and at GE, he was branded the growth of leadership role model by the Board of Directors.

Glen Wakeman has had a successful path in his Career. In his path, as both an entrepreneur and a mentor; Glen has changed the faces of businesses with 17000 employees and assets as high as $15billion giving them a new face of development and success. He constantly applies his proved methodology using five key performance and areas which are:

  • Leadership
  • Capital
  • Management of Risks
  • Governance
  • Execution

Glen Wakeman has been able to enlighten the society on international financial matters, emerging market niches, administration policies among others. Wakeman, can capture the attention of his audience quickly as his a famous blogger. Through his mentorship, he has been able to help some C-level executives. He is also a consultant to startups like Dream founded and Sitter Bees. He is passionate about inventions and expansion.

Glen Wakeman is popular globally having lived in six different countries in his career life. Wakeman was not an ordinary resident as he significantly revolutionized the economy of 30 regions.

Glen Wakeman is a rare spice, an asset to the global economy (Ideamensch). Through his educative blogs, entrepreneurs have been able to establish themselves and achieved the goals/objectives of their businesses.

Check out glen at