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The Way To Navigate Wikipedia’s Bureaucracy


Wikipedia is a fantastic resource. A number of superlatives can and should be used to describe the value of Wikipedia as a research tool. Anyone looking for detailed, intelligent research material online is sure to find it within the virtual pages of Wikipedia. Those who choose to submit content for Wikipedia page creation for marketing purposes generally have positive things to say. As long as the bureaucratic issues associated with submitting content for a Wikipedia page for company don’t create impediments, no one is likely to complain.

A recent article on Tech.Mic does point out a few complaints people have levied at Wikipedia. “Editor abuse” is one complaint that turns up a bit more than it should.

There are 80,000 people contributing to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is an open-source community, anyone who wishes to contribute can easily do so. Editors do look over the content and fix things when and where they can. Sometimes, editors have to take a lot of abuse and harassment from those who are not thrilled about the editorial changes that were made. Sometimes, the editor made the right call but the communications to the editor were pretty rude. In other instances, the editor may have been in the wrong and cut or changed content that should not have been touched.

The number of Wikipedia editors makes it difficult for management to easily converse with contributors and editors. Hence, Wikipedia has become a bureaucracy to a degree.

Those in charge of Wikipedia do try to respond to queries, concerns, and complaints in a timely manner. Doing so is not always easy. Editors and contributors may end up feeling frustrated and quit.

Anyone hoping to contribute content for reputation building and marketing purposes would have a lot to lose by quitting. Granted, dealing with the not-always-perfect experience of working with Wikipedia may turn some away. Rather than quit, consider it wiser to seek an alternative option. Contact Get Your Wiki for help.

Get Your Wiki is a top Wikipedia publishing service. In addition to producing content, the staff of Get Your Wiki will manage the overall campaign and handle every Wikipedia revision. Instead of having to directly deal with any administrative or bureaucratic issues, these tasks can be outsourced to Get Your Wiki. The team of Wikipedia publishers at Get Your Wiki are experienced enough to know how to handle any issues that arise.

In the end, solid Wikipedia content will be produced in a hassle-free manner.